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Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Van Tran Throws His Hat Into The 34th Senate District Race

I just read on this on the OC Register's Homepage. Here's the link. This is huge news for the California & Orange County GOP party. This is a district that we need desperately to have any chance of regaining a majority in the CA legislature. For the last seven years it has been represented by liberal trial lawyer Joe Dunn. Joe has done his best to make sure that he gives away as many services possible to all of his illegal alien constituents in Santa Ana. The district itself is pretty even as far as registration numbers go. Van Tran will have appeal across the district with his immigrant background(legal I might add). The news from the Democrats is that OC Supe Lou Corea is all but thrown his hat into the mix as well. He will take on Tom Umberg. It will be nice seeing the Dems have a huge fight in the primary. The will be one to watch next November.


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