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Saturday, June 01, 2013

Number One Political Priority Of Local OC Political Leaders And Most Electeds....Keep Control At All Times

I always tell people that are not plugged in to what is happening in local politics that "as bad of a perception you may have about politics, let me tell you, it's way worse than you could possibly imagine as it relates to what happens behind the scenes". The arrogance, egos, hypocrisy, and absolute narcissism of a lot of the local leaders, politicians, and consultants is scary. The older I get, the more I appreciate guys who came before me like HL Mencken, Mark Twain, and George Carlin. These gentlemen were great at dressing down political hacks back in the day. So I'm obviously not the first person to recognize how rotten politics is. The problem is that if no one is reporting on and exposing this stuff, it get exponentially worse as the years go by. Politics also affects most of us who are trying to earn a living and/or run a business, and live our lives. That's why it is important to constantly be on watch who is calling the shots.

I'll be the first one to admit that I am not perfect, but I try to at least be nice in my interactions with other people, especially as it relates to politics. Over the course of my activism days, the learning curve has been steep when it comes to dealing with all the players involved. You could say I was naive about a great many things when I got started(some would argue that I still am, LOL). The great thing though about showing up to hundreds of various political events and campaigns over the years is it has given me lots of different experiences and perspective to draw from. I'm only one person. I wish there were more of me. I hope that I can inspire and encourage others to get involved locally. We need more people who don't make a living from politics to watchdog what is going on or else the self appointed political opinion leaders who make a living from politics will have a monopoly on the local narrative. Luckily some of these people have been exposed for their breathtaking hypocrisy, but eternal vigilance is what is always needed.

If there is one lesson that I have learned about local GOP politics, philosophy and ideology are not near as important to the party leaders and electeds like they should be. Anyone wanna take a guess at what their number one priority is going away? If you guessed keeping control of the situation at all times, you can pat yourselves on the back. I don't know how many times I can count that keeping control of all things at all times was/is the most important thing. These people are just a bunch of control freaks. They don't like to be challenged or questioned about the way they make decisions. I get that it's human nature to not wanna get criticized or second guessed, but letting people vent and present alternatives to your way of thinking is not only a better way of doing things, but in my opinion a necessity.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Dipping My Toes Back Into The OC Blogosphere

I think the time is right to start back up Powder Blue Report. As usual, there is a lot of stuff happening behind the scenes in OC political circles, but hardly any of it is getting reported on or talked about. I think to start back out, I wanna try to post at least two or three stories a week. I believe that original content is king. So to that end, look for my usual inside scoops and insights into what is happening locally. My take is that the local political class has become way too fat and happy as of late. If I can make them sweat and worry that their scheming and plotting may get exposed to the light of day, then I will have done a public service. This should be the job of the biggest daily paper here locally, i.e the Register, but since they don't seem to be digging very deep into what's happening locally, if at all, then that basically leaves Scott Moxley of the OC Weekly as the only really credible investigative journalist for over three million people. That's not acceptable to me and it shouldn't be acceptable to everyone else as well. The plan is to post original content on this space and link it to effective social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. This column should serve as a warning to the all the power hungry, thin skinned, control freak politicians and power brokers.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Motion To Endorse John Campbell Rollcall


Allan Bartlett 70th AD
Bill Dunlap(John Warner alternate) 70th AD
Lynn Schott 70th AD
Lee Lowrey(Tom Fuentes alternate) 70th AD
Chandra Chell 73rd AD
Mike Munzing 73rd AD
Craig Alexander 73rd AD
Jeff Matthews 68th AD
Tim Whitacre 69th AD
Charles Hart 69th AD
Thomas Gordon 69th AD
Brett Franklin 69th AD
Cuong Sinh Cao 69th AD
Marilyn Davenport 72nd AD
Pat Shuff 72nd AD
Zonya Townsend 72nd AD
Jennifer Beall 71st AD(Tony Beall alternate)
Deborah Pauley 60th AD
Dennis White 60th AD (new member took over for Desare Ferraro who resigned because of a move)
Dean Grose 67th AD
Robert Hammond 69th AD ex officio
Greg Sebourn 72nd AD ex officio alternate

Notable abstentions

Bruce Whitaker 72nd AD


Basically all other Members or their alternates that didn't abstain or vote NO

How John Campbell Lost Touch And Lost The Local OC GOP Endorsement

It's been a while since I posted anything over here on Powder Blue Report. To be honest, I like posting little status updates and linking stories on Facebook a lot better than writing long winded blogs. Blogs are so mid 2000s, LOL. I also send out occasional tweets on twitter. There was however a major local political story that involved me this past week so I thought I'd shed some more light on exactly what happened at Monday night's Central Committee meeting.

The job of a Congressman is to represent his constituents in Wash DC on federal matters. That includes everything from voting to uphold the principles of the Constitution and staying in personal contact with the people you represent. When you start to neglect those duties and get wrapped up into the DC culture, you are well on the road to losing the support of an important political organization that put you into office in the first place.

So this past Monday night, the Chairman of the OC GOP Scott Baugh, put on the agenda a slate of endorsements for all of our state and federal incumbent Republican electeds. He has to give the Members of the Central Committee a seven day notice per our Bylaws. As soon as I got the email, I immediately started thinking about the job performance(or lack thereof) of our Congressmen and some of our Assemblymen & women. I kept thinking about the TARP vote at the end of Bush's term in 2008 and how pissed I was that Campbell voted for this. These guys take a lot of votes. I know I'm not going to agree with them on everything, but the TARP vote was just so egregious that I knew if the party was ever going to try to endorse him, I was going to actively oppose his endorsement even if I was there standing alone. It turned out that a lot of Members of the Committee felt the same way I did.

So two days after the notice that we would have some endorsements to consider at the next meeting, I went into action. I penned a quick email to my fellow colleagues on the Committee and did a last minute gut check to see if I really wanted to go down this road. Once you hit send on an email like this, there is no turning back. This is what I ended up sending out.....

Dear Colleagues,

On Monday night at our next meeting, we will
be considering an endorsement of Congressman John Campbell. I hope
you will all stand with me and vote NO on this endorsement and here's
why. Congressman Campbell has never been held up to account by our
Party for his toxic YES vote to pass TARP(Troubled Asset Relief
Program), the largest bailout in the history of the United States.
This vote to giveaway almost a trillion dollars of our money to the
big Wall Street Banks and other special interests is against
everything our Party stands for and most importantly, it is against
the Constitution which we all swore an oath to uphold when we were
elected/and or appointed. The Congress is vested with certain powers
under Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution and voting yes for huge
bailouts is not on the list. This was no ordinary vote. It gave away
again almost one trillion dollars! Now every time I read about the
Congressman talking about how we need to reduce spending, all I can
think of is....he voted to give away almost a trillion dollars with no
strings attached. How has that worked out for us so far? Enough is

The last approval rating that I saw gave Congress a 15% or so approval
rating*. We have to start policing our own elected representatives
better. If we don't speak up, who will? The voting behavior will
just continue.

Allan Bartlett
70th AD Member

* http://abcnews.go.com/blogs/politics/2012/01/congress-hits-a-new-low-in-approval-obama-opens-election-year-under-50/

No sooner than I had sent this out, I started receiving emails back right away from Members that they would be standing with me. I ended up receiving 15 replies back of support and no emails in opposition. This is pretty good I said to myself, but I knew that to be successful in blocking this endorsement that I would probably need to get to over 20 votes and to guarantee success I would need 24 votes or so. The next day I made a few calls to some Members I had classified as possible supporters knowing the background and inclinations of these Members. I probably made around five calls and didn't get any commitments from these. I said to myself that even if I got 15 votes to oppose Campbell's endorsement, this in and of itself would be a powerful message. So I didn't do any more vote counting or arm twisting, but I knew probably had a few more votes than 15. I was thinking probably I'd have 17 or 18. It turned out that we got 22.

So I get to Hyatt at around 5:45PM for the 7PM meeting. Frank Alonzo and I had arranged a Meetup before the Central Comm meeting of Ron Paul supporters that wanted to run for Central Committee. I get into the hotel lobby and see my good friend and Fountain Valley Council member Mark McCurdy and start chatting with him. All of the sudden out of the corner of my eye I see Congressman Campbell's district director Lou Penrose coming towards me. I'm saying to myself that this should be interesting. Mr Penrose said that his boss was going to be at the meeting tonight and he would like a chance to meet with me beforehand. Mind you, I've been the Chairman of our Irvine Republican Club for over three years and we've invited and requested the Congressman to come speak and meet with our group for that whole time and not once during those three years did he respond to our repeated requests. Sure I saw Lou Penrose around at events filling in for his boss, but that just doesn't cut the mustard. People wanna see and talk to their actual Congressman.

