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Friday, December 16, 2005

Another Juan Zarate Anecdote

As I was checking out Daily Kos like I do almost every day to see what kind of whacked out arguments the other side is making, I came across another link to my old Mater Dei pal Juan Zarate who is President Bush's terrorism financing czar. It's nice to have friends in high places. The link at Kos led me to another recent article in Congressional Quarterly about Juan. The article actually quoted me from one my Powder Blue posts from back in February. Here is my original post about Juan from an email exchange that I had with him. I'm a little embarrassed at all the notoriety I seem to be getting lately.

I'm so happy that Juan is having the kind of professional success that he is having. He would make a great Congressman or Senator one day IMO. He would be the absolute perfect candidate to take on Loretta Sanchez or Barbara Boxer. I guess we'll have to wait until he's done with his job back in DC before he'll move back out here. Keep up the great work as always Juan.


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