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Friday, December 30, 2005

Debt Limit Increase Coming Again

Alan Bock of the OC Punch Blog has just posted an important story over at The OC Register's blog. It seems that we can't pay our bills next year without reving up the fed printing presses a lot more. More money in circulation = higher inflation. It's as plain as day. It's the worst tax possible because it is hidden in the form of inflation. The federal goverment is coming close to bumping up against the current debt ceiling at $7.38 trillion dollars. The Treasury Secretary wants another increase in the limit to $8.18 trillion. Does this bother anyone else out there? The next time Republicans talk about how we are the party of smaller government, I'm just going to point to the national debt scoreboard like I would as when I'm at a ballgame telling my opponent to look at the game scoreboard, because it never lies. I hope my representative John Campbell votes against this idea. If we as a party really care about smaller government, we will actually follow through on our words.

This all gets back to my point of our nation needing to get back to a commodity backed monetary system like the gold standard. I do my small part by being an associate of the Liberty Dollar. It is a private legal currency that is 100% backed up by silver & gold. I spend them all over town where I shop & eat.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

Bill Miller Beats The S&P Again

It is a generally accepted principle in the financial world that over 90% of the mutual fund managers out there can't and don't beat the S&P 500 Index on a year in year out basis. So since investors can't beat them, they are encouraged to invest in an actual S&P 500 Index mutual fund like Vanguard's flagship S&P 500 index fund or the like. There is one guy though in the mutual fund investing world that is the Joe DiMaggio/Babe Ruth of fund managers. His name is Bill Miller. He has beaten the S&P 500 now for fifteen years in a row. That's right, fifteen consecutive years he has outperformed the S&P. Of course there are other great managers out there also like Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, Bill Nygren, etc, but none of them have come close to doing what Bill has done. Mr. Miller is the manager of the Legg Mason Value Trust Fund. Here is a quote from the article:

In hard cash terms, Miller's performance means that $10,000 invested in the Legg Mason Value Trust in early 1991, when he took over as fund manager, had grown to $99,262 as of last Monday, compared with about $51,713 had the same amount been invested in the S&P 500

This is absolutely huge. You can see what a few extra points better than the average means to the bottom line of investors over the years versus the S&P 500. The power of compound interest at work.

Whatever Happened To OCN?

This is something that needs to be discussed because Orange County has over three million residents and ever since OCN went off the air, we don't have our own network or independent TV station save for PBS affiliate KOCE. OCN was cool because they only covered local Orange County news and issues. Sure they covered state and national issues also, but their focus was Orange County. A couple of their sports anchors went on to bigger and better gigs. Jimmy Watson is now at Fox Sports West and Dave Webber I think(the red headed guy) went on to ESPN. There was also that blonde bombshell female anchor Brook something. It was a good local news station. Everything I read about the demise of OCN said it was losing money. I would think a local station today should be able to generate the kind of advertising and other revenue to keep a positive cash flow going and make money. Someone step up to the plate and fill this void. I hardly ever watch the LA network news shows anymore.

2006 Political Dead Pool

I want to make sure that everyone understands this. I am predicting who I think is going to lose re-election next year(2006) for local, state, and federal offices. I am not saying that I think these people are going to die. Now with that out of the way, onto who I think is political roadkill for 2006.

Let's start with the biggest pick of the year, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Yes Arnold sure had me and millions of other conservative Californians hoodwinked that he would strive for reform in the state. All this ended up being is one big bad experiment gone horribly wrong. The nail in his coffin was his hiring of Gray Davis retread Susan Kennedy to be his new Chief of Staff after the special election. I predict that he will not be re-elected.

Next we have Congressman David Dreier. He barely survived getting John & Ken'd last cycle and he has not learned his lesson that it is not smart politics to represent illegal aliens & Mexico rather than your actual constituents. My prediction is that he gets defeated in the GOP primary by either Sonny Sardo or John March.

The next pick is one of my biggest hopes of coming true. I predict that US Senator Lincoln Chaffee of Rhode Island gets beat in the GOP primary by Steve Laffey thus ridding the Senate GOP caucus of a big RINO.

My last pick is another personal favorite, Larry Agran. I think with Larry losing his political brain/consigliere Ed Dornan, he will not be able to withstand the natural GOP majority in Irvine anymore as the voters in Irvine finally send Larry packing into political exile. R Scott Moxely of the OC Weekly seems to agree with me about this pick. Here's his latest column about Larry Agran

Lastly, how could I forget about Tom Harmon. My prediction is that he is going to lose badly to Diane Harkey for the open seat here in the 35th Senate District. Mr Harmon is the ultimate RINO politician. This is a conservative performing Senate District as far as voters who actually show up to vote. So even though the special is an open primary like the way he got elected in the first place, I predict that Diane will far out poll Mr. Harmon on April 11th next year.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Greek System Thriving At UC Irvine

Everything goes in cycles, at least as far as Greek Systems go. The OC Register did a story today on how the Greek system membership there is up 84% since 1998. That's a huge increase in that short of time. I don't generally think of UCI as being a great school for fraternities and sorrorities, but with the popularity of TV shows like "The OC" and "Laguna Beach", I think more students are coming to UCI to be in the hip OC. I myself was a Pike(short for Pi Kappa Alpha) at Long Beach State back in the early 90s. Oh those were the days. Maybe I'll tell a few of my many stories next year here on Powder Blue Report of my glory days at "The Beach". Second St has never been the same since I left Long Beach.

Who Wants To Play A Guessing Game?

There is a lot of curiousity about who some of the anonymous posters are over at OC Blog. It seems everywhere I go now in political circles, everyone wants my opinion on who I think Jubal is or who some of the other anonymous posters and commenters are. I might as well put it on the record who I think some of these people are, plus it's kinda slow this week between Christmas and New Years so maybe this will spice up the blog for a few days while I'm gone.

Here's my guesses:

Jubal........I'm almost certain it's Jon Fleischman of Flashreport fame. There's a couple of reasons for this guess. The first is the similiarity of the layout between OC Blog and Flashreport. They have almost all of the same advertisers. Jubal is a big defender of Mike Carona. Jon Fleischman is one of Mike's spokesmen. Lastly, Jubal knows a lot about everything that is political in the OC. Jon is the go to guy for local politicos to talk to to take the temperature of certain events and potential candidacies. Am I wrong? Who knows, it's just my best educated guess.

Roscoe......not sure, maybe Adam Probolsky or a local political hack/consultant.

