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Friday, September 30, 2005

Welcome To Orange County DC GOPers

That sure was nice of John Campbell to fly all of you guys out here for a little GOTV effort. Make sure to let all the voters know that John voted to give illegal aliens tuition benefits and matricular consular cards for valid IDs and see what their reaction is. You'll probably get a polite no thank you or the door slammed in your face. Well I guess it doesn't matter because the Gilchrist team has every precinct covered with walkers and we will be letting all the good people know the facts about John Campbell's voting record. So enjoy Orange County for the next couple of days and tell President Bush not to give amnesty to illegal aliens when you back to DC.

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Darrell Issa Is Losing It

Darrell Issa is a good Congressman. I give him major props for helping to get gumby recalled, but having said that, I think he is starting to lose it in regards to this race here in the 48th CD. Here is an article from the National Journal today about Darrell wanting Republicans to kick Tom Tancredo out of the party for endorsing Jim Gilchrist. Tread very carefully here Darrell. John Kobylt is going to go Chernobal on you if your not careful. Look what happened to that train wreck townhall last year with Asa Hutchinson. You should be more concerned about stopping the flow of illegals than trying to boot great Americans out of the party. Here's the article:

Mark Wegner
© National Journal Group, Inc.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said he would urge that Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., be thrown out of the Republican Party if he continues backing a third-party candidate in the special election for California's 48th District.

"I would ask the state of Colorado to strip him of his party membership," Issa said in an interview.

Tancredo has endorsed and appeared in a cable television ad for American Independent Party candidate Jim Gilchrist, who is running in the Oct. 4 open primary to replace former Rep. Christopher Cox, R-Calif., who is now SEC chairman.

Issa said Tancredo, a vocal immigration critic, could have chosen to endorse any one of 10 Republicans in the race.

Gilchrist, an anti-immigration activist, is the founder of the Minuteman Project, which monitors the U.S.-Mexico border for illegal immigrants.

"Gilchrist is a single-issue candidate with no chance of winning," Issa said.

Issa confirmed he publicly raised his objections to Tancredo's endorsement in the weekly House Republican Conference meeting Wednesday. He distributed a flyer about Tancredo's endorsement and a story that appeared Tuesday in CongressDailyPM.

Tancredo defended himself at the Conference meeting by noting Republicans had embraced Virginia Rep. Virgil Goode, a former Democrat who remained an independent before eventually running as a Republican.

A Tancredo spokesman said Tancredo is a "lifelong Republican" who has won repeated elections in Colorado, and said it was "silly" for Issa to issue threats about revoking his party membership.

The spokesman noted Gilchrist wanted to run as a Republican, but state law would not allow him to change his party affiliation to the GOP in time for the special election. Gilchrist sent a letter Monday to House Speaker Hastert offering to caucus with Republicans if he is elected.

"He is going to caucus with Republicans and he is for all intents and purposes a Republican," the Tancredo spokesman said.

The spokesman added Tancredo has not committed to supporting Gilchrist in any runoff.

"I think that is an open question. We haven't made any decision right now," he said.

Republican state Sen. John Campbell is considered the frontrunner in next week's open primary, but he must win over 50 percent of the vote to avoid a Dec. 6 runoff.

Campbell, who faces significant GOP opposition from former state Assemblywoman Marilyn Brewer, would advance to the runoff if he captures more votes than any other GOP candidate.

Issa has endorsed Campbell and said he is confident Campbell will eventually be elected to Congress

"He is so far ahead. There's really only a question about whether he gets 51 percent or not," Issa said.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ethics Committee Finds Marilyn Brewer Guilty of Deliberately Deceiving Voters

That is the title of a press release by the Campbell team tonight. Here is the body of the release:

(Irvine, CA) The Ethics Committee of the Orange County Republican Party, meeting this evening, has found Marilyn Brewer guilty of lying about opponent John Campbell in an attempt to deceive voters.