So I said to Lou that I would be happy to meet with the Congressman while I was thinking to myself..."what utter chutzpah". I had been trying to speak with him for three years and an hour before he might lose his endorsement, now he wants to speak with me? Wow. Okay. I told Lou to come grab me around 6:30 from the Ron Paul meeting and he agreed. So at about 6:30PM he motions to me that it is time. As I'm walking to meet him I'm thinking to myself that "whatever the Congressman says Allan, just be respectful and hold your ground". I remember passing Jon Fleischman on the way there and snarkily saying that "I get to finally go speak to my Congressman".

We get around the corner and there he is....in the flesh, my own Congressman and his lovely wife. We awkwardly shook hands and filed into a room off the hallway for some privacy. It was me, the Congressman, his wife, Lou Penrose, and one of the interns from his office I believe. We chatted about Presidential candidates and made some small talk for a few minutes and then we got into the meat and potatoes stuff. I told him that the reason I was opposing his endorsement was because of his vote to pass TARP and that he is never around to meet with Republican groups and activists who put him in office to begin with. He then says and I quote, "Allan do you have a bank account?" Me: "of course I have a bank account" Campbell: "well if we didn't pass TARP, you wouldn't have had a bank account the next day" Me:(chuckling) I'm sad to see you buy into the lies of Hank Paulson and Ben Bernanke. These geniuses got us into the mess in the first place". Oh well if that's your answer, that's your answer. Me: "why aren't you around the district like Ed Royce and Dana Rohrabacher and why won't you return any calls or come meet with our group?" Campbell: "Well Allan I do things a little differently. I'm not like Dana or Ed. I write articles/blogs and I go on television. I think that this way I can reach more people that I need to reach". So I'm saying to myself, "he doesn't get it". Me: "well John let's talk about Irvine. I've lived here my whole life and during a good portion of that time recently, we've been trying to beat Larry Agran here. Lynn Schott was running for the City Council in 2010 and needed to get the party's endorsement so she wouldn't miss out on all the early absentee ballot votes. Your vote was the margin of difference in denying Lynn the endorsement. When I asked Lou that Irvine needed its Republican Congressman here to help us with a motion to reconsider the vote, he told me basically to go pound sand and that he would not be doing that. That was offensive. You gave Larry Agran another term because of that action. Why should I support you now? I can't remember the answer he gave here, but I guess it wasn't worth remembering.

At this point he probably realized the futility of his appeals and we amicably parted ways for the meeting.

The meeting itself was suspenseful because I didn't know which side would prevail. The Congressman did not do himself any favors up there. In fact a few of his supporters told me that he probably lost votes by showing up! I couldn't agree more. His opponent John Webb gave a great speech. Members got to ask questions of the candidates instead of making speeches. I pulled out my Ron Paul signed pocket Constitution and politely asked the Congressman where he got his authority to vote for trillion dollar bailout. He gave some of the same answers to the group that he gave to me in private. When he was asked by an angry Craig Alexander why he hasn't returned his calls in over a year, he blamed a staff snafu or something as I recall. Bad answer. Bill Dunlap, who was sitting in for his Member John Warner, basically tore into the Congressman for not returning his calls as well and also was upset about the Congressman's Don't Ask Don't Tell vote. I was not expecting Bill to be on my side. When I knew we had his vote, it was only then that I knew actually had a chance to make history that night. In the end, the vote was 41 to 22, one vote shy of the 2/3 needed for endorsement. I hugged Lynn Schott sitting next to me and Lee Lowrey and I gave each other a fist bump as Campbell has avoided going to any Atlas PAC events just like our Irvine Group. I was so happy for Lynn. She had lost her endorsement by one vote because of John Campbell and now we had just returned the favor. That was karma at work or poetic justice, whatever you want to call it.

I will never forget this night. It was a great night.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

The rEVOLution Takes Over The CA GOP Convention

Saturday was a momentous day at the CA GOP convention down here in Los Angeles. The Ron Paul rEVOLution arrived in force early at the Marriott Live in downtown in anticipation of hearing their leader Presidential candidate Ron Paul speak. I myself have been to many of these state political conventions over the years but I have never seen what I saw happen Saturday morning. Hundreds of supporters of the Congressman from Texas were outside the hotel to greet him as he arrived. Freedom is still popular apparently in the Republican Party.

I would guess that the average age of the supporters that showed up would be in the mid 20s. Who says political candidates can't excite young people. This youthful energy that they are bringing to the party is sorely needed.

So now I want to set the scene for people. It's around 8:30 in the morning and Dr Paul is being escorted to his first speaking event of the morning to the Los Angeles Lincoln Club. For the record he was not invited to speak at any of the formal lunches or dinners at the CRP. As if ignoring him and all the energy we are bringing to the party will make us go away. Just imagine around 500 to 600 noisy supporters following him through the lobby and then upstairs past all the party regulars who had a look of disbelief/and or consternation on their faces. The crowd was chanting "Ron Paul" and "End the Fed" mostly. It was a moment that I will never forget. For a video flavor of this event click here

Later on that morning before his big speaking engagement to the Republican Liberty Caucus of CA, we had a private meet and greet with Ron and all the locally elected GOP Central committee members from all over the state. One of the great untold stories is how many supporters of Dr Paul's ideas and philosophy have been elected to county Central Committees in all 58 counties around the state. Look for many good things to come to the CA Republican Party out of this organizing.

After spending some time with local leaders, we opened the doors to the hundreds of supporters waiting to get a chance to hear the good doctor's message. They were not disappointed. A politician who tells the truth is a very rare commodity in modern politics. This is why Ron is so popular with the young generation in my opinion. He spoke on his bread and butter issues....ending the wars, individual liberty, the folly of the war on drugs, ending the Fed, abolishing the Education Dept, and many more. At the end of the meeting, everyone was encouraged to vote in the Straw Poll that the party was holding, and vote they did.

Ron Paul ended up winning the CA GOP Straw Poll going away with 45% of the vote. The next closest person was Gov Rick Perry with 30%. Whether Ron Paul will get the GOP nomination is anyone's guess, but he has inspired a generation of young activists that will be carrying the torch of individual liberty going forward in the Republican Party. I'm reminded of a famous quote by Samuel Adams...."It does not take a majority to prevail... but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen on setting brushfires of freedom in the minds of men." The fires have been lit in CA. The question is will the party and the voters jump on the bandwagon of freedom before its to late.

Monday, February 14, 2011

OC GOP Dirty Laundry

I really didn't want to write about this subject so early into the new Central Committee term, but certain people are just begging for a public flogging/shaming. For a lot of people this will be inside baseball stuff, but it is a symptom of what's wrong with some so called leaders in our party.

We have a lot of new young energetic members of the Central Committee. One of these members is Mike Munzing. Mike is all fired up and ready to help. He has been attending Tea Party rallies, Glenn Beck gatherings, DC trips, etc. Well he got an idea to host a local event he billed as "conservative happy hour" on March 3rd down in Aliso Viejo. No big deal right? Ask retired Assemblyman Chuck DeVore to come speak and hang out with good conservative friends enjoying some adult beverages. Well, Mike broke some unwritten rules that Mary Young has. The first of which is why didn't he ask her for permission to do this, LOL! How dare you Mike throw a get together for conservatives and not ask Mary Young. Shame on you.

All kidding aside, Mary Young is way off base in these emails that she sent Mike after she found out about his plans. Have a read...

Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 1:02 PM

Subject: Re: Mike Munzing's Conservative Happy Hour - March 3rd


I thought now that the election was over and you are part of the OCGOP team, you would join us and be in charge of a happy hour for the OCGOP, instead of having your very own? We are conservatives and it looks like very few of you new CC members have any intentions of joining us.

It should read; Happy Hour Chairman, Mike Munzing presents the very first" OCGOP Happy Hour Series". Scott would have been delighted to have you take on something such as a Happy Hour. Now that the election is over, I can see, you had no intentions of being part of our team. Maybe because you are too important to you and the good of your Party & Country come after that

I am really disappointed you aren't trying to help the OCGOP or help Lee Lowery & myself try to have a get together.

You wonder why we as the OCGOP can't do all these things? I will tell you why, because people just like you are more interested in yourself then making the Party grow to be bigger and better.

I can see this next year or two, it will be the same people doing all the work (with the exception of Dean Gross, he is already trying to help)for the Party and then you guys will complain we aren't doing enough.

Very sad, Mary

Really Mary? Maybe you were just having a bad day...ahhh, nope. She then sent off this rejoinder...

Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 10:56 PM

Subject: Re: Mike Munzing's Conservative Happy Hour - March 3rd

Mike, I was right about you from the very beginning, but I believed you when you asked for a second chance.

You care about Mike and only Mike and everyone will soon find out, as they already are.

You should be totally ashamed of yourself, but you won't be, because you don't know the slightest about being a good Christian.

I am going to have a long chat with ???? & ???? all about you.