Lurk.........again I'm not sure on this one. No guess

Kahuna.......not sure, he doesn't post enough

Silence Dogood........My guess is Chuck DeVore's district director Leisa Brug or Matt Cunningham

Pistolero......not sure again, he doesn't post enough

************12/29/05 12pm UPDATE*********************

Jubal has linked to this post over at OC Blog. Props to him/her. Some of the names from the emails that I've been receiving think that the blogpen includes: John Lewis, Adam Probolsky, Jeff Flint, Steven Greenhut, Matt Cunningham and Jon Fleischman. As Jon posted in the comments below, he is denying that he is Jubal and from further evidence, I am going to take his word. Who could it be? My next best guess would be the former state senator himself John Lewis. Damn I feel like that Illinois professor who taught a class on who the students thought was "Deep Throat" after a semester of research. It will remain a mystery I guess.

**********Another UPDATE***********************

The emails just keep coming. More names that keeps popping up are Mike Schroeder, Frank Mickadeit, and Gustavo Arellano. Isn't this fun? When I get back from Mammoth next week, I'm going to take a look at all the emails again and rethink this whole thing.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Light Blogging This Week

I spent a wonderful Christmas up in Goleta at the in-laws house. I love driving on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There is never any traffic. It only took two hours and fifteen minutes to get home last night from Goleta to Irvine. It's too bad it can't be like that all the time.

I'm headed out this morning to hit some of those after Christmas sales in the mall. As a guy, I hate shopping, but if I can some good deals on some new clothes & other stuff then it makes it worthwhile.

I'll be in the office for a couple of days this week and then I am off again up to Mammoth Lakes to spend some time with some more family up there and maybe get in a little skiing. Mammoth is destined to become the next Vail,Co from everything I have been hearing and reading. I think I'm going to look around for some property when I'm up there. I'm out

Friday, December 23, 2005

Rising Gold Prices

In case people haven't noticed, the price of an ounce of gold is over $500/ounce for the first time since 1987. One of the best authorities on why this matters to us is Congressman Ron Paul of Texas. Here is his latest column:

What do Rising Gold Prices Mean?

December 5, 2005

The market price for an ounce of gold rose to over $500 last week, a significant milestone for economists watching precious metals and commodities markets. The last time gold topped $500 was December 1987, in the wake of the “Black Monday” stock market collapse earlier that fall.

Gold prices historically rise when faith in paper currencies erodes, as investors seek the intrinsic value of gold to protect themselves from inflation. It’s interesting to note that while the U.S. dollar has regained some of its value relative to other paper currencies like the Euro, it continues to lose value relative to gold and other hard assets. This shows the folly of using one fiat currency to value another.

Gold is history’s oldest and most stable currency. Central bankers and politicians don’t want a gold-backed currency system, because it denies them the power to create money out of thin air. Governments by their very nature want to expand, whether to finance military intervention abroad or a welfare state at home. Expansion costs money, and politicians don’t want spending limited to the amounts they can tax or borrow. This is precisely why central banks now manage all of the world’s major currencies.

Yet while politicians favor central bank control of money, history and the laws of economics are on the side of gold. Even though central banks try to mask their inflationary policies and suppress the price of gold by surreptitiously selling it, the gold markets always cut through the smokescreen eventually. Rising gold prices like we see today historically signify trouble for paper currencies, and the dollar is no exception.

President Nixon finally severed the last tenuous links between the dollar and gold in 1971. Since 1971, the Federal Reserve and U.S. Treasury have employed a pure fiat money system, meaning government can create money whenever it decrees simply by printing more dollars. The "value" of each newly minted dollar is determined by the faith of the public, the money supply, and the financial markets. In other words, fiat dollars have no intrinsic value.

What does this mean for you and your family? Since your dollars have no intrinsic value, they are subject to currency market fluctuations and ruinous government policies, especially Fed inflationary policies. Every time new dollars are printed and the money supply increases, your income and savings are worth less. Even as you save for retirement, the Fed is working against you. Inflation is nothing more than government counterfeiting by the Fed printing presses.

A Christmas Story Schedule

Ahh, it's that time of the year again. That's right, the twenty four hour marathon of the all time classic movie "A Christmas Story" starts tomorrow at 8pm PST on TBS. This is now my all time favorite Christmas movie. It has even eclipsed It's A Wonderful Life for me. The fact the movie is loosely based around a firearm, which really tweaks the liberals, makes for an even better movie. Yes this is a movie about young Ralphie whose one wish for Christmas is a geniune Red Ryder Carbine Action Two Hundred Shot Lightning Loader Range Model Air Rifle. If anyone hasn't seen this movie(shame on you), I highly recommend it. One of the all time classic lines in the movie is when Ralphie askd for the gun for Christmas and his mom shoots him down with the line ..."you'll shoot your eye out".

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dick Ackerman Vs. Van Tran

If I've learned anything during the last few years in politics, a lot of times it's not what you stand for, but who doesn't like you/and or who holds personal grudges that make the world go round'. Nothing illustrates this clearer than the grudge match between Assemblyman Van Tran and State Senator Dick Ackerman. This is a very sad situation as far as I'm concerned. Apparently, Dick Ackerman doesn't care much for the more conservative Van Tran. It was not a coincidence how Van Tran announced his exploratory campaign for the 34th Senate District yesterday and today Dick Ackerman is on the phone first thing in the morning to the OC GOP guru/kingmaker himself Jon Fleischman telling Jon that RINO Lynn Daucher is going to be the GOP's nominee. Actually Dick there's something called a primary. That's a process where the voters actually get to choose the nominee, not yourself or the GOP hierarchy. This is really infuriating. Van Tran fits this district perfectly. He's definately more conservative than Lynn Daucher. That's the same Lynn Daucher by the way that won her seat in the Assembly by getting elected in the old primary system with lots of Democratic votes. Thankfully, the open primary is ancient history. Ackerman seriously has to get his ego in check. Let bygones be bygones Dick and get behind Van Tran.

