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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Allan Bartlett's GOP Liberty June 8th primary Voting Guide

The absentee ballots have been mailed out. People have been asking me about my voting guide for the upcoming GOP primary on June 8th so I figured I would whip up a quick post with all my recommendations and reasons behind them. I'll start at the top of the ticket and work my way down as it reads on the ballot.

Governor...Steve Poizner

This may turn out to be the finest rope-a-dope campaign ever run by a gov candidate. A few months ago Poizner appeared to be dead in the water. Now he's tied with Arnold in a skirt Meg Whitman. My heart lies with Larry Naritelli and Chelene Nightingale, but since this race is close, I will be voting for Steve Poizner.

Lt Gov....Sam Aanestad

This is a no brainer. Abel Maldonado should not be rewarded for being the main reason that taxes are higher CA during the last budget cycle. Vote for Sam Aanestad.

Secretary of State....Damon Dunn

This pick got harder for me in the last month because I was actually had a chance to hear Orly Taitz at our last Irvine meeting and she has a great story of how she immigrated over here from Russia. Unfortunately she has not been helping herself in the media with her over the top stands on Obama's birth certificate and a few other issues where she basically has taken herself out of contention because of the way she has come across to voters. So I'm sticking with Damon Dunn here.

Controller....Tony Strickland

I'm not impressed with Tony's endorsements the last few years, but he is my choice for Controller here.

Treasurer....Mimi Walters

It's either this or leave it blank. I have not been impressed at all with Mimi Walters. The way she handled the firing of my friend Kat Vermelis tells me all I need to know about Mimi Walters and her staff. I'm reluctantly voting for her.

Attorney General....John Eastman

This is a really hard decision because Sen Tom Harman has been a good friend to Irvine Republicans and I really like everyone on his staff. Having said this, elections are about candidates and their views. John Eastman is far and away the best conservative choice for CA Attorney General.

Insurance Commissioner...Brian Fitzgerald

The other candidate Mike Villines was the GOP leader in the State Assembly that helped deliver the largest tax increase in CA history. Don't reward him with your vote here.

BOE 3rd District....Vic Baker or leave blank

I can't in good conscience support Michelle Steel anymore after what she did to Irvine Republicans. She has been giving aid and comfort to our Democratic Mayor Suhkee Kang because they share the same race, they're both Korean. Last time I checked, that's not a very good reason to support anybody, especially if they are idealogically against most everything that you say you are for.

US Senator....Chuck DeVore

This is another no brainer. Chuck gets it. He understands that in the Constitution, there are less than 18 specific enumerated powers delegated to the Congress. He will be a great US Senator and he can beat Barbara Boxer in the fall.

US Rep 48th Congressional District....leave blank, no recommendation

This decision pains me, but really we as voters are left with no other choice when the Congressman that represents us turns his back on the document he swore an oath to uphold. He can not be rewarded for doing the wrong things when the pressure was really on him. What am I talking about? I'm talking about the Congressman's vote in favor of the largest bailout in US history(the TARP).

As for the other OC Congressional races, I would vote to re-elect Congressmen Ed Royce and Dana Rohrabacher. In the 42nd CD, I would vote for Phil Liberatore. Gary Miller also voted for the TARP and he has some ethical issues swirling around him. He deserves to be sent home. The same goes for Ken Calvert. He voted for the TARP as well and has worn out his welcome. Vote for his opponent Chriss Riggs if you live in his district(San Clemente, Coto de Caza, Corona, Riverside). In the 47th CD, this is a no brainer choice in the GOP primary. Vote for Van Tran. Van has a great shot at beating Loretta Sanchez in the fall.

70th State Assembly District....Don Wagner

This was another easy decision for me. Don is a proven conservative. He will continue the excellent representation that Chuck DeVore has given us for the last six years.

The next section is Central Committee elections. I will go through my recommendations for each district. I've been working with a lot of Tea Party people for the last year on this project. I have high hopes that a lot of new people will get elected to our OC GOP Central Committee. I designated whether I knew that certain candidates were Tea Party, Campaign For Liberty, and CRA friendly. Inc stands for incumbent.

56th AD

Only four candidates filed and they are automatically elected. If anyone wants to be on the Central Committee and you live in the city of Buena Park, this would be an excellent chance to get involved since usually not all six seats get contested each cycle.

60th AD (all or parts of Orange, Villa Park, Anaheim, La Habra & Yorba Linda)

Denis Bilodeau
Desare Ferraro.....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Mike Johnson....(CRA friendly)
Ray Grangoff....(CRA friendly)
Carol Gibbs(Inc).....(Tea Party,C4L, CRA friendly)
Deborah Pauly(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)

It's good to see some young guys running for the Central Committee here in the 60th. Mike Johnson and Ray Grangoff will make great members.