Marilyn Brewer has been officially censured by the Ethics Committee. This is the second time Brewer has been found guilty by the Ethics Committee. The first was in her first campaign for State Assembly in 1994.

The Ethics Committee found Brewer guilty of “a deliberate effort to deceive and mislead voters.” The committee found that Brewer “continued a pattern of actions not consistent with Republican values and principals.”

The Campbell campaign had informed the committee of four specific instances of Brewer lying about John Campbell’s record or position. The Brewer campaign was given the opportunity to prove their allegations were truthful. On each count, the Ethics Committee agreed with the Campbell campaign. All votes were unanimous

"Dreier A Different Kind Of Republican"

This is the title to an AP story just out. I'll say he's a different kind of Republican. He stopped being my kind of Republican when he stopped representing his US constituents and started taking orders from Vincente Fox. He does however represent Mexican fugitives quite well. Just ask Armando Garcia. He's the scumbag that killed Deputy David March here in socal and then fled for safe pasage down to Mexico. Dreier then voted against an amendment that would have cut off foreign aid to countries that harbor cop killers. Disgusting. The next question is how many softballs Hugh Hewitt will throw David Dreier today on his show? John & Ken are going to go nuclear today on Dreier.

******************1:36 PM Update**************************

The AP is now reporting that David Dreier will not be the Majority Leader. Thank God for that.

Tom Delay Indicted

Wow. Tom Delay just got indicted. I just got done posting about the out of control spending in DC and now it looks like we have an out of control District Attorney down in Texas. This is obviously bad news in the short term for Republicans as Delay is the face the liberals love to hate. First word is that my public enemy number one on illegal immigration, David Dreier, has been tapped by Speaker Hastert to fill the void created by the indictment of Delay. I call on the Republican conference to reject this appointment as out of hand. There are plenty of other Reps. that would be way better. How about Tom Tancredo? I can only dream I guess. If liar Dreier does win the post, he better enjoy it while he can because his butt is going down in June.

Category Five Spending Spree Happening Right Now in DC

It is really sad what is happening right now in Washington DC. The big spenders in Congress are taking advantage of the carnage by the recent hurricanes to push their spending orgies to greater heights than even I could imagine. The really sad thing is that Republicans for the most part are going along with it. There are some brave members of the RSC (Republican Study Committee), but the GOP leadership is trying to spin their members that this is not pork and that spending is not out of control. The leadership has lost all touch with reality and this does not bode well for the upcoming midterm elections.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Tom Tancredo Endorses Jim Gilchrist

In a move that was expected, but still gives a another huge boost of octane to the Gilchrist campaign, anti-illegal immigration hero, Congressman Tom Tancredo, has endorsed the independent candidacy of Jim Gilchrist to be the next representative from the 48th CD. I already endorsed Tom Tancredo for President in 2008 and now he comes through and endorses Jim. Both men are leaders in the movement to crack down on illegal immigration. The biggest thing this brings to Jim's campaign is money. We will be ready for the run-off election in December. Here is the text of the endorsement

Jim Gilchrist vs John Campbell Next Monday

John & Ken just dropped a bombshell on their show. Milk carton John Campbell has actually agreed to debate Jim Gilchrist live on KFI's airwaves next Monday at the Ayres Hotel in Laguna Woods. This is awesome. Props finally to Campbell for agreeing to this debate. The absolute only reason John Campbell would agree to this format is if his poll numbers are crashing. His campaign team is gambling that by agreeing to the debate with Jim Gilchrist, maybe they can pull a rabbit out of their ass and squeak across the finish line with 50%+1 next Tuesday. It's going to fail miserably and it will be a joy to watch Jim destroy John Campbell on his voting record. Be there or be square. Since I am starting to become famous on the local blogging scene, I will be there signing autographs at the show also...just kidding. I will be there though as should everyone who's concerned about good representation in Congress.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Letter To Speaker Hastert From Jim Gilchrist

This letter sent to Speaker Hastert today removes all doubt about what Jim will do when he gets to DC. He will caucus with Republicans. Let not your hearts be troubled fellow Republicans. Without further ado, here is the letter:

September 26, 2005

Congressman J. Dennis Hastert

Speaker of the House

235 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Speaker Hastert,

Ever since I filed as a candidate for Congress in the 48th Congressional District, people have recognized my values and beliefs as similar to those of former President Reagan and the mainstream of the Republican Party. I am proud to carry those ideals to the voters of California as we go forth in my campaign.