What does this have anything to do with being a good Christian? Holy liquored up emails Batman! This is just pure intimidation and will not be tolerated. I've had my battles with Mary over the years, but in the end I have always just let it go. These emails of hers don't surprise me in the least. Mary always acts like she is the guardian of things about our party. I credit her with doing a lot of good things for the party over the years, but she has to realize when to stop badgering people and playing the victim. We need new active people to come into the party like Mike that want to help make a difference. I hope Mary will apologize to Mike and we can all get this behind us.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just Say No To Debt Ceiling Increase

This is one of the most important posts that I will ever write. I don't say that lightly because over the years I have spilled a lot of electronic ink on a lot of different subjects. This one has been building for awhile and it's time for me to unleash it.

The Unites States will soon be bumping up against the statutory limit of the debt ceiling. For those of you in Rio Linda(as Rush likes to say), this means that the United States Treasury can't float bonds over and above a limit set by a law passed by Congress.

Let's go over some numbers and some simple math. I like to say that "math doesn't lie" and it's true. Currently(as of 2010), the United States takes in $2.2 trillion dollars in revenue and spent $3.5 trillion. This means that the US government must borrow the difference of $1.3 trillion($2.2 trillion minus $3.5 trillion = we are deep S***).

If we don't pass a debt limit increase, the Congress will be forced to live within its means(i.e spend only what comes in and nothing more). It would be like passing a balanced budget amendment. The deficit spending would end immediately.

You and I both know that this scenario will never happen. Congress will pass a new increase in the debt limit despite the rhetoric coming out of the new GOP majority. Am I skeptical? You bet I am. I know the track record of all these idiots in both parties. Past performance is indicative of future results.

Some have said that if we don't pass an increase in the debt limit that we would "risk the full and faith and credit of the United States". Bullshit. We are still taking in $2.2 trillion in taxes and various revenue that flows into the Treasury. What would have to happen though is that every line item in the budget would have to get cut by 37%. That's right....37%! Medicare would get cut 37%. Patients would have to make up the difference to doctors. Social Security would get cut 37%. Retirees would see their monthly paychecks get cut by 37%. Spending on defense, foreign aid, FBI, Homeland Security, and all discretionary programs would have to take a 37% whack.

Do you see this actually happening? No way Jose.

My friend John Reed had this to say....

Opponents of not raising the ceiling say the world would lose faith in U.S. government promises if the government reneged on Social Security, etc.

They should. Those bogus promises were made by politicians playing Santa Claus with taxpayers' money. There is literally not enough money in the world to pay Social Security, federal pensions, medical care benefits and so forth that have been promised by federal politicians.

The net worth of the world is minus $34 trillion. The gross domestic product of the entire world is $70 trillion. The unfunded liability (money we should have put in the bank but did not) for Social Security and Medicare alone was $107 trillion in 2008. There is no hope that we can ever pay that.

Would a recovery and unemployment going down to 5% solve the problem? Not even close. That would only increase annual tax revenues by about $150 billion.

Would tax increases solve the problem? Not even close. Numerous experts like Former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan have said that. If you could increase taxes 25%, which is probably impossible unless you broadened the base (made the 50% of Americans who no longer pay any tax other than Social Security tax start paying income tax), you would still only get about $500 billion more revenue. Not enough.

Selling all the national parks and federal buildings like the Smithsonian? Not even a dent.

If the U.S. continued to make on-time payments to bond owners, the "full faith and credit" of the U.S. would not be adversely affected. Indeed, I suspect the world bond market would feel relieved that the U.S. government was finally getting serious about living within its means and behaving in a way that will likely result in bond holders being paid back as promised.

No doubt, liberal politicians will say that seniors and the sick should take precedence over bond holders.

Okay. Go with that. But understand it takes you to the same place very rapidly. If the U.S. government defaults on the bonds instead of the Social Security and other federal entitlements, the world bond market will instantaneously impose their own debt ceiling. That is, they will refuse to buy any more U.S. bonds. In other words, defaulting on the bond payments would change the U.S. government's credit from AAA to defaulted. To put it in laymen's terms, the credit card of the Congress and the President would be cut to pieces and canceled.

The "full faith and credit" of the U.S. government would, in that case, indeed, be destroyed.

If and when the world bond market, which mainly consists of U.S. citizens and institutions, stops buying U.S. bonds, those same cuts I described above will have to take place immediately. Basically, there are two entities that can shut down the U.S. government selling bonds and engaging thereby in deficit spending:

• Congress and the President voluntarily
• the world bond market involuntarily

Same result no matter who initiates it.

Furthermore, remember the refinancing of maturing U.S. bonds I described above will also not happen if the bond market stops buying our bonds. In other words, we would have to pay off the $3.5 trillion of bonds that were due this year and we would only have $2.2 trillion of tax revenues to do it. And we could only use that $2.2 trillion to pay off maturing bonds if we totally shut down the entire U.S. government. Even if we did that, we would still have to default on the deficit spending—$1.3 trillion—portion of the maturing bonds because we would not be able to sell the bonds or collect the taxes needed to pay them.

This is a hell of a mess, isn't it? Your elected officials have been building this mess since 1930—both parties albeit more the Democrats.

So what is probably going to happen?

On January 25th, Obama, Paul Ryan, and Michelle Bachman all delivered State of the Union addresses. Obama promised more of the same, calling spending on Democrat pet projects like green jobs "investment." His concessions—three-year freeze on non-defense, discretionary spending except where union contracts exist, cutting back on the requirement to issue tons of 1099s, vetoing earmarks, were all symbolic trivia, no substance.

Ryan said the right things but almost in Federal Reserve code that only an expert on fiscal and monetary policy would truly understand. Bachman gave the best of the three talks with a more militant Tea Party list of plans,. Like Ryan, she was truthful, but failed to tell audiences exactly what it all meant because if she had there would be demonstrations in the streets today.

Surprisingly, the best State of the Union Speech on the 25th was made by John Stossel on Fox Business. He even had a little presidential podium only it said Stossel instead of The President of the United States. He also entered the room shaking everyone’s hand and had lots of flags. But after a pause, he began his speech with, "We're in DEEP trouble."

Stossel said almost exactly what I am saying about what has to be done. But it's not going to happen.

They will probably vote to raise the ceiling. Republicans will probably demand some token spending cuts from the Democrats. They will probably refuse most of them. That will result in the debt ceiling arriving and the government not being able to sell bonds because refusing to vote on the ceiling is the same as voting against it.

During that post-hitting-the-ceiling period, Democrats will probably try to reprise the Clinton-era trick of saying the "Republicans shut down the government." It worked for them back then. I doubt it would work again. If two sides do not agree, you cannot logically blame the lack of agreement to either side. Each side can explain their position and the public can decide which is more reasonable.

Both parties are guilty of succumbing to forgetting their campaign promises and going along with business as usual when they get to Washington. Republican House Speaker John Boehner called voting for the debt-ceiling increase "being adults" and Republican "strategist" David Winston called voting to increase the debt ceiling "governing." Call it what it is: kicking the can down the road—again, stealing from our children and grandchildren, and making sure we have to do "nine" when a "stitch in time" would have saved them. Criminal careerism gets more to the heart of it.

Ultimately, they will all get together and raise the ceiling with some meaninglessly small cuts. If it's not a trillion or more, that means the situation is still deteriorating.

Then the media will start discussing when we will hit our next debt ceiling. Once again, everything I said above will apply only the cuts required to match outlays with tax revenues will be bigger.

In other words, the choice is not 37% cuts now or more borrowing. It is 37% cuts now or bigger cuts next year or even bigger cuts the year after that, etc. etc.

37% is the best offer the American people are ever going to get. And they will almost certainly haughtily reject it.

Congress and the president will not vote to cut federal spending 37%. When they have to choose between personal political suicide or national financial suicide, they will choose national financial suicide. That means we will be hit with bigger cuts in the future.

There is no grown-up in Washington or on Wall Street looking out for you. You have to be your own grown-up.

But the vast majority of Americans are behaving exactly as if they believed some Washington/Wall Street grown-up were taking care of them.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

1st Vice Chairman Announcement

Here is my letter that I sent out today to all the Orange County Republican Central Committee members announcing my intention to run for 1st Vice Chair of the party.

Dear friends & colleagues,

As the dust settles from last
weeks' election, it is now time to look ahead to the future of our
great party. I have spoken with many current and new members of the
committee about the direction the party needs to go in. The words of
encouragement to run for 1st Vice Chairman have been overwhelming. So
after some time thinking about this and in careful consideration with
my wife Lynn, I have decided that I will enter the race for 1st Vice
Chair of our party.

I realize that running against a longtime party activist and candidate
that has the blessing of the current chairman will be a daunting task,
but I believe our members deserve a choice of who they would like to
represent them as 1st Vice Chair on the Executive Committee.

First a little about myself for those who don't know me. I am a
native Californian and lifelong resident of the beautiful city of
Irvine. I have been married for nine years this Dec 1st to my awesome
wife Lynn. If you haven't had the chance to meet her yet, she is a
dead ringer for Sarah Palin. We actually met the night Bob Dole lost
to Bill Clinton in 1996 at the OC GOP election night venue at the Westin South Coast Plaza. Professionally speaking, I am a licensed Series 3 Broker. I am the owner and President of GAB Capital Corp which is a commodities broker - mostly in precious
metals like gold & silver and managed futures. Owning and running a small business
had always been a dream of mine and I am thankful every day that I am able to be my own boss.