Someone Is Getting Old

It was thirty six years ago today that I was born to Bob And Cheri Bartlett of San Gabriel. I was born at Arcadia Memorial Hospital right across the street from the Santa Anita Racetrack. I have alot of things to be thankful for in my life. I have a great family. We moved to Irvine when I was only one year old. My how things have changed in Orange County over the years. My summers growing up were spent down at Newport Beach where my family would rent a house every year on the Newport peninsula. When I wasn't at the beach, I was probably fishing with my dad chasing the albacore out of San Diego or the marlin out off of Catalina. We would launch the boat out of Newport and motor past all those awesome homes in Newport Harbor. John Wayne, Buddy Epsen, and many other celebs had houses right on the water. The Duke's boat, the Wild Goose, was moored right in front of the Balboa Pavilion. We also did alot of hunting. My grandmother owned land out in the 909 and we would go hunt geese, quail, doves, and ducks. As I look back at the things in my life, I just have to count my blessings. I am truly lucky to be living in Southern California. The weather is so nice. As I end this post, I just want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Here's to a great year this year and may next year bring even greater things.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

John & Ken Vs. Vincente Fox's Spokeshole Rob Allyn

This is required listening for all the open border whackos still advocating for an amnesty/guest worker program. John & Ken interviewed Rob Allyn this afternoon of Allyn & Company, a Dallas based Republican PR firm that the country of Mexico has retained to help "improve their image with Americans". Rob is the guy that the AP quoted as saying, "If people in the U.S. and Canada had an accurate view of the success of democracy, political stability and economic prosperity in Mexico, it would improve their views on specific bilateral issues like immigration and border security". This provided all the ammo necessary for John Kobylt to destroy Mr Allyn's arguments. In my opinion, this is some of their very best material ever. There's lots of KFI promo clips to play out of this. Here's the link

Mr Allyn was also on Lou Dobb's program tonight. Here is a link to the transcript. Congressman Tancredo came on after Mr. Allyn on the show and this is what he had to say:

Congressman Tom Tancredo of Colorado, one of our nation's fiercest border security advocates, joins us tonight from Denver with his take on Mexico's fight to weaken our border security. And thanks for being with us, sir.

REP. TOM TANCREDO (R), IMMIGRATION REFORM CAUCUS: Pleasure. Especially after listening to that. I mean, you think to yourself, now, I wonder if I had more money than the Mexican government has in buying that PR firm, would he be explaining my facts to you? I think so.

He made it look as though he's committed to this on moral grounds. He's committed because they wrote him a check.

PILGRIM: It's a commercial relationship, clearly.

TANCREDO: Right, clearly.

PILGRIM: And let's get to some of the things which you said which are very compelling, very harsh comments directed at the Mexican president, and also let's look first at the entire issue of the President Fox taking on the United States and really trying to dictate domestic policy.

You said recently, which U.S. citizen voted Vicente Fox into office. Vicente Fox was not elected by the American people. I'm assuming you think it's highly inappropriate that the Mexican president is discussing a bill that passed in our House of Representatives by a fairly wide margin.

TANCREDO: I cannot believe that I am -- I'm certainly not the only one complaining. I'm sure there are other members of Congress complaining about this. I hope so. But the person I want to hear complaining about this is the president of the United States.

His silence here is deafening. Here is a president of another country, a foreign country, condemning the actions of the American Congress, threatening, mind you, threatening to get international support in order to stop us.

What is he going to do? Get a coalition of the willing to attack the border fence? It is incredible. I don't know, as I've said, I don't know what chutzpah is in Spanish, but whatever it, is this guy's got it. The president of Mexico.

And as for the wonderful things he's done for Mexico. The economy booming, everybody happy, the Pew poll you reported not too long ago shows half of the Mexican population wants out. They want to get the heck out of the country, they'll come north, they'll go south, they'll go any place they can go for a better life. I don't blame them.

The country of Mexico, the government of Mexico, is corrupt from the cop on the street to the highest levels of government. That is the way it is. I wish it were not the case.

And believe me, all of this -- this rhetoric about turning a new leaf in Mexico and creating a better -- a more -- a framework for laws to be interpreted and acted out, doing something about reining in their military, it's just words.

You should see what's happening on the border, with the Mexican military. The military, providing actually cover for the transportation of drugs into this country. There is nothing that I would trust that they would trust that they would say about what their future plans are, and then on top of it, you add the insult of the president of Mexico telling us we can't try to defend and protect our own border. That's gutsy.

PILGRIM: Well, we certainly appreciate you coming on the program and speaking your mind on it.

TANCREDO: It's a pleasure.

Van Tran Throws His Hat Into The 34th Senate District Race

I just read on this on the OC Register's Homepage. Here's the link. This is huge news for the California & Orange County GOP party. This is a district that we need desperately to have any chance of regaining a majority in the CA legislature. For the last seven years it has been represented by liberal trial lawyer Joe Dunn. Joe has done his best to make sure that he gives away as many services possible to all of his illegal alien constituents in Santa Ana. The district itself is pretty even as far as registration numbers go. Van Tran will have appeal across the district with his immigrant background(legal I might add). The news from the Democrats is that OC Supe Lou Corea is all but thrown his hat into the mix as well. He will take on Tom Umberg. It will be nice seeing the Dems have a huge fight in the primary. The will be one to watch next November.

Cue Violin Music....Mexico Is Angry At The United States

Boy Vicente Fox is sure making an ass out of himself lately. I want to break down some quotes that Fox and some of his spokesholes have made in the last few days after the House passed the Immigration bill this week. Here is a link to the article I'm going to quote.

Mexican Foreign Secretary Luis Ernesto Derbez had this to say:
"Mexico is not going to bear, it is not going to permit, and it will not allow a stupid thing like this wall,"

Oh okay there Ernesto, whatever you say. Why don't you go cry on David Dreier's shoulder. What are you gonna do, threaten to send the rest of your citizens over here? Let's continue.

The Mexican government is scrambling to fight on two fronts. On Monday, it announced it had hired Allyn & Company, a Dallas-based public-relations company to help improve Mexico's image and stem the immigration backlash.

"If people in the U.S. and Canada had an accurate view of the success of democracy, political stability and economic prosperity in Mexico, it would improve their views on specific bilateral issues like immigration and border security," Rob Allyn, president of the PR firm, told The Associated Press Tuesday.

Let's break this down to this absolute beauty of a quote..."success of democracy, political stability and economic prosperity in Mexico". I know, I know, please try not to laugh. This one is a howler though. "Success of democracy" = most corrupt government in Western Hemisphere, "political stability and economic prosperity" has to one of the most dishonest, hilarious, disengenuous, etc remark of all time. How in the hell can this guy say with a straight face that Mexico has econonmic prosperity? Why have 20 million of their citizens illegally come to the US if there's so much economic prosperity happening in Mexico? I'm speechless.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bill Morrow Has A Website & Other 50th CD Observations

The race for the 50th CD is heating up pretty fast. I noticed from a post on Hack n Flak that Bill Morrow has a website up and running finally. This is a good thing in the new information era. The site is BillMorrow.com. I spoke with his campaign manager Vartan Djihanian tonight for a few minutes to have him give me his take on the state of the race. In my opinion, this thing is wide open right now. He says that Bill Morrow is the proven conservative in this race. That's great, but there are a lot of votes to sort through. In fact I had a Morrow spy or someone who doesn't want Howard Kaloogian to win email me some info about one of Howard Kaloogian's votes back in 2000. It seems that Howard voted for one of the same in-state tuition bills that John Campbell voted for. As Homer Simpson would say....doooooo. All this stuff is going to be part of the calculus of who I might endorse.