Today I hereby declare to you, Majority Leader Delay, and the rest of the House Caucus that upon election to the 48th Congressional District of California that I will organize with fellow conservative members as part of the Republican Caucus.

I strongly support a Constitutional conservative agenda that will work for Americans on issues like creating jobs, maintaining a strong national defense, protecting our national security, strengthening Social Security, providing real tax relief for working Americans, and making our country’s future brighter by improving our children’s education.


Jim Gilchrist

Candidate for Congress

One Down, One To Go

Well in today's OC Register, Marilyn Brewer removed all doubt about which immigration plan she favors if she were the 48 CD rep. She favors the McCain-Kennedy Amnesty bill! Dooooh. Thanks for that Marilyn. Then throw in a John McCain endorsement, well you got yourself quite a recipe for electoral disaster in my opinion. Now let's talk about John Campbell. He may say that he is not for this bill, but Karl Rove and President Bush have a little plan up their sleeve. It's an old fashioned trick called arm twisting and John Campbell has already admitted that he "got tricked into voting for an illegal alien tuition bill" by Democrats. What's to say that he won't get house broken by the President on this issue. If you ask me, I'd say it's a done deal that John will vote for amnesty. We know the track record already.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Day In The Life Of A Grassroots Conservative

I was supposed to go pick up my wife today at LAX, but her flight from Europe got canceled and so I had a whole day to do volunteer work at the Jim Gilchrist headquarters and what a day it was. We had hunderds of volunteers on the phones calling 48 CD voters of all parties. There is definately a trend here that is great news for the Gilchrist campaign and an omen for John Campbell. I'm going to break down all my calls like I did the other day so everyone can see what is happening at the average rank & file voter level. I was calling all the voters in a precinct here in Irvine. This precinct is in one of the newer areas of Irvine. The totals are as follows:

170 total calls made

33 voters answered the phone, the rest were bad #s, disconnecteds, left messages,etc

Out of the 33, twenty one contacts were Gilchrist supporters and the other twelve were maybe Gilchrist voters or other Republican, independent or Democratic voters.

The twenty one contacted Gilchrist supporters had a net total of 27 votes going to Gilchrist as there were a few homes with multiple Gilchrist votes. Out of the twenty one Gilchrist voter contacts, seventeen were Republican households, two were Democratic households, and the last two were independent households.

So that's 21 out of 33 contacts that are voting for Jim Gilchrist. The bottom line...it's time to fire the Campbell pollster that is saying Jim Gilchrist is only going to get 6% of the vote. All of our other volunteer callers are getting similiar results to. Let's see, about 500 volunteers banging calls out at about 150 calls a day with similiar results that I've been getting.....that's about 13,500 Gilchrist voters locked up every day. Thanks for playing Senator Campbell.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

John Campbell Is A Liar On Illegal Immigration

I just received the latest carpet bomb mailer from John Campbell's campaign and all I can say is that he is a liar or Dave Gilliard his consultant is a liar. The mailer says that John Campbell is tough on illegal immigration. It is the most disingenuous piece of mail I've ever received from him in the last five years that he has been running for public office. You can see it for yourselves here. He voted to give illegals tuition benefits. That is a fact. Is that being tough on illegal immigration John? Is being tough on illegal immigration telling an Orange County Register reporter that "they're here already, so we might as well give them benefits"? If that's John's definition of tough then he doesn't understand the English language. Please vote for someone who will actually do what he says and that man is Jim Gilchrist. This has been a public service announcement.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

My Night Of Calling 48th CD Voters

I have some more bad news I'm afraid for the Campbell campaign. I set aside an hour and a half tonight to dial Republican & AIP voters in the 48th district. Here are the raw numbers....

