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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Allan Bartlett's 2016 General Election Recommendations/Voting Guide

Feel free to share these recommendations with as many friends & family and on your social media. I make these decisions with the thinking of how supporting or rejecting any candidate/ballot measure will ensure the greatest amount of personal and economic liberty. I am a lifelong Republican, but political party is secondary to me. If you want more background/color on any recommendation, just email me or leave a comment and we can discuss it. I will start at the top and work my way down the list as they are listed on my sample ballot.

President...Gary Johnson(L)

I will cut right to the chase. Hillary Clinton will win CA by at least 20 points. Had our state been more competitive, I would hold my nose and recommend that you vote for Donald Trump, but there's no question Hillary will win our state's Electoral Votes. I'm not exactly enamored to throw a vote to Gary Johnson, but he is the least bad option here. I wish the President had so little power that it wouldn't matter who held the office.

United States Senator...leave blank

The choice between truly evil and truly stupid is easy. Leave this blank. There are those who say truly stupid(Loretta Sanchez) is more moderate, but you shouldn't believe that. This is Prop 14(Open Primary Law) at its absolute worst.

US Congress

39th District...Ed Royce

45th District...Mimi Walters

47th District...Andy Whallon

48th District...Dana Rohrabacher

49th District...Darrell Issa

State Senator

29th District...Ling Ling Chang

37th District...John Moorlach

State Assembly

55th District...Phillip Chen

65th District...Young Kim

68th District...Steven Choi

69th District...Ofelia Velarde-Garcia

72nd District...Travis Allen

73rd District...Bill Brough

74th District...Matthew Harper

County Supervisor

1st District...Andrew Do

Irvine School Board

Mark Newgent

Betty Carroll

Irvine Mayor

Don Wagner

Irvine City Council

Christina Shea

Anthony Kuo

Irvine Ranch Water District

John Withers

Statewide Propositions

Prop 51...NO

Prop 52...NO

Prop 53...YES

Prop 54...YES

Prop 55...NO

Prop 56...NO

Prop 57...YES

prop 58...NO

Prop 59...NO

Prop 60...NO

Prop 61...NO

Prop 62...YES

Prop 63...NO

Prop 64...YES

Prop 65...YES

Prop 66...NO

Prop 67...NO

If you have an interest in other races and ballot measures around the county, please look at the Orange County Republican Party's endorsement list. As always, if you have a question about a candidate or ballot measure, leave me a comment below or email me.


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