My interest in politics goes back to my youth. My father owned a
construction business and he was always complaining about how
the government was too large and intrusive. I remember casting my
first vote ever for George HW Bush when I was 18 years old. As time
wore on and I settled myself and my family in Irvine, I started up my
own political blog at the urging of my neighbor here in Turtle Rock a
few blocks away, Hugh Hewitt. This was back in 2004. The name of my
blog is Powder Blue Report. It's got all my archived postings there
for all to see (www.powderbluereport.blogspot.com). For a time I
also did a stint writing for the local blog Red County. As my activism
grew, I became heavily involved here in Irvine with the local
Republican groups and most recently, with the various local Tea Party groups .
I have been the chairman now for two years of our
county chartered GOP group, the Irvine Republican Council. I was
elected to my first term on the Central Committee in June of 2008 and
was just re-elected again to my second term. As most of you know, I am
also involved in the local tea party organizations. The Tea Party
energy was the impetus that brought our party back to the majority in
the House and elected several new members to the U.S. Senate. We need to do everything we can to nurture and grow this energy for the upcoming presidential
campaign and all the other local races. We also need them to have a voice at the highest level in our local party. I will be that voice.

I am running for this position because I believe it's time for a
change in leadership of our local party. I wish to bring my leadership
skills and experience to the Executive Committee of the OCGOP. As a tea
party activist, I also wish to help the party enhance its image in the
community at large, especially with rank in file Republican voters - our
very important base. I look forward to discussing ways to move forward in
the future that will give members confidence in the committee.

I believe one of the most important jobs of 1st Vice Chair is to help
the Chairman and others represent the Party and raise funds on a
consistent basis so it can run smoothly. If elected I will be able to
tap my wide network of contacts to assist the party in doing just
that. The Chairman has a very hard job. It's up to the other leaders on the Executive Committee to help ease the burden where possible. I pledge to do this
if elected.

There are a lot of things we can improve upon to keep our party
great and be successful at the ballot box. Let's have a dialogue
about that. Please feel free to email or call me at any time. My number is
(949)677-5078. I look forward to speaking to each and every member before the
January meeting.


Allan Bartlett

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kevin Muldoon For South OC Community College District

I have a good friend who is running to replace Don Wagner on the South OC Community College District. His name is Kevin Muldoon. This one of the those down ballot races that don't get much notice, but nevertheless are very important. The seven elected trustees of this board control have control over an annual budget of over $450 million. It is important to elect individuals who will be stingy with tax dollars. Everyone has to make due with less in this current economic depression. Here is a link to Kevin's campaign site.

I have known Kevin for a number of years now and he will do a good job if elected to this position. His opponent, Thomas Prendergast is a teacher from Tustin that is beholden to the Teacher's Union. They would like nothing better to get a toe hold in this district to start creating all the problems of a district controlled by union thuggery.

Who is Thomas Prendergast? Well I did a little research and found out that Mr Prendergast has had a recent personal bankruptcy in 1999. This is a guy who wants a say in a $450 million dollar budget who didn't even have the self discipline to control his own finances. This is not someone that should be rewarded with a public trust. When asked for comment, his opponent Kevin Muldoon said, "As an attorney who practices bankruptcy law, I believe in the constitutional right to file for personal bankruptcy. I'll leave it up to the voters to decide how they feel about a candidate who has filed for bankruptcy." We'll all read between the lines here Kevin :)

Lastly, just a personal note on this race. One of Mr Muldoon's opponent endorsers in Tustin City Councilman Doug Davert...a true Republican In Name Only. I edged out Mr Davert for a seat on the OC GOP Central Committee back in 2008. After I heard that he endorsed the union backed candidate in this race, well, I wasn't surprised.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Allan Bartlett's Proposition Recommendations For November

I received my state issued voter information guide in the mail last week. So it's time to go over my recommendations on the proposed propositions. Most are pretty straight forward. Before I go into the why, here's the quick Cliff Notes version to take into the voting booth...

Prop 19.....YES
Prop 20.....YES
Prop 21.....NO
Prop 22.....NO
Prop 23.....HELL YES
Prop 24.....NO
Prop 25.....NO
Prop 26.....YES
Prop 27.....NO

Prop 19 would allow people 21 years or older to possess, cultivate, or transport marijuana for personal use. I was a little torn on this one because of all the new bureaucracies that this will set up. However that is offset by the fact that prohibition has never worked for drugs and will never work. Marijuana is easier for our children to obtain than alcohol. Why on earth we would keep the black market alive for this product is silly. This is also a bellwether freedom issue for me. So on balance, I am a YES on Prop 19.

Prop 20 would take the power of the state legislature away of drawing the congressional districts for reapportionment. This is a great idea. Our politicians should not be in the business of choosing their voters. A YES vote on Prop 20.

Prop 21. This one is so simple. If you think your taxes are too low in CA, vote yes on this one. If you think that the bureaucracy should make due with the current revenues that come in, then you should vote NO on Prop 21. This proposition will levy a new surcharge of $18 every time you send in your vehicle registration and then supposedly earmarks those dollars for our state parks. The whole reason we have a state budget is to fund things like the state parks with money that already comes in. The beast needs to be starved of money, not be given anymore. Vote NO on Prop 21.

Prop 22. This one is probably the hardest proposition to understand from a voters point of view. It sounds good that the proponents say this will stop the state raiding local jurisdictions of their tax revenue. What they don't tell you is that this proposition is a bonanza for redevelopment agencies that routinely take private property through dubious eminent domain power. Vote NO on Prop 22.

Prop 23. This one is a no brainer...unless you're Meg Whitman and the only advice you take is from your billionaire leftist Silicon Valley environmental extremists. Vote YES on Prop 23. It suspends the recently passed AB 32 unless and until the unemployment rate drops back to around 5.5%. The state is at around 15% to 20% right now depending on which stats you look at. You can see why the global warming alarmists are concerned. CA desperately needs to be more business friendly. AB 32 is a job killer and must be suspended. Vote YES on Prop 23.

Prop 24. Not gonna go into a long dissertation here. This prop would repeal a lot of recent tax breaks some CA businesses have received. Liberals love to say they are "closing tax loopholes", but all they are doing is making our state less competitive when it comes to retaining and growing business. Vote NO on Prop 24.

Prop 25. Ah the liberal Sacramento stealth prop to try and lower the burden to increase taxes. They never stop coming at us. This prop would change the threshold of passing a state budget to a majority vote instead of a 2/3 vote like it right now. Just vote NO on Prop 25.

Prop 26. This proposition will stop politicians from enacting hidden taxes. Liberals and a lot of local RINO GOP councilmen like to get around 2/3 voting requirements to raise taxes by calling their schemes "fees". This proposition will end hidden fees being raised. Vote YES on Prop 26.

Prop 27. This initiative would repeal the recently passed Prop that takes away the power of the CA state legislature to redraw Assembly and State Senate districts for reapportionment. I'll say it again. Politicians should not be able to choose their voters. Vote NO on Prop 27.

Monday, September 20, 2010

A Night That Will Live In Infamy

Last night at The OC GOP Central Committee is a night that will live in infamy. It was Black Monday and a high water mark for the local GOP ruling class that is on life support. You see, ever since they got crushed in the last Central Committee elections, they have been picking fights with Tea Party activists that have been criticizing the party leadership. The whole current Exec Comm lives in their own little bubble. They have no concept of what is happening out the country this year.

So back to last night. Lynn Schott was trying to win the party's endorsement for the Irvine City council race. She was vetted by the Endorsement Committee and passed by a 5 to 1 favorable vote. This brings us to what happened yesterday. Lynn spoke to the full committee, Tim Whitacre spoke for her, and I spoke for her. No one spoke against her endorsement. So the vote comes up and it was 31 to 16...one vote short of the endorsement. Every single member of the party's Exec Committee voted against her. All it took was for one brave Exec Comm member or ex-officio to stand up and do what's right for Irvine, but alas, all there was, was kool aid drinking going on. The edict came down from high up that this endorsement must be blocked because how dare we dissent from the party leadership the way the party has been run into the ground. I pin the blame on Congressman John Campbell. His representative could have ended all of this and supported reconsideration of the vote, but he would not come off his NO position. Therefore it can be said with clarity that our Congressman representing Irvine supports Larry Agran. It is really that simple.

I saw a bunch of happy faces up there on the Exec Comm that this endorsement was blocked. Adam Probolsky was practically giddy when I spoke to him. Thanks Adam. Stay classy.

Somewhere tonight, Larry Agran is smiling. He should send a thank you card to Congressman Campbell, Mark Bucher, Scott Baugh, Mary Young, Kermit Marsh, Jack Anderson, Marcia Gilchrist, Fred Whitaker, Ed Royce, John Williams, and Adam Probolsky. Thanks guys for giving us at least two more years of corrupt leadership here in Irvine. Hope that was worth it.