67th AD (all or parts of Huntington Beach, Sunset Beach, Seal Beach, Anaheim, Rossmoor, Fountain Valley, Cypress, Garden Grove, Los Alamitos & La Palma)

Steve Hamilton......(Tea Party, C4L friendly)
Kristine Alonzo(Inc)....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Valerie Dickerson(Inc)....(CRA friendly)
Matthew Harper....(CRA friendly)
Mike McGill(Inc)....(Tea party, CRA friendly)
Scott Baugh(Inc)....(CRA friendly)

Steve Hamilton and Krissy Alonzo are at the top of my list here in the 67th AD.

68th AD (all or parts of Costa Mesa, Westminster, Newport Beach, Fountain Valley, Stanton, Midway City, & Garden Grove)

Jeff Matthews....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Mark McCurdy(Inc)....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Tyler Diep(Inc).....(CRA friendly)
Bob Green....(Tea Party, C4L friendly)

Whatever you do...please do NOT vote for Janet Nguyen here if you live in Costa Mesa, Westminster, Fountain Valley, & Garden Grove. The Central Committee already has enough primadonnas on it. I'm only recommending four people in this race.

69th AD (all or parts of Santa Ana, Garden Grove & Anaheim)

Tim Whitacre(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Scott Carpenter....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Brett Franklin(Inc)....(CRA friendly)
Lupe Moreno(Inc)....(CRA friendly)
Cam Mangels....(Tea Party, C4L friendly)
Cuong Sinh Cao(Inc)....(CRA friendly)

Again, please do NOT vote for Harry Sidhu the carpetbagger here. He needs to lose this and the Supervisor's race and go back to the 3rd District in Anaheim Hills.

70th AD (all or parts of Irvine, Newport Beach, Tustin, Corona Del Mar, Lake Forest, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach & Laguna Woods)

Allan Bartlett(Inc)....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Megan Barth....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
John Draper....(Tea Party, C4L friendly)
Scott Voights....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Tom Fuentes(Inc)....Chairman Emeritus and a good friend (CRA friendly)
Carol Price or Lynn Schott....(Tea Party, C4L friendly)

Many good friends running in this district. If you vote for one person, obviously please vote for me. There's more than six people I would support in this race. There's a few incumbents with whom I enjoy good rapport. No one on the committee is indispensable and it would be nice to get some new people elected.

71st AD (all or parts of Rancho Santa Margarita, Tustin, Irvine, Mission Viejo, Orange, Trabucco & Coto)

Linda Barnes....(Tea Party friendly)
Mark Dobrilovic....(Tea Party, C4L friendly)
Tony Beall(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Jon Fleischman....(CRA, C4L friendly)
Ed Sachs....(Tea Party friendly)
David Duringer....(Tea Party friendly)

This district has a strong Tea Party candidate movement in it. It's great to see. I hope this entire slate gets elected.

72nd AD (all or parts of Fullerton, Brea, Placentia, Anaheim & La Habra)

Bruce Whitaker(Inc)....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Shawn Nelson....(Tea Party friendly)
Zonya Townsend(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Rick Rios(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Marilyn Davenport(Inc)....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Micheal Nutto....(CRA friendly)

73rd AD (all or parts of Dana Point, Laguna Hills, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Niguel & San Clemente)

Craig Alexander(Inc)....(CRA friendly)
Mike Munzing....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Chandra Chell....(Tea Party, C4L, CRA friendly)
Catherine Richardson....(Tea Party, CRA friendly)
Norm Dickinson(Inc)....a good guy, straight shooter

I didn't endorse for all six spots here, but this is a good slate. Mike Munzing is a rising star in this district.

Superior Court Office #50....Julian Bailey

Mr Bailey's opponent here, Lon Hurwitz has donated to a laundry list of national liberal Democrats.

Superintendent of Public Instruction.....Alexia Deligianni

County Assessor......Claude Parrish

Clerk Recorder....Hugh Nguyen

Please do not vote for the incumbent, Tom Daly. Hugh Nguyen is a great candidate.

District Attorney......Tony Rackauckas

Public Administrator.....John Williams

The BIG ONE....OC Sheriff......BILL HUNT

I've written extensively about this race. Just mark the spot for Bill Hunt and watch the establishment scramble like cockroaches. This is the most important race IMO in this June election.

Treasurer....Keith Rodenhuis


Prop 13...YES
Prop 14....NO
Prop 15....NO
Prop 16.....YES
Prop 17....YES