My perception of Bill Morrow rightly or wrongly is that he is a guy that's conservative, but he is kinda cozy with the trial lawyers and unions. After I read more of the campaign finance records I should get a clearer picture of who has actually given to whom. I also am going to give a lot of weight to who gets Tom Tancredo's and John & Ken's endorsement. That is going to be a bellwether IMO. It means that whoever gets their endorsement is not afraid of losing K street/big business money. Lord knows that they've blackballed Tom Tancredo from getting any of their money with his courageous stance against illegal immigration.

There was another entry and exiter from the race today. Ken King, who is a Rancho Santa Fe businessman, has vowed to spend upwards of $2 million to win the GOP nomination while Escondido Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler said she would not run. Here is a link to the SDUT article from today. Mr. King from the sounds of his quotes from the SDUT article is more, shall I say moderate, as he says that he supports abortion rights(caution: RINO alert).

The bottomline is that this is a conservative district. That means it should elect a strong conservative person as the next congressman. Brian Bilbray was a good fit for his coastal district that he used to represent, but he is far to much of a social liberal for this district IMO. The quotes from him emphasizing his seniority don't impress me. That sounds like code for "give me a pass for my socially liberal views". If I were a horse race oddsmaker, I'd have to handicap the race right now as follows.

1. Howard Kaloogian
1. Bill Morrow(tied for first)
3. Alan Uke
4. Brian Bilbray
5. Ken King

Bear in mind that this is my educated or some would say uneducated guess(Phil Paule, LOL). Keep in mind that I picked Jim Gilchrist to win against John Campbell. Just like trading stocks & futures...Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Ed Dornan Passes Away

According to Jubal over at OC Blog, Larry Agran's righthand man/campaign guru/brain Ed Dornan has passed away. Even though I and many others have had our disagreements over policy questions in Irvine, I want to offer my sympathy for his family & friends in this tough hour. We bitch, moan, and do a lot of political jousting here in the city of Irvine, but at the end of the day, it is still one of the best places to live in Orange County and dare I say the country.

It goes without saying that Ed had a huge impact on the city of Irvine, first as a councilman and then as Larry Agran's political consultant. This will have huge implications for the way the city is run in the future. Right now though, I just want to reflect on Ed's life and the impact that he had on my beloved city of Irvine. Here is the link to Jeff Rowe's article about Ed Dornan passing away.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Bush, The NSA, & Freedom

The news that Bush authorized the NSA to use all means at its disposal to spy on US citizens does not surprise me. One of my favorite movies about the NSA is Enemy of the State. The movie showed in detail the capabilities that the NSA has(Hollywood style of course). They can spy on email, telephone, with video surveillance, with satellites, etc. You name it and they can spy on it. I have disabused myself of the notion that we have any privacy left in the United States. The government knows everything about everyone. These Senators and Congressmen act like they're shocked that this has been going on.

I personally am against the government being able to have so much power, but it pointless to fight this battle. Sure it's good idea to have a hearing on this, but it's not going to change anything. We just have to hope that the people at the NSA use their discretion on who to spy on. I'm all for spying don't get me wrong. I think it's vital to know what the terrorists are up to. I just hope that the law wasn't broken by authorizing all this domestic spying.

Senator George Allen And Border Fences

I really liked Senator George Allen of Virginia. He has been a good conservative voice in the Senate since his election in 2000. So it pains me greatly to see that someone who I respected a lot has admitted in an interview with Human Events that he is an open border radical. He just got crossed off my list of Presidential contenders. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Does American have the engineering capability to build a fence along the border that would keep people out?

SEN. GEORGE ALLEN: Do we have the engineering capability?


ALLEN: I suspect so.

So, this is the follow up, why don’t we?

ALLEN: Because it would be -- I don’t [think] it’s worthy of consideration. The reason is, while something might be able to be done at an enormous cost to the taxpayers if there are more effective ways of doing it other than a fence, whether it’s with surveillance and more personnel, and surveillance--

He also goes on to say he very pro guest worker, but not amnesty. It's the same thing Senator! Duh. Please read the entire interview. It's really sad.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Shame On The Catholic Church

My friend Gustavo Arellano over at the OC Weekly has just penned a sobering article about a priest named Eleuterio Ramos. Click here to read the excellent story. Father Ramos was a priest in the OC Diocese back in the 70s and 80s. The parishes where Father Ramos served were literally pedophile/rape zones for young boys. It's absolutely sick. What's even worse is the church's stonewalling/complicity in many other similiar cases around the county and state.

I graduated from Mater Dei High School back in 1988. One of my fellow classmates was Joelle Casteix. She got molested/raped by the former band director there. She and others recently settled with the OC Diocese for about 100 million dollars. All I know is that the church better start rooting out these kind of people.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Another Juan Zarate Anecdote

As I was checking out Daily Kos like I do almost every day to see what kind of whacked out arguments the other side is making, I came across another link to my old Mater Dei pal Juan Zarate who is President Bush's terrorism financing czar. It's nice to have friends in high places. The link at Kos led me to another recent article in Congressional Quarterly about Juan. The article actually quoted me from one my Powder Blue posts from back in February. Here is my original post about Juan from an email exchange that I had with him. I'm a little embarrassed at all the notoriety I seem to be getting lately.

I'm so happy that Juan is having the kind of professional success that he is having. He would make a great Congressman or Senator one day IMO. He would be the absolute perfect candidate to take on Loretta Sanchez or Barbara Boxer. I guess we'll have to wait until he's done with his job back in DC before he'll move back out here. Keep up the great work as always Juan.

House Passes Immigration Enforcement Bill

I should be really happy tonight about this news that the House passed a fairly tough immigration enforcement bill. Here is a link to the story. My happiness is tempered though by the knowledge that this is only the first scene of a play that is just getting started. It's tantamount to moving your pawn up in an opening chess move. House members now have something to take back to their districts and pound their chest that they finally got a tough enforcement bill through the House.