I can't wait for next year.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

OC GOP Endorsement Committee Update

For the last few nights, the OC GOP endorsement process has been in full swing for local "non partisan" races(as if there ever was such a thing as a non partisan race). The committee has been holding court vetting many different candidates for city councils, OC Treasurer, school boards, and water boards. Suffice to say that the new process that we have developed seems to be working out well, although there will always be room for improvements.

This term the endorsement committee members are Mark Bucher, Deborah Pauly, Bruce Whitaker, Craig Alexander, Kristine Alonzo, and Mary Young.

This new endorsement process has been hard for some members and candidates to accept. It gets uncomfortable sometimes pitting one Republican against another. I totally understand that, but we need to properly vet these candidates on their track record and their beliefs or else our party brand will not regain believability and credibility as it relates to our stated principles in the party platform. In some cases it pits long time friends & relationships against each other. I for one am for this new process. I believe it is fair and lets the committee really vet our candidates though the questionnaire and direct questioning on their views. I have already had some candidates that I wanted to see get endorsed get shot down. It is what it is.

So far we have had two rounds of early endorsements and two nights of endorsement committee meetings. Regarding early endorsements, each Central Committee member may pull any candidate up for early endorsement off the list and have a separate debate on them. It's happened three or four times each of the two nights. I happened to pull San Clemente City Councilman Joe Anderson off the list this past Monday night for a separate debate. Councilman Anderson had some votes that I wanted to discuss with him. I used a great local website called Liberty First to look through his voting record. H/T to Chris Emami who did a great job researching voting records of these elected officials on our city councils. A few votes really stood out to me. He voted to ban feeding pigeons on the pier, voted to ban walking your dog in public, and he had voted to raise fees on some things. Excuse me, but why can't I feed some damn pigeons and walk my dog when I get home from work? Who the hell does this guy think he is. Ridiculous. I wanted to publicly shame this elected official to let others know in the future that when you start voting against my simple liberties, there will be repercussions and you will not get our endorsement.

The last two nights of the actual endorsement committee meetings has been very interesting. There was a knock down drag out fight between Shari Fredinrich and Keith Rodenhuis for OC Treasurer. Shari won the 3 to 2 vote with one abstention(Mary Young). Shari was blocked of an endorsement by us before the June primary and will likely get blocked again at the full committee. Sup. Moorlach is really pushing hard for Shari. At one point last weekend at CRP I asked John why he was making such a hard push for her when he was the one that gave us Sheriff Hutchens. I got the evil stare after that exchange. I believe Keith is going to win and he is going to do a great job and I support him.

The other big contentious debate was for Orange Mayor. This pitted two friends, Carolyn Cavecche and Jon Dimitru against one another. The first words out of Carolyn's mouth were that she was sorry for her pension spiking votes and later more apologies for supporting local Democrats Jordan Brandman and Tita Smith. I spoke in favor of Jon Dimitru and also pointed out to Carolyn that "it is real easy to come before this body and apologize for bad votes when you're hoping to get our party's coveted endorsement, but I guess it has been hard for you to do the right thing when no one is watching". With that, the committee voted for Jon 4 to 2. I think he has a great chance to get the full endorsement in a few weeks.

The last thing I wanna talk about is what happened Tuesday night regarding Irvine City Council candidate Lynn Schott. There is a lot of back story to this, so I will to run through what happened last night with a measured tone because I am extremely irritated at what happened. First I want to say that Lynn is a good candidate and she is a fighter. She and Jeff Lalloway are exactly what's needed here in Irvine. I spoke in favor of Lynn's endorsement as well as newly minted 70th District GOP nominee Don Wagner. So she is sailing right along until Mark Bucher and Mary Young got their chance to question her. They proceeded to grill Lynn on what happened at the past January Central Committee meeting...also known as the night Scott Baugh gave his big speech. A lot of Tea Party types had rented a room next door to the meeting because they were very mad at the leadership of the party establishment, which BTW is a very legitimate concern and political position to hold. The room was filled with pictures and caricatures of some of these leaders as well as holding a mini town hall type of event to let people angry with the local Republican Party get an earful. So back to the meeting....Mark and Mary(both on the current Exec Comm) were obviously trying to extract a pound of flesh out of Lynn because she along with I was in this meeting listening to all these fine patriots and their concerns about the direction of the party. So instead of vetting Lynn's qualifications for the GOP endorsement, they turned their questioning into a personal attack and inquisition on why Lynn attended this meeting. Excuse me guys, can we talk about beating Larry Agran? WTF! Get your personal agendas outta here. You're obviously bitter because of the almost 40% turnover in the last Central Committee elections. You wanna know why this happened? Just look at your behavior Tuesday night. That's why you lost big because people were fed up with the direction of the party and voted for a massive change in the makeup of the overall committee. In the end though we had the last laugh as Mark Bucher just made a complete idiot out of himself and Lynn held her composure well. The other members of the committee saw through his bullshit personal agenda and voted to endorse Lynn 5 to 1. I hope to god Mark trys to make an issue at the next regular Central Committee meeting so he can be exposed for all to see.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Clarifications From Chairman Baugh Regarding Early Endorsements

I just received this email from Chairman Baugh. In it, he clarifies the situation regarding candidates receiving early endorsement consideration.

Dear Central Committee Members,

There have been several questions about our new endorsements process that I would like to clarify. First, the endorsement notice that I sent out yesterday is permitted by the rules. When our office receives an application for an endorsement, the By-Laws permit me to send the application to the endorsements committee or to the full committee. If I refer it to the full committee, I am required to provide seven days notice.

As you know, the endorsement night at the September meeting will be a fairly long meeting. Thus, in order to take some pressure off of that evening, I chose to refer several endorsements to the full committee for the August meeting. In order to take the mystery out of why somebody is on the list or not I want to share with you my thoughts.

First, did the candidate have the endorsement application submitted to me or Lauryn? Without the application, there is nothing to process. Assuming the application is covered, I then look to whether the committee knows the candidate, whether candidate is unopposed, whether the committee knows the other candidates if the applicant is opposed, along with applicants general philosophy, including the applicants view on public employee unions – among many other issues. Frankly, one of the “other” very practical issues is whether I believe the endorsement will be controversial and distracting without a sub-committee hearing. I do not want the August committee meeting to get bogged down with a debate to due inadequate vetting.

If you do not know the candidate that I have submitted for endorsement consideration, you can set an appointment with Lauryn and go over their application. You can also feel free to talk to them. I’m certain they will want to talk to you as you hold a key vote for them. Remember, each applicant still needs to get a 2/3 vote from the full committee.

If you know a candidate that wants to be considered for an endorsement, you should encourage them to file the application. The deadline is August 16. After I receive all of the new applications, I will consider noticing another special meeting of the full Central Committee in late August. Again, the purpose here is simply to take pressure off of what I expect will be a considerably lengthy September meeting. All other applications that do not get sent to the full body directly will be forwarded to the Endorsement Committee. There is no prejudice to an applicant for going through the Endorsement Committee. In fact, many applicants are better off going through the Endorsements Committee because a proper vetting and recommendation from that committee will help the applicant get the endorsement in the long run.

I recognize that getting the endorsement of the OCGOP is coveted, and the earlier the better for the candidates. However, the close of filing of August 6 (or later in some cases) presents a very tight calendar for us. Therefore, we are making every effort to process the applications quickly and fairly. The first order of business is to submit your application.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Early Endorsement List

I just received an email from our chairman Scott Baugh regarding early endorsement candidates for the OC GOP Central Committee to consider. For the most part, these candidates don't have other GOP competition, may be incumbents who have a good track record, and lastly have taken the no union contribution pledge as well as the no tax or fee increase pledge. I will be looking forward to viewing their questionnaires that they all had to fill out and considering these candidates in due course. The list of names are as follows....

Tom Tait - Anaheim, Mayor

Deb Pauly - Villa Park, Council

Jeff Lalloway - Irvine, Council

James Righeimer- Costa Mesa, Council

Baron Night - Buena Park, Council

Ed Reno - Newport Beach, Council

Leslie Daigle - Newport Beach, Council

Fred Whitaker - Orange, Council

Denis Bilodeau - Orange, Council

Kevin Muldoon - South Orange County Community College District, Trustee Area 2

Sandra Crandall - Fountain Valley Elementary School District, Trustee

Anna Bryson - Capistrano Unified School District, Trustee Area 4

Larry Christensen - Capistrano Unified School District, Trustee Area 7

Phillip Yarbrough- Rancho Community College District, Trustee 2

Mark McCurdy - Fountain Valley, Council

John Collins- Fountain Valley, Council

Guy Garrozzo - Fountain Valley, Council

If any one has any issue with this list, they should get in touch with myself or their Central Committee representatives from their district. I know most of the candidates on this list and for the most part have no problems with it, but I would like feedback from people if they have any problems with these candidates as it relates to how they have governed or their political philosophy.