60 total dials
16 contacts with voters
44 no answers, left messages, or disconnected numbers

Out of the sixteen contacts, 10 will be supporting Jim Gilchrist, two people had already mailed in their ballot and did not say how they voted after prodding by me(probably Campbell votes) and four were non-committal. I have one interesting story from tonight's conversations. I spoke with a lady who happens to own a business on Balboa Island. She said that she had just mailed in her absentee ballot today. I asked who she voted for and she said John Campbell. I then told her that Campbell had voted to give illegal aliens tuition benefits. The cursing began. She was pissed! She deeply regretted her vote, but I told her not to worry. I told her to that for her penance, she has to tell all her friends to vote for Jim Gilchrist. She said that she is going to tell all her friends. Yahoo. Now I know that this is not a valid scientific sample, but I'd be sweating right now if I were John Campbell. It's not low hanging fruit so much as the fruit is already on the freakin ground! We just have to reach out and grab it. Be very afraid John Campbell.

It's Good To Be back On The Air

Last night Blogger experienced a server crash and all blogspot blogs in the world went down for about five hours. I thought that I got hacked and was panicking. Anyway, alls well that ends well.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Huge Gilchrist For Congress Rally Next Friday Sept 30th

This is going to be huge. We are having a huge rally next Friday afternoon Sept 30th. This is going to be(as Saddam would say) the mother of all get out the vote rallies. Please come back and visit here for all the details later in the week. Did I already say that you won't want to miss this? Oh yeah I did.

Monday, September 19, 2005

A Few Bones To Pick With Darrell Issa

I want to let all my readers know of a few incidents at the CRP convention over the weekend that don't reflect very well on Darrell Issa and his staffers. Evidently Darrell saw some college republicans wearing Jim Gilchrist stickers on their lapels and hats. He proceeded to rip the stickers off and looked real agitated also. Come on Darrell, you're better than that I thought. That's very petty for a Congressman. What was your point? I'm also wondering what your district director & now Campbell staffer , Phil Paule was trying to accomplish by introducing a resolution to the rules committee trying to get any Republican that supports Jim Gilchrist kicked out of the convention. WTF Phil? That might have made your bosses John Campbell & Darrell Issa feel good, but it's just further proof of how desperate the Campbell campaign has become. Senator Campbell is terrified of Jim Gilchrist. He's terrified because he knows he is weak on immigration, the number one issue in this election. I know campaigns are guerrilla warfare sometimes guys, but this is getting ridiculous.

APB Out For John Campbell

I think they should start putting John Campbell on the side of a milk carton. He is nowhere to be seen. The OC Register had a couple of stories this morning about the race for the 48th CD. Frank Mickadeit hosted fourteen candidates last week at the Register's headquarters in Santa Ana and Campbell ducked out of another candidate forum. John also didn't show up to the Irvine Chamber of Commerce's event last week. Memo to Senator Campbell: I know you're trying to run out the clock on this race and not show up at any public events, but it is not going unnoticed. Your contempt for the conservative grassroots is wearing pretty thin. You just can't sit back and bombard voters with mail and expect to be successfull in my opinion. Martin Wisckol also has a piece about Marilyn Brewer versus John Campbell on the front page of the local section for the battle to win the Republican primary. It's an interresting article. I also received a press release from Brewer's campaign about John Campbell's sweetheart sales tax deal with the city of Anaheim. It's an interresting tidbit to be sure. I think the theme of the day though is Campbell's strategy of trying to run out the clock. Usually a prevent defense prevents you from winning to coin a sports analogy.