It's not much of a secret what the Whitehouse hopes will play out in the next few months. They know that the Senate is more predisposed to vote through a guest worker amnesty bill. This will have to be reconciled with the House version. Then ....PRESTO, a bill comes out of conference with a guest worker amnesty provision.

If what I just described actually happens, then Republican members will have a huge vote looming. Sure they'll be able to make motions urging the conferees not accept any amnesty provisions, but if the amnesty parts get included in a final bill, you will have yourself a showdown vote on passage. It will all come down to one huge vote. Will John Campbell have the courage to vote against it? We will see. I'm not very confident right now about it.

Lastly I want give huge props to J.D. Hayworth of Arizona. This past week, Mexican Presidente Vicente Fox called the idea of a border fence “disgraceful and shameful.” This didn't sit well with Hayworth(or me for that matter). In lieu of Fox's statement, Mr. Hayworth made this statement...“I’m going to step away from diplomatic rules and offer President Fox some straight talk: President Fox should shut up". Right on. This is what we need more of. This is what this last election was about. California needs a J.D. Hayworth and Tom Tancredo.

California GOP vs Arnold Schwarzenegger

There was a meeting yesterday between the governor and the CA GOP executive committee. According to Duf Sundheim, the Chairman of the party, everything is in the past with the Susan Kennedy hiring. Boy I feel 100% better now. I thought for a minute that the Susan Kennedy hire was a disaster, but since Duf says everything is okay than I'll have to go with his word........NOT! WTF Duf? You saying that everything is hunky-dory with the hiring of Susan Kennedy is like the Mayor of Hiroshima saying that August 6th, 1945 was a normal day in Japanese history. It doesn't pass the smell test. I also liked what Jon Fleischman has been saying about this matter over at Flashreport. Why is everyone afraid to tell the governor the truth about this hire of Susan Kennedy? I understand that it might be a little difficult to stand up to a governor in your own party, but if we don't stand up for our principles then we stand for nothing at all.

I can also tell Duf and all the other timid GOP executive committee members that I and most other grassroots conservative activists are not going to lift a finger to help with Arnold's re-election. That's right....nothing if the status quo prevails. So you guys at the state GOP party might think about growing a spine and standing up for what is right. Tell the governor that he needs to fire Mrs Kennedy or he gets no help from the party next year.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

URGENT....House Debating Immigration Bill Right Now On C-SPAN

Here is the link for C-SPAN. They are debating the closed rule right now. It is totally unacceptable. Please call your reps up and express your displeasure with this rule for debate. Only an open rule will suffice for this important debate. All amendments should be made in order so we the public know where our reps stand on all the important immigration questions.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Chuck DeVore Calls Out The PUC

I'm so happy to have a guy like Chuck DeVore representing my Assembly district in Suckramento. He has hit upon another motherlode of beaucratic fool's gold in the California Public Utilities Commission. Chuck reminds me a lot of the "Jack Ryan" character from Tom Clancy's novels & movies. He's kicking ass and taking names all over the state. Keep digging deeper Chuck. I think you have only hit upon the tip of the proverbial iceberg as it relates to Democratic corruption and ineptness in our state. I'll let his latest email to me and others speak for itself. Here it is:

December 14, 2005

President Michael Peevey
California Public Utilities Commission
505 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, California 94102

Via FAX: 415-703-1758

Dear Mr. Peevey:

It is my understanding that the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) plans to implement a regulation tomorrow that would allow for $3.2 billion dollars of ratepayer money to be used to subsidize rooftop photovoltaic solar power systems. This letter serves to express my disapproval. The impact of this decision will serve to exclude the development of future technology; it is undemocratic, and wholly unethical. Let me explain.

The PUC?s decision to move forward with this specific type of technology excludes the possibility of using a variety of previously identified technologies that could be obtained through competitive free market forces. Previous legislation has proven that it is the legislature?s goal to encourage the innovation of renewable energy that is procured based on the lowest cost regardless of technology.

The California Legislature tried and failed this year to do legislatively what the PUC, an unelected regulatory body, is planning to do through regulation. I have read the grant of authority statutes that the PUC is using to justify this decision and find them vague at best. I do not believe it was the Legislature?s goal to give the PUC such sweeping authority as you are preparing to exercise on Thursday.

Further, the effect this decision will have on all but the wealthiest Californians makes this proposed shifting of ratepayer resources from the middle class and poor to almost exclusively the rich especially troublesome. It is the low to middle class who will shoulder the cost of the rising rates used to subsidize the instillation of solar panels almost entirely on the homes of the wealthy. For, quite simply, only those people with significant disposable assets will spend $30,000 to install a photovoltaic power system on their home that, even with PUC-forced subsidies, still cannot even pay for the carrying costs of the interest incurred on the borrowed funds.

Again, how does it help California consumers, taxpayers, industry, and business to subsidize a source of energy that rates as about nine times as costly as competing power sources? How does your pending decision make California more attractive to the kinds of electricity-intensive manufacturing industries that can give good jobs to many Californians?

I implore the Commission to not succumb to the pressure to employ regulatory power to select energy technology winners and losers ? especially when the winner selected, in this case, is not at all cost-effective. Rather, an alternative and cost-effective way to boost California?s power output without generating an ounce of carbon dioxide would be to allow the replacement of the steam turbine generators at San Onofre Nuclear Generating Station. Such an upgrade would generate more power without the installation of a new power plant.

A more responsible and visionary idea for the PUC to pursue would be to lobby for the construction of new, modern, clean and safe nuclear power plants capable of producing enough cheap energy to eliminate the present need to burn carbon-based fuels, while enabling inexpensive production of hydrogen for vehicle use. In that regard I remind the Commissioners that had America continued constructing nuclear power plants at the rate we were in the 1970s, we would be easily meeting our Kyoto Treaty protocols today.

It is my hope that the PUC will not vote to implement this regulatory scheme, and that we can find other sources of energy that will serve our needs without unfairly burdening ratepayers who have no financial ability to participate in the proposed subsidy program.


Assemblyman, Seventieth District

cc: Commissioner Geoffrey F. Brown
Commissioner Susan P. Kennedy
Commissioner Dian M. Grueneich
Commissioner John Bohn

50th CD Candidate Interviews

I figured that since we have another special election coming up here in socal that I would try to interview most of the declared candidates for the Republican nomination so far. Right now there are no less than four guys running. They are: Howard Kaloogian, Brian Bilbray, Alan Uke and Bill Morrow(no website yet...very bad Bill).