I also should note that these candidates will be taken up at next Monday's Central Committee meeting at the Irvine Hyatt at 7pm. The Chairman needed to give seven days notice to members per our Bylaws to consider early endorsements. All other contested endorsements will go through our Endorsements Committee and be voted on at the September Central committee meeting.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Facebook Follies

I couldn't resist posting this over here at Powder Blue. It's a window into the mind of one Matt Cunningham and all his rationalizations why it's not hypocritical of him to get paid six figures from a big government bureaucracy and have credibility as the editor of Red County. Enjoy

Allan Bartlett: Why does Hugh Hewitt need Matt Cunningham ghost writing for him on the taxpayers dime? This is just shameful. Just remember this when you read Matt talking about "less/smaller government" at Red County.

OC Weekly article

What happens when a hack writes for a hack? Thousands of computer screens groan in digital agony under the dead...

Donna Delano: They worship at the altar of ego, greed and power

Matthew Cunningham: Oh yes, that's exactly it Donna. You're powers of observation are just astounding.

Matthew Cunningham: And Allan, we'll remember your blind devotion to Bill Hunt, defender of union prerogatives, next time you are yammering about the danger of public employee unions.

You got booted from Red County. It's about time you got over it.

Allan Bartlett: Memo to you Matt, as long as you're still the editor of RC and a hired cheerleader for that ultra liberal bureaucracy that pays you, the local OC version of RC will continue to lose credibility. Why on earth would I want to still be associated with that taint.

Donna Delano: Matt, it is spelled your, NOT you're .

Matthew Cunningham: Yeah, thanks, Donna. But my typo doesn't make your opinion any less inane.

Matthew Cunningham: Allan, you need to retire this heroic martyr myth you've erected around your departure from red County. You had no problem being associated with "that taint" when you knew I about my work with the Children and Families Commission of Orange County. Remember, you didn't quit Red County -- you were booted. And not for any of the bogus reasons you have claimed.

Furthermore, the Commission is not an "ultra liberal bureaucracy" but you would rather lean on the crutch of ignorant catchphrases than be bothered to acquaint yourself with the facts.

The most laughable aspect of your manufactured outrage is none of it has anything to do with principle. The truth is that if I had supported Shawn Nelson for Supervisor, neither you nor your creepy pusillanimous friends would give a hoot about it.

Allan Bartlett: So many lies in your last comment Matt, but hey you keep living in your own little world.

Matthew Cunningham: No lies, Allan. Not a one, Alllan. But all you have is blather.

John Gibson: Say it aint so.

John Seiler: Matt should return all the money he took from us taxpayers.

Brandon Powers: Allan, seriously. You need to knock off this nonsensical crusade. Matt has done more and been involved longer in advancing the conservative cause than you and I combined.

Last I checked, there were actually a few Democrats and actual pressing issues facing the County that could use our collective attention more than silly games of "gotcha."

This sniping back and forth among friends is just tired and lame. For the sake of all of us, move on. Please.

Allan Bartlett: Actually Brandon this a good debate worth having. Some of us are trying to bring back credibility and believability to a party that sorely needs it. It doesn't help when the editor of the longest running "center right" blog here in OC just reeks of hypocrisy. That's the issue.

Donna Delano: Seriously, Matthew; why the impotent attempt at bullying and intimidating such an inane person as myself? Threatening Allan or any other voter over whom they supported? Exactly which moron at your secret squirrel club put you in charge of who we are allowed to support? Oh, and nonsensical crusades? Since when is fighting for what is right (as NON PAID, at [Taxpayer expense] volunteers) nonsensical? The old saying is true that one cannot argue with an idiot.

Matthew Cunningham: “Debate... See More”? Don’t make me laugh, Allan. The future of the GOP somehow hinges on one client I do work for?

And for “saving” the party’s credibility we should look to you and the selective application of your ever-morphing principles? The same guy whose disdain for public employee spending for Harry Sidhu was nowhere to be found when it came to the big bucks AOCDS’s laid out for Bill Hunt?

This has nothing to do with philosophy or principle, Allan. You turn a blind eye when it suits your purposes. This is all about you and some other petty characters have a weird personal beef with me and this is an excuse to take cheap shots.

Matthew Cunningham: "Seriously, Matthew; why the impotent attempt at bullying and intimidating such an inane person as myself?"

Huh? I'm the bad guy, Donna? You don't know me. You don't know Hugh Hewitt. Yet you chime in with this heavy-handed judgment about what you think motivates us?

How about this: toss aside the straw man arguments, use a little logic and some facts, then get back to me.

Allan Bartlett: No Matthew, I am not the one getting paid six figures by a big government bureaucracy and then pretending I am the conservative authority on all things Republican in OC. You love trying to change the subject, but it won't work. So as long as you keep running up the tab on the taxpayers by helping great conservatives like Delaine Eastin and Rob Reiner, the mockings will continue.

Dan Chmielewski: I love it when conservatives fight! Makes it easier to turn the county blue. But Allan, since I couldn't tell you how you spend your day handling the investment work for your clients, I do have an idea of how a PR/PA firm works and top firms do even better than Matt's hourly rate. His estimate of hours spent on the activities done is in line with industry standards.

Matthew Cunningham: Dan, Allan finds it easier to engage in "more conservative than thou" posturing than, say, going after Democrats (which is what Central Committee members are supposed to do). And he can't even get simple facts straight (not that he cares).

Allan Bartlett: Dan, I don't care what people do for a living. If Matt wants to work for the Children & Families Commission, it's a free country. My main beef with him is that he is also the lead editor for Red County which up until recently, was a very credible center right blog that influenced a lot of Republicans.

It would be like you working for(insert your most hated Republican group or organization) and also being the lead editor/opinion writer at Liberal OC. What do you think your loyal readers and most rank & file dems think of that arrangement?

Friday, June 04, 2010

Coach Wooden Gravely Ill

The news is not good from Westwood today. Legendary UCLA Basketball coach John Wooden is at UCLA's Ronald Reagan hospital in "grave condition", but resting comfortably. I don't have enough words to express my awe of this man. Not only was he the best coach in the world bar none, he is also a great human being. I've learned so much about leadership from reading his books and studying his life. For now, coach is still with us. Take a moment to say a prayer tonight for he and his family if you could.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Allan Bartlett's GOP Liberty June 8th primary Voting Guide

The absentee ballots have been mailed out. People have been asking me about my voting guide for the upcoming GOP primary on June 8th so I figured I would whip up a quick post with all my recommendations and reasons behind them. I'll start at the top of the ticket and work my way down as it reads on the ballot.

Governor...Steve Poizner

This may turn out to be the finest rope-a-dope campaign ever run by a gov candidate. A few months ago Poizner appeared to be dead in the water. Now he's tied with Arnold in a skirt Meg Whitman. My heart lies with Larry Naritelli and Chelene Nightingale, but since this race is close, I will be voting for Steve Poizner.

Lt Gov....Sam Aanestad

This is a no brainer. Abel Maldonado should not be rewarded for being the main reason that taxes are higher CA during the last budget cycle. Vote for Sam Aanestad.

Secretary of State....Damon Dunn

This pick got harder for me in the last month because I was actually had a chance to hear Orly Taitz at our last Irvine meeting and she has a great story of how she immigrated over here from Russia. Unfortunately she has not been helping herself in the media with her over the top stands on Obama's birth certificate and a few other issues where she basically has taken herself out of contention because of the way she has come across to voters. So I'm sticking with Damon Dunn here.

Controller....Tony Strickland

I'm not impressed with Tony's endorsements the last few years, but he is my choice for Controller here.

Treasurer....Mimi Walters

It's either this or leave it blank. I have not been impressed at all with Mimi Walters. The way she handled the firing of my friend Kat Vermelis tells me all I need to know about Mimi Walters and her staff. I'm reluctantly voting for her.

Attorney General....John Eastman

This is a really hard decision because Sen Tom Harman has been a good friend to Irvine Republicans and I really like everyone on his staff. Having said this, elections are about candidates and their views. John Eastman is far and away the best conservative choice for CA Attorney General.

Insurance Commissioner...Brian Fitzgerald

The other candidate Mike Villines was the GOP leader in the State Assembly that helped deliver the largest tax increase in CA history. Don't reward him with your vote here.

BOE 3rd District....Vic Baker or leave blank

I can't in good conscience support Michelle Steel anymore after what she did to Irvine Republicans. She has been giving aid and comfort to our Democratic Mayor Suhkee Kang because they share the same race, they're both Korean. Last time I checked, that's not a very good reason to support anybody, especially if they are idealogically against most everything that you say you are for.

US Senator....Chuck DeVore

This is another no brainer. Chuck gets it. He understands that in the Constitution, there are less than 18 specific enumerated powers delegated to the Congress. He will be a great US Senator and he can beat Barbara Boxer in the fall.

