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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

More Irvine City Council Antics By Larry Agran Inc.

It was another night of Orwellian television for me last night as I settled in watching the Irvine City Council meeting. The meeting start at around 4:30pm with all kinds of proclamations, awards, and recognition. If there is something controversial on the council agenda, it is almost always saved for the final agenda item. Last night did not break precedent. The council finally got to the last item at about 10pm. They didn't start public comments until around 10:30pm. The new "ethics" ordinance that is being proposed basically wants to stop legal activity(lobbying) if you happen to be a council member. It is transparently aimed at Christine Shea and her assistant Anthony Kuo. It's hilarious to hear Larry, Beth, & Sukkee rant about ethics. When you listen to Larry prattle on about ethics, it's like listening to an alcoholic lecture you on the dangers of drinking. This is a man with basically no ethics at all. He runs the city of Irvine with an iron fist. They ended up tabling the ordinance to a later date, but I have no allusions that it will fail.


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