I clicked onto Howard Kaloogian's website and went straight for the contact info. I actually ended up speaking to Howard for few minutes telling him about a funny story about my wife being over at his house after the 1994 primary elections with a bunch of other campaign volunteers. As the party progressed, it happened to be the night of the famous OJ Simpson Bronco chase. Anyway I spoke to Howard for a few minutes about the upcoming campaign. We are going to do a more formal interview in the next few weeks hopefully. I related to Howard my experience of working these past few months for Jim Gilchrist. I don't believe Howard endorsed anyone in the 48th CD contest, but he said to me that he thought that Jim probably would have won had he been registered a Republican. I happen to agree with that assessment. I also think that a good absentee ballot chase would have been good too. He also said that it was not a good sign that John Campbell came in third place on election day. This guy gets it.

We talked about one of Howard's trip back to DC recently. Howard said that one of the GOP's national committees(I forget which one it was) gave him a survey on current critical issues and illegal immigration was not even on the stupid survey. These guys just don't get it. I told him of my experience with some poor national GOP telemarketers. I've ended up chewing out the last few poor souls unlucky enough to call my house. I told them that I and others are just not going to give any more $$$$$ to the national GOP party committees unless Bush and the party starts enforcing our laws. I'm only going to donate to candidates that I personally screen.

At Least One Campbell Gets Something Right

The one Campbell I'm refering to is Bill Campbell, not John Campbell. I have been reading about Bill's efforts recently to open the carpool lanes to all traffic during non rush hour times. Bill Campbell is an OC Supervisor and President of the Orange County Transportation Agency. I can go Bill one better. How about getting rid of the carpool lanes all together. I guess I can settle for half a loaf on this one if he can push it through. This is one of those issues that our representatives should really be scrutnizing closely. It gets to the heart of our quality of life here in socal. Every minute spent not commuting is one more minute that I'm able to get where I need to go not going road rage on my fellow commuters.

While I'm on the subject of Bill Campbell, we might as well talk about some of the crappy decisions that Bill has made while on the OCBOS. It seems that there is no person that the unions can't get to with their money. Sadly the unions have bought Bill's vote when the subjest of county pensions is involved. If the unions can buy influence here in Orange County like they have been able to recently, then all hope is pretty must lost for the state.

More Irvine City Council Antics By Larry Agran Inc.

It was another night of Orwellian television for me last night as I settled in watching the Irvine City Council meeting. The meeting start at around 4:30pm with all kinds of proclamations, awards, and recognition. If there is something controversial on the council agenda, it is almost always saved for the final agenda item. Last night did not break precedent. The council finally got to the last item at about 10pm. They didn't start public comments until around 10:30pm. The new "ethics" ordinance that is being proposed basically wants to stop legal activity(lobbying) if you happen to be a council member. It is transparently aimed at Christine Shea and her assistant Anthony Kuo. It's hilarious to hear Larry, Beth, & Sukkee rant about ethics. When you listen to Larry prattle on about ethics, it's like listening to an alcoholic lecture you on the dangers of drinking. This is a man with basically no ethics at all. He runs the city of Irvine with an iron fist. They ended up tabling the ordinance to a later date, but I have no allusions that it will fail.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Illegal Immigration Enforcement

There was agreat article in the LA Times this morning about Illegal immigration(how can this be?...great article and LA Times are usually not synonymous). Click here to read it. I have to give the LA fishwrap some credit as of late. They have made some wholesale changes over at the paper. When Barbara Streisand is canceling her Times subscription because she thinks it is "going conservative", then I have to take another look at it.

The article states that illegals down in San Juan Capistrano go into hiding when "LA Migra" is driving around town. It's what I have been harping on for the last few years. You won't need to deport the 20 million illegals here already because if you start catching a few of them and deporting them, you will get into their heads that we are going to get serious about this problem. The word spreads fast throughout the illegal community.

RIP Tookie

California has executed Tookie Williams this morning. Does this mean he's not going to be the grand marshall anymore for the Los Angeles Kwanza parade? Just asking.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

We're Waiting Arnold

The longer this Tookie thing drags out, the more screwed I think we're going to end up by Arnold. By commuting Tookie's sentence, Arnold will complete his turn to the dark side to coin a Star Wars phrase. I mean really, what's there to debate? The guy killed four innocent people in cold blood. Even the Ninth Circuit has turned down all of Tokkie's appeals. Let's get with the program Arnold. Say it, no clemency, no clemency. Besides I need to listen to John & Ken debate all the "cheese and wine Liberals, save the whales and murderers groups and assorted gang banger types" as they put it on their website. It will be great radio listening to these thugs butcher the English language. You know, "can I axe you a question" and assorted other beauties.

As a side note, there are some people talking about LA thugs rioting errr I mean creating civil unrest if Tookie is executed. I say, bring it on. I love watching when people burn down their own neighborhood. I think there is a lot of pent of demand for a good riot. It gives them a good excuse(in their mind) to steal stuff for Christmas. I mean the last good riot was when the Lakers won the championship back in 2000. Those gang bangers are going to use the killing of Tookie as an excuse to create some civil unrest. If I were the LAPD, I would be ready for anything Tuesday night. I'm sure this has already been planned for, at least I hope so.

**********************1 PM UPDATE************************

I just heard on KFI while on my lunch break that Arnold has denied clemency for Tookie Williams. This sets the stage for his execution tonight at midnight. Oh yeah and get ready Los Angeles, the would be thugs/rioters are waiting in the wings. I'm sorry that this riot will take place, but I just can't see the these gangbangers letting a good opportunity to loot & riot pass by.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Heisman Trophy Endorsement

It's a rare moment when I prop up anyone or anything from USC. Today is the day that the worthy candidates get together at the Downtown Athletic Club in NY for the presentation. The best college football this year is Reggie Bush, hands down, period, end of story. He should win this thing going away. If he doesn't win, there needs to be an investigation.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hugh Hewitt Logic 101

God bless Hugh Hewitt. He is a great partisan Republican, but he is drowning in Republican open border kool aid unfortunately with his analysis of the 48th CD race. Here is an excerpt from his interview of Jonah Goldberg yesterday.

HH: John Campbell, the new Congressman from Orange County, California, beat back Minuteman Jim Gilchrist, who had everything going for him, could only still manage 23,000 votes. Chris Cox got 189,000 in November, 2004. What's this tell you about immigration as an issue?