US Rep 48th Congressional District....leave blank, no recommendation

This decision pains me, but really we as voters are left with no other choice when the Congressman that represents us turns his back on the document he swore an oath to uphold. He can not be rewarded for doing the wrong things when the pressure was really on him. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the Congressman's vote in favor of the largest bailout in US history(the TARP).

As for the other OC Congressional races, I would vote to re-elect Congressmen Ed Royce and Dana Rohrabacher. In the 42nd CD, I would vote for Phil Liberatore. Gary Miller also voted for the TARP and he has some ethical issues swirling around him. He deserves to be sent home. The same goes for Ken Calvert. He voted for the TARP as well and has worn out his welcome. Vote for his opponent Chriss Riggs if you live in his district(San Clemente, Coto de Caza, Corona, Riverside). In the 47th CD, this is a no brainer choice in the GOP primary. Vote for Van Tran. Van has a great shot at beating Loretta Sanchez in the fall.

70th State Assembly District....Don Wagner

This was another easy decision for me. Don is a proven conservative. He will continue the excellent representation that Chuck DeVore has given us for the last six years.

The next section is Central Committee elections. I will go through my recommendations for each district. I've been working with a lot of Tea Party people for the last year on this project. I have high hopes that a lot of new people will get elected to our OC GOP Central Committee. I designated whether I knew that certain candidates were Tea Party, Campaign For Liberty, and CRA friendly. Inc stands for incumbent.

56th AD

Only four candidates filed and they are automatically elected. If anyone wants to be on the Central Committee and you live in the city of Buena Park, this would be an excellent chance to get involved since usually not all six seats get contested each cycle.

60th AD (all or parts of Orange, Villa Park, Anaheim, La Habra & Yorba Linda)

Denis Bilodeau
Desare Ferraro.....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Mike Johnson....(CRA friendly)
Ray Grangoff....(CRA friendly)
Carol Gibbs(Inc).....(Tea Party,C4L, CRA friendly)
Deborah Pauly(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)

It's good to see some young guys running for the Central Committee here in the 60th. Mike Johnson and Ray Grangoff will make great members.

67th AD (all or parts of Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, Seal Beach, Anaheim, Rossmoor, Fountain Valley, Cypress, Garden Grove, Los Alamitos & La Palma)

Steve Hamilton......(Tea Party, C4L friendly)
Kristine Alonzo(Inc)....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Valerie Dickerson(Inc)....(CRA friendly)
Matthew Harper....(CRA friendly)
Mike McGill(Inc)....(Tea party, CRA friendly)
Scott Baugh(Inc)....(CRA friendly)

Steve Hamilton and Krissy Alonzo are at the top of my list here in the 67th AD.

68th AD (all or parts of Costa Mesa, Westminster, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, Stanton, Midway City, & Garden Grove)

Jeff Matthews....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Mark McCurdy(Inc)....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Tyler Diep(Inc).....(CRA friendly)
Bob Green....(Tea Party, C4L friendly)

Whatever you do...please do NOT vote for Janet Nguyen here if you live in Costa Mesa, Westminster, Fountain Valley, & Garden Grove. The Central Committee already has enough primadonnas on it. I'm only recommending four people in this race.

69th AD (all or parts of Santa Ana, Garden Grove & Anaheim)

Tim Whitacre(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Scott Carpenter....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Brett Franklin(Inc)....(CRA friendly)
Lupe Moreno(Inc)....(CRA friendly)
Cam Mangels....(Tea Party, C4L friendly)
Cuong Sinh Cao(Inc)....(CRA friendly)

Again, please do NOT vote for Harry Sidhu the carpetbagger here. He needs to lose this and the Supervisor's race and go back to the 3rd District in Anaheim Hills.

70th AD (all or parts of Irvine, Newport Beach, Tustin, Corona Del Mar, Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach & Laguna Woods)

Allan Bartlett(Inc)....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Megan Barth....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
John Draper....(Tea Party, C4L friendly)
Scott Voights....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Tom Fuentes(Inc)....Chairman Emeritus and a good friend (CRA friendly)
Carol Price or Lynn Schott....(Tea Party, C4L friendly)

Many good friends running in this district. If you vote for one person, obviously please vote for me. There's more than six people I would support in this race. There's a few incumbents with whom I enjoy good rapport. No one on the committee is indispensable and it would be nice to get some new people elected.

71st AD (all or parts of Rancho Santa Margarita, Tustin, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Orange, Trabucco & Coto)

Linda Barnes....(Tea Party friendly)
Mark Dobrilovic....(Tea Party, C4L friendly)
Tony Beall(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Jon Fleischman....(CRA, C4L friendly)
Ed Sachs....(Tea Party friendly)
David Duringer....(Tea Party friendly)

This district has a strong Tea Party candidate movement in it. It's great to see. I hope this entire slate gets elected.

72nd AD (all or parts of Fullerton, Brea, Placentia, Anaheim & La Habra)

Bruce Whitaker(Inc)....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Shawn Nelson....(Tea Party friendly)
Zonya Townsend(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Rick Rios(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Marilyn Davenport(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Micheal Nutto....(CRA friendly)

73rd AD (all or parts of Dana Point, Laguna Hills, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Niguel & San Clemente)

Craig Alexander(Inc)....(CRA friendly)
Mike Munzing....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Chandra Chell....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Catherine Richardson....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Norm Dickinson(Inc)....a good guy, straight shooter

I didn't endorse for all six spots here, but this is a good slate. Mike Munzing is a rising star in this district.

Superior Court Office #50....Julian Bailey

Mr Bailey's opponent here, Lon Hurwitz has donated to a laundry list of national liberal Democrats.

Superintendent of Public Instruction.....Alexia Deligianni

County Assessor......Claude Parrish

Clerk Recorder....Hugh Nguyen

Please do not vote for the incumbent, Tom Daly. Hugh Nguyen is a great candidate.

District Attorney......Tony Rackauckas

Public Administrator.....John Williams

The BIG ONE....OC Sheriff......BILL HUNT

I've written extensively about this race. Just mark the spot for Bill Hunt and watch the establishment scramble like cockroaches. This is the most important race IMO in this June election.

Treasurer....Keith Rodenhuis


Prop 13...YES
Prop 14....NO
Prop 15....NO
Prop 16.....YES
Prop 17....YES


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Clerk/Recorder Watch: Another Epic Tom Daly FAIL!

Another day, another Tom Daly epic fail.  At the rate Daly is going, he might not file for re-election.  Quick someone call Harry Sidhu and let him know that there are two new potential political openings for him to salivate over....Clerk & Treasurer. 

A few years ago Daly persuaded the BOS that he needed more archive space/ and or general space to ever expand the imperial government empire known as the Clerk Recorder.  Once again we have to give major props to Friends For Fullerton's Future blog for doing the digging via public records request and blowing the lid off of Tom Daly's epic incompetence and malfeasance.

Back in 2008, a building was purchased for $2.1 million in downtown Santa Ana(433 W. Civic Center Drive) to expand the Clerk's office/archives and for other purposes.  The building was purchased "as is" with a caveat that the county "would pay for minor repairs".  But nothing is ever minor when it comes to Tom Daly's incompetence.  Two years after the purchase, the building is still sitting vacant collecting dust.  It seems that a feasibility study was done(at a cost of $100k)and the options to get the building ready for occupancy are....to put it mildly, very expensive.

Here are the three options the architectural firm came up for the building.....ready for this?

1. $2.8 million to remodel the building to make it usable; ADA, structural, electrical, mechanical, plumbing, roofing, replacement, etc.

2. $5.7 million to remodel as above, and expand the building to accommodate the proposed use.

3. $7.6 million to demolish the building and start over again.

Did you guys get that?  At the very minimum, this boondoggle is gonna cost $2.8 million more just to make the building usable again!  If they go with the middle option, it will cost $5.7 million for the proposed use.  Are you pulling your hair out yet?  Lastly we have the nuclear option....junk the whole thing and start over from scratch....at a whopping cost of $7.6 million!

If they wanted to make a video of "Government Gone Wild", you couldn't pick a better topic than Tom Daly.  Thanks for nothing Tom.


Friday, March 05, 2010

47th CD Watch: Breaking News.....Quang Pham Suspends His Campaign

I just spoke personally with my good friend Quang Pham.  He has decided to suspend his congressional campaign.  I know this was a hard decision for Quang to make, but it was the right decision.  He has decided that he will step aside for the good of the GOP team this November.  I salute him for this.  Here is his press release....

Quang Pham Suspends Congressional Campaign

For Immediate Release                                              

March 5, 2010                                                            

Contact: (714) 653-1140 or media@PhamForCongress.com


GARDEN GROVE, Calif. – Quang Pham, fiscal conservative and Republican candidate for California’s 47th Congressional District, said today that he will no longer seek the nomination. The filing deadline to appear on the ballot is March 12.