Weekend Recap At The CRP

It was a great weekend at the CRP convention in Anaheim. I never get tired of going to these events. Not only do you get to meet & mingle with the movers & shakers of the state & national political scene, but it's also a great business networking opportunity. I think I'm getting a couple of new accounts for my business from the weekend. I had the chance to meet with some of John Campbell's campaign team members, Phil Paule and Dave Gilliard. I respect them because they are trying to do a job, but I obviously disagree with them on who the best person for the job should be for the 48th CD Congressman. Earlier an Saturday night, the Gilchrist campaign hosted a hospitality suite across the street at the Anaheim Hilton. It was a great event. We packed the room out with GOP convention delegates and supporters eager to meet Jim and work on his campaign. Jim has tons of momentum right now and it is only going to grow as the ccampaign goes along.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Congratulations Are In Order

I have been really critical of the Karl Dorrell era at UCLA. Until yesterday the boys from Westwood have shown no heart. Well they finally decided to play with passion and kicked perenial powerhouse Oklahoma's ass Saturday. This was a bellweather game for the football program. Karl needs to have a good year or he is out the door. This will finally shut up some of the critics(myself included) in the socal sports media. So how bout' a little tribute with Sons of Westwood

We are the Sons of Westwood,
And we hail the Blue and Gold;
True to thee our hearts will be,
Our love will not grow old.

Bruins roam the hills of Westwood,
By the blue Pacific shore;
And when they chance to see

a man from USC,
Ev'ry Bruin starts to roar.

U! (3 claps)
C! (3 claps)
L! (3 claps)
A! (3 claps)
U-C-L-A! Fight! Fight! Fight!

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Come Meet Jim Gilchrist Tonight

The CRP convention is going well. I invite everyone to who wants to meet Jim Gilchrist to the Anaheim Hilton tonight. Here are the details: 4th Floor, Avila Room, Anaheim Hilton, 777 Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802. Last night was a lot of fun. The Minutemen had a table right in the lobby area where all the vendors and campaigns have space and lots of delegates were coming up and thanking Jim for what he has done so far to bring attention to the border problem. John Campbell found time to be there too. John ducked the Irvine Chamber of Commerce event earlier in the day where all sixteen other candidates showed up for the meet & greet. Campbell saw the Minutemen table at the convention and you could tell that he was not happy that we were there. He was pacing back & forth nervously in front of our booth. It was kinda funny. I'll post more later tonight. Maybe John Campbell will show up to the hospitality suite of ours tonight....nah, I doubt it.

This campaign is really starting to heat up now. Jim has ads playing on a bunch of different radio stations. I heard one this morning on KFI already. His signs are starting to appear in the district too. I noticed that someone has put up a bunch of em around my area in Irvine. It was cool. I also received more Campbell & Brewer mailers yesterday. The funniest one was a Marilyn Brewer mailer. I can't believe she is actually hitching her campaign to John McCain. McCain is pretty much persona non grata in my book and yet she is has herself totally sucking up to him. Oh well, to each their own. John Campbell has more boilerplate mailers also. If anyone want details on the actual mailers from Campbell, just go his website. They don't impress me.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Tonight At The CRP Convention

I will be walking around tonight meeting as many people as possible. If any of my blog readers are going to the convention, I would love to meet you guys. Email me and I will give you my cell phone number. The Irvine Republican Council is having an ice cream social tonight and I will be there as well as the hospitality suite for Jim Gilchrist. I would love Campbell and Brewer supporters to stop by and meet Jim first hand. Beware though, you might get persuaded to change your mind! Jim has one of the best grassroots campaign going that I have ever seen in The OC. We literally have hundreds of unpaid volunteers working on the campaign. So I look forward to meeting everyone tonight and tomorrow in Anaheim.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

CA State GOP Convention Tomorrow

I will be there tomorrow night at the Anaheim Marriott for the state GOP convention. They are a lot of fun. I think my favorite thing about them is the hospitality suites with all the free beverages and food. It's also good to meet some of our GOP leaders and up & comers. The Bear Flag League will have a some bloggers there covering the event as well. I'll report back this weekend on what went on Friday.