Huh? Had everything going for him? You mean like hardly any name id to start with, no experience ever running for anything, running as a third party candidate, entire local OC GOP establishment against him, hardly any absentee ballot chase, etc. What he did have behind him was a powerful message of cracking down on illegal immigration Hugh. Let's continue. "Could only still manage 23,000 votes. Chris Cox got 189,000 in November, 2004"...this is my personal favorite. He's really only indicting his candidate, John Campbell, because he only got 41,000 votes and a whopping 44% of the vote! Those totals don't matter to him. He's not concerned that someone who should have gotten at least 65-70% got only 44%. I got it Hugh. What does Chris Cox have to do with this election? Are you trying to say that if turnout was like the 2004 general that Jim Gilchrist would still have only received 23,000 votes? That's exactly what you're saying. Taking his logic, if the turnout had been 72% then Gilchrist would have come a lot closer since he won the precinct ballots. Keep sipping on that kool aid though because you're drunk off your ass on it and it's severly clouding your logic abilities.

White House Amnesty Strategery

Someone from the White House leaked their strategy of how they want to pass their "immigration reform" bill yesterday. I read about it in the Denver Post and then listened to it on John & Ken. This is going to be a titanic struggle between the open border establishment Republicans and most of our conservative base. The Democrats are basically irrelevant because they will vote in lock step for amnesty. The only hope is for 218 Republicans to stand up and be counted to vote against the final bill.

This is all going to play out starting next week with the House passing an enforcement only bill. This gives the White House and David Dreiers/Jerry Lewis/John Campbells of the party time to crow about having passed a tough enforcement bill on immigration. After a few months the Senate will then pass the McCain Kennedy amnesty immigration bill. The two bodies will then go to a conference committee so the two bills can be put together into one. What do you think is going to come out of conference? That's right.....a guest worker amnesty bill. Duh. Our only hope to stop this sell out/monstrosity is to recommit the bill to conference and/or vote against final passage. I already have a list of the local GOP reps who are sure bets to sell us out. They are:

David Dreier
Mary Bono
Jerry Lewis
John Campbell

Wednesday, December 07, 2005


Tonight there was a message sent to President George W Bush and the open border GOP establishment. Any immigration bill with "guest worker", undocumented worker, day laborer or any any other semantical form of amnesty is DOA, end of story. A band of rag tag but dedicated Jim Gilchrist volunteers beat the Orange County GOP's vaunted election day GOTV operation and what do I read on places like OC Blog and others.......pure arrogance from the establishment GOP consultants/hacks. Try being a little more humble. Your open border lapdog new Congressman just got held to a whopping 44% of the vote and it's apt to go down further when all the outstanding votes are counted. I think I'm going to take a page out of Jim Rome's playbook and gloss(that's short for glossary) John Campbell.....John "44%" Campbell. It really was an amazing night.

I was helping Jim steer through a deluge of local and national media that were at Dolce Italiano Restaurant in Lake Forest wanting to do interviews with him. I am just so proud of all our volunteers. We kicked some tail today with the walk up voters. Having said that, I wish we would have done a lot better with the absentees, but I give the county GOP and Campbell credit for that op....it's their bread & butter way of banking early votes. I just can't get over the fact that we held John Campbell to 44%.

Where do we go from here? As some of you may have read my earlier advice to Congressman elect Campbell, you shouldn't have pissed off the KFI crew of John & Ken. Now they are going to have a field day with your low vote total. They are going to pummel you day in and day out for being weak on illegal immigration. Is that really worth it? I guess it is for him. All I know is that Jim did not equivicate tonight when he was asked what is next for him. He has only just begun. He dropped a bombshell on the LA Times & Daily Pilot reporters. He said that he is going to potentially take on Diane Feinstein. I think it probably will depend on how John Campbell starts voting in DC.

That's about all I have for tonight. It still hasn't really sunk in that we held John "44%" Campbell to 44%. Nice mandate there John, NOT.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Turnout Sample From My Precinct

I just returned from my precinct which coincidentely is John Campbell's precinct. Out of roughly 1800 total registered voters in the precinct, 181 had voted already. That's way better than I expected for this election because according to the OC Register earlier today, over 14% of voters had already voted by absentee. This is projecting for about an over 25% turnout which is better than the primary. We willl see in about 45 minutes how the absentees are.

My Tuesday Takes

I was at the KFI debate last night. It was good to see a couple of Campbell spies there as well(you know who you are). I just want to say that regardless of what happens tonight after the results are known, I am so proud of the support that Jim Gilchrist is getting from people that are tired of the same old same old from the establishment GOP. It was funny talking to this Campbell spy. They have the impression that John & Ken lie a lot and that they are disengenuous. Now that's funny! Here you have some loyal GOP staffers that think John & Ken lie. If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is. They might want to look in the mirror or ask their bosses the same question. Why do they lie all the time about doing something about all the illegal aliens streaming into the country? I thought it was very ironic.

The show/debate itself was great. I'm sure KFI's ratings are going to be through the roof when the next Arbitron ratings come out. The guys were in rare form as usual. The first few segments of the show had TJ Bonner of the National Border Control Council on. Click here to listen to the first hour of the show.

The next hour they spent talking about all the national media attention that this race is garnering. Click here to listen. They boys were shocked that the LA Times is starting to write some unbiased coverage lately about illegal immigration, all be it a very little. They also went through John Campbell's record and spoke about how disappointed they were that he did not show up. Campbell opted to go on Hugh Hewitt's show up in Glendale instead of facing his own voters back here in the district. As I wrote a few days ago, I believe that this was a huge political mistake for Senator Campbell. Now even if he wins tonight, he will have John & Ken just carpet bombing him on a 50,000 watt station until the next election.

The third hour of the show was the actual debate between Jim Gilchrist and Steve Young. Click here to listen to third hour. I give Steve Young a lot of props for actually the balls to show up. It was obviously a very hostile crowd to his beliefs, but he gets credit nonetheless. Jim did great again. I won't go through all the points that came up so please listen for yourself to be the judge. I do know this though, we have the beginnings of a great new political movement to hold our representatives accountable. If they don't start getting tough on illegal immigration, you better believe that more Jim Gilchrists will be waiting in the wings to challenge Republican and Democratic open border/illegal alien sympathizers/enablers.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

A Huge Opportunity To Send A Message Tuesday

This is a column that I just wrote for the California Republic.org website.

