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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Slate Mail and A 5th OC Supe Candidate Postcard....

Here are a couple of slate mailers and a postcard size mailer from the 4th candidate in the race for the 5th OC Supervisor District, Joe Williams. Enjoy

Irvine School Board Special Election Update

The race to fill a vacancy on the Irvine School Board is almost complete. This was created when Gavin Huntley Fenner resigned back at the beginning of this year and Ira Glasky was appointed to serve out the vacancy. Fast forward to today. Larry Agran recruited and agitated for a special election instead of letting Ira Glasky serve out the term. By doing this, Larry cost the School District and the city an extra couple hundred thousand that could have been spent on more productive things like oh maybe classrooms! That's just how Larry rolls though. He always puts his own self interest over the community and has done for his whole tenure as Councilman.

The Glasky mailer shown here was funneled through Sacramento consultant Dave Gilliard's shadowy "CA Homeowners Assn".

The person Larry recruited to run in this election is Carolyn Inmon. She is a nice lady who used to be a registered Republican and even ran for the OC GOP Central Committee a few years ago when I first ran I believe. Alas she has returned to her roots of a liberal as many people who know her better have told me. The only reason she became a Republican when she moved to Irvine was to try and get stealthily elected to something with her stealthy liberal views. So far our household has received three mail pieces from Inmon and one from Ira Glasky. I'm in the process of still researching where Mrs Inmon received her money for this mail. I suspect it is from Larry's cronies. For the record, I support and already voted for Ira Glasky. My educated guess is that Ira Glasky will be elected with over 50% of the vote on June 3rd.

74th AD Mail.....Final Push

It's been about a week since my last 74th AD mail update. Well there's been a lot more to report on in the last week. Our household received three pieces from Patrascu and one piece from Curry that is a fold over, i.e four pages. As far as the content of the mailers, I noticed that Emanuel uses the non trademarked GOP Elephant with two stars instead of the usual three to indicate who he is endorsed by. As I commented in a recent post about Lisa Bartlett, I believe this is deceptive and this type of thing has been admonished previously by the County Party Ethics Comm. I doubt we'll see a complaint though because at this stage of the game, the die has been cast pretty much. Curry's mailer is part positive and part negative. The negative part uses classic grainy black and white photos of his main GOP opponents Matt Harper and Emanuel Patrascu. He slams them for things like "not being real businessmen" and "this will be their highest paying job". Interesting that he chose to hit Matt Harper who has done no mail except for some slates. One gets the sense from Curry's campaign that he has a huge sense of entitlement to this seat. It's looking more and more like an R versus R runoff in Nov between Patrascu and Curry. We'll know for sure in about five more days. Without further ado, here's the mailers....

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Some Slate Mail And Marshall Tuck IE

Here's a sampling of two recent slate mailers and a Marshall Tuck IE mailer. One slate is by "Taxpayers United of Orange County". If anyone knows who runs and funds this group, please PM me. I am curious. The other slate was named "COPS Voter Guide"(just lovely). I'm assuming it is funded through some cop union. Lastly we had an IE mailer by William E Bloomfield that is a positive piece on Marshall Tuck who is running for State Schools Superintendent. No worries Marshall. I already voted for you ;)

74th AD Mail And Race Update

Three more mailers from the 74th AD hit the box while I was gone. There was one positive piece from Keith Curry touting his Irvine endorsements. We had one positive piece from Emanuel Patrascu and a negative one against Curry by Patrascu. The positive one was a dupe to my wife of the Berlin Wall mailer I had earlier received. No mail from Matthew Harper. My thinking has stayed the same in the race. I believe this will be an R versus R runoff in November between Keith Curry and Emanuel Patrascu. If that happens, I would give Patrascu a great shot to win the race. He guided Travis Allen's campaign in the R versus R Assembly race last cycle and therefore has lots of experience in this dynamic. I view Keith Curry in a similar light with Troy Edgar who has every advantage in the race, but managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He had bad consultants(Brett Barbre among others) and was arrogant and complacent.

Lastly I will comment about one of the Dems Karina Onofre. She has put up signs with her picture on it all over the district. This is a net negative in my opinion. It's a really bad picture and just strikes me as a really narcissistic thing to do. I wonder how she is doing registering all those 60k unregistered persons that she boasted about in the Feet To The Fire forum. Oh and her ridiculous press releases promising to help bring the Clippers to OC are hilarious. Sometimes I wonder if she is doing this race as a goof(as Howard Stern would put it).

Mimi Walters Mail & CD 45 Update

I was away for a few days on business and got home to find two Mimi Walters mailers that had arrived. Both of them were addressed to my wife who is a high propensity poll voter and target rich demographic....female. The theme to these mailers was veterans/military. Mimi hits Greg Raths hard again for some of his positive quotes he made in the past about serving in the White House with Bill Clinton. These quotes were sourced from Greg's book. In any case, the mailer is hard hitting. There's been a little blowback against Mimi for these negative mailers she has done against Greg dealing with his military service so she also mailed a positive piece saying how she grew up in a military family and lists many endorsements from retired high ranking veterans. It's almost like she is saying...."I know some of you are mad at me for these negative mailers, but look at how much support I have from veterans. Still no mail at all from Raths. I did hear a radio ad on KRLA this afternoon, but at this point he is not doing any mail that I know of. I still expect Mimi to face off against the Dem Drew Leavens in Nov.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Patrascu Takes Incoming From Keith Curry Plus A Dan Schnur Mailer

All the mail that 74th AD candidate Emanuel Patrascu has been doing has forced Keith Curry to fire back. I just opened my mailbox this afternoon and this hit piece was in there. I haven't heard nor seen any polling for this race lately. It seems both the GOP candidates with money(Curry & Patrascu) have pushed all in to get as much mail out as possible to the absentee ballot voters who will make up roughly 2/3 of the electorate.

I also received a mail piece today from DTS Secretary of State candidate Dan Schnur. I already voted for the Republican Pete Peterson, but you can see Schnur has mailed me and I presume other high propensity Republicans touting his past work for Reagan, McCain, and Pete Wilson. The other side of the mailer hits upon the recent scandal of the three Dem State Senators who have tarnished the Capital. I think that is smart. I just don't believe a DTS candidate for this race will make it into the top two for Nov.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jesse Petrilla Mails Deceptive Piece Out Claiming OC GOP and Chairman Baugh Endorsement

So as I was going over what to do about the deceptive mailer Lisa Bartlett sent out, I got word from friends that Jesse Petrilla sent out an even larger deceptive mailer claiming/implying to have the support of Chairman Baugh and the endorsement of the OC GOP by using our county party logo. He has not been endorsed by the county party nor Chairman Baugh. No one in the race for the 73rd AD has the party endorsement. I have it on good authority that an ethics complaint will be filed immediately and heard in the next few days. A copy of the mailer is below.

5th District Supe Mail Update and Lisa Bartlett Mailer Lie

Two pieces of 5th District OC Supe mail to post. I finally got one from Lisa Bartlett(no relation) and another from Frank Ury. This past Saturday Lynn and I hosted Robert Ming at house for a neighborhood coffee event and then we went out walked a few precincts in my area. I'm gonna guess the runoff will be Robert versus Frank in Nov. Lastly I wanna comment on something Councilwoman Bartlett put on her mailer. It says "the endorsed conservative Republican" along with our party symbol on it. The county party has NOT endorsed in this race. She has flat out lied on her mailer. I think an ethics complaint is in order here. Just another example of consultants lying, cheating, and stealing to win. Shame on them.