        “Winning a seat in Congress requires full commitment of time and money,” said Quang Pham. “Yet my business and my employees now need all of my focus.  In addition, the dynamics of the race have changed significantly.” 

         Several senior Republican leaders praised Quang’s candidacy and his political future.  “Quang’s energy, passion and intelligence are impressive. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) just enrolled him in our Young Guns Program. Perhaps more importantly, Quang is the consummate team player, and his future in Republican politics is bright,” Congressman Kevin McCarthy, chief deputy whip and head of recruitment for the NRCC, said.

           As a business owner and Marine Corps combat veteran, Quang Pham thoroughly impressed many of us in the New Majority,” Tom McKernan, Chairman of New Majority Orange County added. “We admire his desire for unity and his commitment to the long term success of Republican values.  We are encouraging him to stay active with the Republican Party.”

          “According to recent polling, Quang Pham would have been competitive in the primary election,” Congressman Ed Royce said.  “But he realizes that the ultimate goal is to defeat Loretta Sanchez and that a bitter primary fight would leave the winner with fewer resources to accomplish our mission.”

            Scott Baugh, Chairman of the Orange County Republican Party, added, “I applaud Quang Pham and I respect and support his difficult decision.  We welcome his participation with open arms.”

 Finally, Quang Pham recapped, “While campaigning, I have met many wonderful people locally and nationally.  I especially thank General William Lyon, a leader among leaders, Congressman Duncan D. Hunter, Rod McDermott, Bill H. Lyon, Doug Hamlin, Tom Davin, Carol Rudat, Jeff Stack, Bob Longpre, Marsh Carter, Marjie Shahani, Jim Harker, Bob Mosier, Ron Martell, and Mike McGill.  Thanks to my campaign consultant, Joe Giardiello, campaign manager Nathan Miller, fundraiser Alexandra Wilcox, and to Nick Lecong for his help with the Vietnamese American community and media.

 I thank members of the media, activists, and bloggers who have covered this race since last May and who have shown an interest in learning about me, a first-time candidate.  Continue to hold elected officials and candidates accountable to taxpayers and voters.

 Most of all, I thank my wife, Shannon, my mother, my sisters, and my personal friends who have encouraged me and supported me.”

A resident of Orange County since 1990, Quang Pham is an independent businessowner, decorated Marine Corps combat pilot, author of A SENSE OF DUTY: OUR JOURNEY FROM VIETNAM TO AMERICA, and community leader who was a candidate for Congress in California’s 47th District.  For more information, please visit www.PhamForCongress.com.


Thursday, March 04, 2010

We Have A Mike Duvall Sighting....

The guys over at Friends For Fullerton's Future have posted up a great "get" with the first interview of Mike "Drippy" Duvall since his resignation in disgrace last year.  I don't know what Mike's motivation is for coming out and spilling the beans at this moment, but I'm glad he did.  We all like to watch a good train wreck and this definitely fits the description. 

According to Mike, he believes it was a conspiracy to take him down.  Quoting from FFFF....

Although he can not fully explain their motives, Duvall stated that he believe the likeliest scenario is that he was set up by a conspiracy involving Jeff Miller, the assemblyman from Corona, and his aide.  He believes the whole thing was either orchestrated or exploited by Republican operative Jon Fleischman, likely in retaliation for the forced resignation of Fleischman’s wife, a former employee in Duvall’s local office. He claimed that Fleischman had become extremely hostile to him personally.

According to Duvall the “hot mike” on the day his comments were recorded was Miller’s, not his; that in retrospect Miller seemed to coach the conversation into its lewd direction; and that Millers aide almost immediately went to retrieve a copy of the recording. Duvall stuck to his story that his comments were not a true revelation of anything that actually happened, and in fact he was just repeating stuff told to him about another legislator altogether.

Really Mike?  If you didn't "do" the lobbyist, then why did you circle the wagons and then resign?  I mean I have to say, you really aren't believable at all here.  I'm questioning why you would even want to open up this scab at this time. 

I have heard through the grapevine that there is a lot more to this story than meets the eye.  For now though, Mike says he is the victim

Lastly, I don't if I should be thanking Mike for the reference to "eye patch underwear", but it sure was funny.  Anytime I hear that phrase I will always know where it came from.

Congrats again to the FFFF blog for scoring this interview.



Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Deal Me In For Online Poker In The US

There is an effort underway in Congress to end the ban for online Poker here in the US and regulate it.  I say that it's about damn time.  There's no way that in a free country, that online Poker should be banned. 

For a little history on this issue, back in 2006, the Congress passed the Safe Port Act. A provision of the Safe Port Act was the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act. The UIGEA, as it is more commonly known, made it illegal for financial institutions to process gambling payments, whether it is to a gambling site or to the player.

The UIGEA was meant to go into effect in December of 2009, but a legislative war had erupted nearly six months prior. Barney Frank (D-MA) had begun the fight to overturn the UIGEA. After gathering 65 cosponsors to his bill, the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection, and Enforcement Act, Frank managed to delay the UIGEA by six months.

So we are getting closer to the June 1st deadline for this act to go into effect.  The purpose of this post is to raise awareness of this issue for everyone that loves freedom and doesn't like the government telling them what they can and cannot do in private with their own money as long as they are not hurting anyone else.  I'm sorry to say that there are a lot elected republicans that have this vicious authoritian streakin them that want to try and run everyone's lives. 

I hope our CA GOP Congressmen and women will get behind this effort to regulate online Poker and keet it safe and legal here in the US. 

Lastly I will post a press release I received from the Poker's Players Alliance...



the State of Play of Online Poker

  Within the next 6 weeks, Members of the House Financial Services committee will be taking a key vote on legislation related to internet gaming, which includes protections for online poker.  Major developments over the last month have created a winning hand for the game of poker.   

In November…the Federal Reserve and Department of Treasury extended the deadline for enforcement of online gambling laws until May 1, 2010.  This extension was granted in order to give lawmakers and financial institutions more time to clarify definitions contained in UIGEA, as well as develop policies and procedures to ensure compliance with the law.   

In December…House Financial Services Chairman Barney Frank (D-Mass.) held a hearing on his legislation to license and regulate online gambling, which will clarify that games of skill like poker (that are already legal offline) are protected under the law.  More congressional action is expected shortly in order to accommodate the time frame granted by the Fed and Treasury, and now is a vital time to ensure Members of Congress are educated on the state of poker and how this legislation will impact the right of all American’s to play online. 

Key Points on Financial Services Legislation 

Enforcing the Law to Protect Consumers - Millions of U.S. consumers currently play poker online through offshore sites, outside of American oversight and thus offering no consumer protections.  A recent study conducted by Harvard professor and former law enforcement officer Malcolm Sparrow concludes that a prohibition on online gambling would only serve to push online gambling underground and away from any law enforcement protections.  Simply turning a blind eye to protecting American consumers, especially children and problem gamblers, is not a solution. 

Increasing Tax Revenue and Economic Benefits - Attempting to prohibit online gambling sites is an impossible task, with sites popping up off shore and away from American law enforcement.  These sites bring with them a considerable amount of jobs that are leaving the U.S. to countries with more refined gambling laws.  Additionally, more than $50 billion of tax revenue is being left on the table or sent to other countries – funding that could be used to pay for health care, schools, and community interests.   

Protecting Internet Freedom - Through licensing and regulation, the rights of individuals to play poker at a time and place of their choosing can be protected, all while keeping those who don’t have that right – namely children and problem gamblers – off these sites.  As the Harvard study specifically states, technologies that are currently available and are being used in other countries can reduce the risks associated with underage and problem gamblers, money laundering, fraud, privacy and security. 



Monday, March 01, 2010

Pay To Play 101....A Lesson From Tom Daly

When the going gets tough at county hall, the tough create a pay for play scheme for a phantom sports hall of fame.....so say the guys over at Friends For Fullerton Future. 

This one looks like a classic case of political corruption.  The protagonists of this story are former 4th District Supe candidate and current OC Clerk/Recorder Tom Daly and OC Water Board member/political consultant Brett Barbre.  Just to show that political corruption has no partisan bounds....Tom Daly is a Democrat and Mr Barbre is a Republican. 

I will lay out the Cliff Notes version of this story and leave the details to guys over at FFFF.  

- Tom Daly hires and pays Mr Barbre $48k in 2008/09 for consulting work on a "sports hall of fame".

- from public records requests it is proven that there is hardly anything of value to show to us taxpayers of what this $48k bought.

- this money was paid out in a time of a huge budget crisis & massive layoffs of county workers

- Tom Daly gets to add a high profile Republican to his list of supporters and reaped campaign contributions from Mr Barbre to the tune of $1000....how about that.  What a great return on your investment if you're Brett Barbre. He receives $48k and only has to pay out a $1000 bribe contribution.

- I myself noted Brett escorting Daly's hand picked successor at the time, Renee Ramirez, around at a recent Central Committee meeting.

All this begs the question from us working stiffs out here trying to earn an honest living...does this arrangement seem dishonest & corrupt to the average person out there?