I have been looking forward to this Tuesday
December 6th for a long time. It is a day when the
great citizens of the 48th Congressional District here
in Orange County get to send a clear and unmistakable
message to President Bush and his open border cartel.
We are fed up with the federal governments refusal to
enforce our immigration laws and the lip service on
smaller government. We are taking matters into our
own hands. John Campbell is a decent guy, but
desperate times call for desperate measures.

How did we get to this point in time? I
first heard about Jim Gilchrist and the Minutemen last
year when they started receiving huge media attention
for their audacity to actually go down to the porous
border and become the largest glorified neighbor watch
group in America. I was literally cheering the
television when I saw clips and interviews of Jim
Gilchrist and Chris Simcox telling the media that they
were doing the job that the federal government has
refused to do. I had no idea that later next
year(this year) that a seat in the House would open up
in the district where Jim actually lives. We
literally drafted Jim into the race. He was a
reluctant warrior, but I am so glad that he decided to
do it.

I have seen first hand what has happened to
once great cities in Southern California like Santa
Ana and Los Angeles from the deluge of illegal aliens
streaming into our state. These cities are now
ghettoes. I would never send my children to school in
these neighborhoods now where English is a second
language, and no one can read their diploma when they

I myself have been a loyal Republican foot
soldier ever since I turned eighteen. I have always
voted only for Republican candidates. I have never
been part of and don't want to part of the county GOP
establishment here. I am just a grassroots volunteer
in Irvine with a lot of opinions! I rejoiced when the
Republicans won the Congress back in 1994. Lately
though as I watch the Republican majority, all I'm
reading and hearing is how they are caving in on
important conservative principles. What good is a GOP
majority if you're not using it to govern effectively.

I listen to a lot of talk radio and I started
my own blog Powder Blue Report a year and half ago at the urging of
my neighbor here in Irvine, Hugh Hewitt. I bet he
regrets that advice now, LOL. Anyway, my favorite
show is the John & Ken Show on KFI AM 640. They have
been hammering on the illegal immigration problem for
years now and the issue has been getting a lot of
traction lately because of what Jim Gilchrist and the
Minutemen have done. I have been following the tragic
story of Los Angeles County Deputy David March, who
was murdered by an illegal alien and then fled to
Mexico for safe haven. Our local Congressional
delegation barely lifted a finger to try and help the
March family get justice. This really pissed me off.
Especially bad was Congressman David Dreier. John &
Ken made an example out of him last year and held his
vote to only 53% last year when he was used to getting

Why do I support Jim Gilchrist then over a
polished GOP annointed candidate like John Campbell?
After all, I've never punched the chad for anyone but
Republicans for my whole life and I have never missed
voting in any election since I could vote. We have
over 200 John Campbell-like Congressmen back in
Washington already and I want someone who is going to
be a Tom Tancredo-like Congressman and stir things
up/get in people's faces about illegal immigration and
other conservative issues. Jim Gilchrist will be that
guy. John Campbell wants to go to DC and just go
along and get a good committee and we'll never hear
from him again. I also know that John had no buzz in
local GOP grassroots circles when he announced his run
for the seat, but Jim Gilchrist just had a huge buzz
about him. John also has a suspect record at best on
immigration. All these factors make Jim Gilchrist the
best candidate in my opinion.

I want to close this column with a plea to
my fellow Republicans. Jim Gilchrist is a Reagan
Republican, not a George Bush Republican. There's a
big difference in my opinion. So although he may not
technically be registered a "Republican", he will be
a great addition to the GOP caucus back in DC and he
will hold their feet to the fire. If you want more of
the same from Washington, then John Campbell is your
guy. If you want someone who is going to get into
President Bush's and the GOP open border
establishment's face, then pull the lever for Jim
Gilchrist. Thanks for your time.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

A Big Weekend In Socal

Today is the day that UCLA ruins USC's season. I have been looking forward to it all year long. I think my Bruins have a legitimate shot at punking the Trojans today and finishing off their season strong at 10-1. I'll have a lot more to say after the game is over. I'm off to walk some precincts for Jim Gilchrist.

Friday, December 02, 2005

National Border Control Council Endorses Jim Gilchrist

The largest organization of US Border Patrol Agents, the National Border Control Council, has just given their important endorsement to Jim Gilchrist. This group has over 10,000 members. It's a very powerful statement on who they think will be the strongest advocate to enforce our immigration laws. You can read their press release here. This is the group headed by T.J Bonner. Bonner if you'll remember actually got David Dreier to sponsor one of his ideas to crack down on illegal immigration. Of course Dreier had to do something about this issue because of his absolute weakness on the border issue.

A Message To Gilchrist Volunteers & Supporters

A story came this morning in the Orange County Register that quoted me about things that I thought were happening with Jim's campaign at that time over two weeks ago. I had this conversation over two weeks ago with Martin Wisckol when quite frankly I think we can all admit, the campaign was at a low ebb. Howie Morgan and Jeff Lehman left the campaign and some hard decisions had to be made. I have been really pleasantly surprised by the 180 turnaround since that time. In the last few days alone, we have picked up some huge momentum with John & Ken getting behind Jim's candidacy and Jim's fundraising having really coming around. I tried to get Mr Wisckol to print a retraction or statement of how I feel today about the campaign, but they are not running anymore stories about the race except for a piece about Steve Young that is already past the deadline and they don't print anything political the day before the election which is Mr Wisckol's next political column. I was just being honest about how I felt things were going two weeks ago. I am behind Jim Gilchrist and what he stands for 110%. This is the beginning a great new political movement to hold our representatives feet to the fire. We are going to accomplish great things in the years ahead.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Well Well....Looky Here

So I'm surfing around on Steve Young's website and look who some of the guest hosts are for a fundraiser tomorrow night.... Beth Krom, Larry Agran, and Sukkee Kang. I know I know, you're saying to yourself, yeah but Allan these guys are Democrats...why wouldn't they go to a fundraiser for a guy like Steve Young who's the Democratic nominee running in the general runoff election for the 48th CD December 6th. My point is really to show people that there really are no "non partisan" elections for positions like mayor and city councilman/woman, especially here in Irvine. The only reason that Larry Agran's corrupt machine has been able to stay in power is because he has realized how to play a better chess game the last few years than the Republicans here in Irvine. All that of course has changed dramatically with the formation of the Irvine Republican Council. Larry won't be able to put any more Earl Zuchts on the ballot without us calling him out and having the ground organization to back up the Republicans for office here in Irvine who we endorse. So enjoy your last bit of power Larry because you will have to go back to running for President after the next election cycle.