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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Number One Political Priority Of Local OC Political Leaders And Most Electeds....Keep Control At All Times

I always tell people that are not plugged in to what is happening in local politics that "as bad of a perception you may have about politics, let me tell you, it's way worse than you could possibly imagine as it relates to what happens behind the scenes". The arrogance, egos, hypocrisy, and absolute narcissism of a lot of the local leaders, politicians, and consultants is scary. The older I get, the more I appreciate guys who came before me like HL Mencken, Mark Twain, and George Carlin. These gentlemen were great at dressing down political hacks back in the day. So I'm obviously not the first person to recognize how rotten politics is. The problem is that if no one is reporting on and exposing this stuff, it get exponentially worse as the years go by. Politics also affects most of us who are trying to earn a living and/or run a business, and live our lives. That's why it is important to constantly be on watch who is calling the shots.

I'll be the first one to admit that I am not perfect, but I try to at least be nice in my interactions with other people, especially as it relates to politics. Over the course of my activism days, the learning curve has been steep when it comes to dealing with all the players involved. You could say I was naive about a great many things when I got started(some would argue that I still am, LOL). The great thing though about showing up to hundreds of various political events and campaigns over the years is it has given me lots of different experiences and perspective to draw from. I'm only one person. I wish there were more of me. I hope that I can inspire and encourage others to get involved locally. We need more people who don't make a living from politics to watchdog what is going on or else the self appointed political opinion leaders who make a living from politics will have a monopoly on the local narrative. Luckily some of these people have been exposed for their breathtaking hypocrisy, but eternal vigilance is what is always needed.

If there is one lesson that I have learned about local GOP politics, philosophy and ideology are not near as important to the party leaders and electeds like they should be. Anyone wanna take a guess at what their number one priority is going away? If you guessed keeping control of the situation at all times, you can pat yourselves on the back. I don't know how many times I can count that keeping control of all things at all times was/is the most important thing. These people are just a bunch of control freaks. They don't like to be challenged or questioned about the way they make decisions. I get that it's human nature to not wanna get criticized or second guessed, but letting people vent and present alternatives to your way of thinking is not only a better way of doing things, but in my opinion a necessity.