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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

50th CD Candidate Interviews

I figured that since we have another special election coming up here in socal that I would try to interview most of the declared candidates for the Republican nomination so far. Right now there are no less than four guys running. They are: Howard Kaloogian, Brian Bilbray, Alan Uke and Bill Morrow(no website yet...very bad Bill).

I clicked onto Howard Kaloogian's website and went straight for the contact info. I actually ended up speaking to Howard for few minutes telling him about a funny story about my wife being over at his house after the 1994 primary elections with a bunch of other campaign volunteers. As the party progressed, it happened to be the night of the famous OJ Simpson Bronco chase. Anyway I spoke to Howard for a few minutes about the upcoming campaign. We are going to do a more formal interview in the next few weeks hopefully. I related to Howard my experience of working these past few months for Jim Gilchrist. I don't believe Howard endorsed anyone in the 48th CD contest, but he said to me that he thought that Jim probably would have won had he been registered a Republican. I happen to agree with that assessment. I also think that a good absentee ballot chase would have been good too. He also said that it was not a good sign that John Campbell came in third place on election day. This guy gets it.

We talked about one of Howard's trip back to DC recently. Howard said that one of the GOP's national committees(I forget which one it was) gave him a survey on current critical issues and illegal immigration was not even on the stupid survey. These guys just don't get it. I told him of my experience with some poor national GOP telemarketers. I've ended up chewing out the last few poor souls unlucky enough to call my house. I told them that I and others are just not going to give any more $$$$$ to the national GOP party committees unless Bush and the party starts enforcing our laws. I'm only going to donate to candidates that I personally screen.


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