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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

My Tuesday Takes

I was at the KFI debate last night. It was good to see a couple of Campbell spies there as well(you know who you are). I just want to say that regardless of what happens tonight after the results are known, I am so proud of the support that Jim Gilchrist is getting from people that are tired of the same old same old from the establishment GOP. It was funny talking to this Campbell spy. They have the impression that John & Ken lie a lot and that they are disengenuous. Now that's funny! Here you have some loyal GOP staffers that think John & Ken lie. If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is. They might want to look in the mirror or ask their bosses the same question. Why do they lie all the time about doing something about all the illegal aliens streaming into the country? I thought it was very ironic.

The show/debate itself was great. I'm sure KFI's ratings are going to be through the roof when the next Arbitron ratings come out. The guys were in rare form as usual. The first few segments of the show had TJ Bonner of the National Border Control Council on. Click here to listen to the first hour of the show.

The next hour they spent talking about all the national media attention that this race is garnering. Click here to listen. They boys were shocked that the LA Times is starting to write some unbiased coverage lately about illegal immigration, all be it a very little. They also went through John Campbell's record and spoke about how disappointed they were that he did not show up. Campbell opted to go on Hugh Hewitt's show up in Glendale instead of facing his own voters back here in the district. As I wrote a few days ago, I believe that this was a huge political mistake for Senator Campbell. Now even if he wins tonight, he will have John & Ken just carpet bombing him on a 50,000 watt station until the next election.

The third hour of the show was the actual debate between Jim Gilchrist and Steve Young. Click here to listen to third hour. I give Steve Young a lot of props for actually the balls to show up. It was obviously a very hostile crowd to his beliefs, but he gets credit nonetheless. Jim did great again. I won't go through all the points that came up so please listen for yourself to be the judge. I do know this though, we have the beginnings of a great new political movement to hold our representatives accountable. If they don't start getting tough on illegal immigration, you better believe that more Jim Gilchrists will be waiting in the wings to challenge Republican and Democratic open border/illegal alien sympathizers/enablers.


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