Border Fence Completion Is A Go

The Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff has finally signed off on the completion of a five mile stretch of fence along the border in San Diego. Part of the stretch is a deep canyon called Smugglers Gulch. Enviromentalists are concerned with runoff silting the marshes around the area, but national security concerns has finally trumped the out of control California Coastal Commission. It's about time. This is one of many things that needs to be done to stem the tide of illegals. There's nothing like a state of the art high fence to deter them from coming across the border. It's way overdue, but very welcome.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Another Campbell Mailer Received Yesterday

This John Campbell mailer had to do with the private property rights and the recent Kelo decision. It's funny how he comes out with such a mailer when he's gotten negative press about the issue recently. If you recall, the OC Register had an article last week that detailed the way John Campbell came about land for his auto dealership in Santa Ana. The city of Santa Ana condemned some private property for economic development and not for the "public good" like your supposed to. So John Campbell benefited from a policy that he now says he opposes. It's becoming a pattern in this election.

Friday, September 09, 2005

Back To The Future for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dan Walters of the Sacramento bee has an excellent article out today. Mr Walters compares Arnold's situation with Pete Wilson's predictament circa 1994. In fact Pete Wilson had even lower poll numbers than Arnold at the same point in time of his re-election. How did Pete Wilson turn things around? He started by getting tough on illegal immigration. Remember Prop 187? If Arnold starts getting tough on this issue and stands up to the Democrats on his slate of initiatives, I think he can turn things around, but he better get his ass in gear. He better start by vetoing one bill Gil's illegal alien drivers license bill that just passed the Assembly. If he doesn't veto it, we could have this situation pictured below.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

John Campbell Is Out There Push Polling

I just got push polled by some Campbell outfit named Republican Voter Project. I felt sorry for the young lady that called because she couldn't even read her push poll script very well. The first question was "did you know that there is special election coming up Oct 4th?"....yes I do. The next statement was "Governor Ahnold is supporting John Campbell, does this make a difference to you in who your going to vote for?"....uhhh no. Next question: "Does the fact that John Campbell is a co-sponsor of the California Border Police make a difference in who you are going to vote for?....uhhh no, he's trying to make up for all his pro illegal immigration votes now that he's running for Congress. I then told her that I was voting for Jim Gilchrist. I must have really messed up her routine because she started stumbling over her words very badly and then finally I heard a supervisor in the background say..."just hang up the phone". Nice! Hey John, you might want to check on this firm you hired. I thought you hired the best people money can buy. What are you paying for precinct walkers? Maybe you can hire some day laborers at Home Depot for that since you wanted to give them tuition benefits.

Field Poll........Re:Illegal Immigration

A Field Poll is out today with a survey about illegal immigration. The results reinforce what I have instinctively known for years. This poll has always had a liberal bent to it over the years, so take it with a grain of salt. The poll also didn't use likely voters, just registered voters. If it did, the numbers would be even greater of people concerned about the issue, but let's just deal with this current poll. Southern Californians are very worried about illegal immigration. 62% of Southern Californians are extremely concerned with illegal immigration. I'd say that's a problem for the current politicians. 63% of the people think illegal immigration has increased over the last few years....DUHHHH! I can't believe they need to do a poll to verify this. Anyway, people in socal are about evenly divided about citizens i.e. "Minutemen" patroling the border. Again this number would be a lot higher with likely voters, but I digress. We also favor Arnold declaring an emergency on the border. So there you have it. This is just more proof that we need leaders like Jim Gilchrist in Congress to deal with this issue.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

John & Ken In Seal Beach Thursday

After a hugely successful appearance at the Ayres Hotel in Laguna Woods, John & Ken are back at an Ayres Hotel this Thursday in Seal Beach. They raised over $250k at the last event in Laguna. It was a huge success. It was also fun to meet a lot of other listeners. Jim Gilchrist will not be appearing though in Seal Beach Thursday. I'm looking forward to the debate between John Campbell and Jim Gilchrist a few weeks from now that the boys will moderate. That should be a barnburner.

