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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Kevin Muldoon For South OC Community College District

I have a good friend who is running to replace Don Wagner on the South OC Community College District. His name is Kevin Muldoon. This one of the those down ballot races that don't get much notice, but nevertheless are very important. The seven elected trustees of this board control have control over an annual budget of over $450 million. It is important to elect individuals who will be stingy with tax dollars. Everyone has to make due with less in this current economic depression. Here is a link to Kevin's campaign site.

I have known Kevin for a number of years now and he will do a good job if elected to this position. His opponent, Thomas Prendergast is a teacher from Tustin that is beholden to the Teacher's Union. They would like nothing better to get a toe hold in this district to start creating all the problems of a district controlled by union thuggery.

Who is Thomas Prendergast? Well I did a little research and found out that Mr Prendergast has had a recent personal bankruptcy in 1999. This is a guy who wants a say in a $450 million dollar budget who didn't even have the self discipline to control his own finances. This is not someone that should be rewarded with a public trust. When asked for comment, his opponent Kevin Muldoon said, "As an attorney who practices bankruptcy law, I believe in the constitutional right to file for personal bankruptcy. I'll leave it up to the voters to decide how they feel about a candidate who has filed for bankruptcy." We'll all read between the lines here Kevin :)

Lastly, just a personal note on this race. One of Mr Muldoon's opponent endorsers in Tustin City Councilman Doug Davert...a true Republican In Name Only. I edged out Mr Davert for a seat on the OC GOP Central Committee back in 2008. After I heard that he endorsed the union backed candidate in this race, well, I wasn't surprised.