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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Illegal Immigration Enforcement

There was agreat article in the LA Times this morning about Illegal immigration(how can this be?...great article and LA Times are usually not synonymous). Click here to read it. I have to give the LA fishwrap some credit as of late. They have made some wholesale changes over at the paper. When Barbara Streisand is canceling her Times subscription because she thinks it is "going conservative", then I have to take another look at it.

The article states that illegals down in San Juan Capistrano go into hiding when "LA Migra" is driving around town. It's what I have been harping on for the last few years. You won't need to deport the 20 million illegals here already because if you start catching a few of them and deporting them, you will get into their heads that we are going to get serious about this problem. The word spreads fast throughout the illegal community.


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