My Weekend Of NASCAR

I finally did it. I went to NASCAR event out at California Speedway in Fontana on Saturday. It was great. It reminded me a lot of a Jimmy Buffet tailgate pre-party/concert. As I was getting ready to leave for the track, I got an email from Jeff Flint saying that he was going to be there also. I didn't get a chance to meet up with him because I guess I was too busy partying. Sorry Jeff. Next time let's coordinate a little better. Anyway, I had a blast. My good buddy Tony married his fiance Misty of I don't know how many years, but they finally tied the knot. My best friend Paul was the official Justice of the Peace(which he obtained certification for online.....yes you can do that these days I guess). I will post some pictures when I get a chance. They should be telling. One of the best moments Saturday was a super low flyby of four F-18s doing about mach 2. It was awesome. It gives you the chills it's so loud. Anyway, it was a fun time had by all. I look forward to going again some day.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

John Campbell A Hypocrite???

The first section of my paper that I read in the morning is the local section the OC Register. Plastered all over the front cover was this headline: Campbell Aided By Policy He Opposes. Is that too funny or what? At best it makes Campbell look like a hypocrite. He personally gained from a policy that he says he opposes. I think I'm starting to see a pattern here. First he was for illegal immigration before he was against it and now he was for eminent domain(or at least profited from it) before he was against it. I can't wait to hear the spin from his campaign about this one. I'm sure they're in full panic mode right about now. I would like to know a lot more details about this transaction. Get on the case R Scott Moxley!

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Judge Rehnquist Dies

I think most people could see this coming. Judge Rehnquist died tonight at his home with his family by his side. This is obviously huge news. I'll have a lot more to say about this tomorrow when I have digested the full impact of Rehnquists tenure as Chief Justice. May he rest in peace.

UCLA 2005 Football Preview

A lot of new readers may be wondering how I came up up with the name for my blog. I love UCLA sports and football in particular. The color of UCLA's jerseys has been said to be a "powder blue" color, so hence the name of my blog. I haven't really written about sports lately because I've been preoccupied covering the special election. Having said all this, here is my take on this years edition of UCLA football. The offense should be strong with returning starters Drew Olsen, Maurice Drew, and Marcedes Lewis. The defense is another story. Don't expect much from the defense. I give Karl Dorrell a little credit because he seems to have recruited some better players, but the team is still a long ways off from challenging for a PAC 10 title. USC is the team to beat this year again. The Bruins play San Diego St this evening down in San Diego to kick off the season. Sorry loyal bruin fans, but just don't expect too much from this years team.

Friday, September 02, 2005

I'm Off To Fontana Tomorrow

I won't be doing any blogging tomorrow because I get to go see my first ever NASCAR race out in Fontana(I call it Fontucky). My good friend Tony is getting married out at the track. He has rented a 35 foot RV and we'll be tailgating all day I guess. It should make for an interesting day. I'll be pimping for Jim Gilchrist out there too. I'll be doing some more of my famous informal polling of the so called NASCAR dads out there to see what they think about the political scene right now. There's nothing like tipping back a few cold beers and talking about politics. You get to see how people really feel about issues. I'll be back to tell everyone about my experience on Sunday.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Today In Laguna Woods

I was able to make it down to Laguna Woods today for KFI's Hurricane Katrina fundraiser. It was great to see ordinary citizens opening up their hearts and their checkbooks to help out all the victims in the disaster. I even got a chance to meet Bill Handel, KFI's morning drive host. John & Ken raised over $250k during their four hour show and the it is still going until 10pm tonight. Jim Gilchrist made another appearance there as well. People are genuinely excited about his campaign. He is like a rock star. Every time John & Ken said his name the crowd in the ballroom went crazy. Jim Gilchrist wants all Americans to pitch in and help the relief effort. He compared it to the Minutemen, which I think was a good analogy. The Minutemen are just your average citizens doing their patriotic duty. All and all it was another home run for the Gilchrist campaign.
I also want to mention Jim's website. It is by far the best one out there of all the candidates running. I'll leave everyone with a picture of Jim's appearance at the Ayres Hotel in Laguna Woods