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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Bill Morrow Has A Website & Other 50th CD Observations

The race for the 50th CD is heating up pretty fast. I noticed from a post on Hack n Flak that Bill Morrow has a website up and running finally. This is a good thing in the new information era. The site is BillMorrow.com. I spoke with his campaign manager Vartan Djihanian tonight for a few minutes to have him give me his take on the state of the race. In my opinion, this thing is wide open right now. He says that Bill Morrow is the proven conservative in this race. That's great, but there are a lot of votes to sort through. In fact I had a Morrow spy or someone who doesn't want Howard Kaloogian to win email me some info about one of Howard Kaloogian's votes back in 2000. It seems that Howard voted for one of the same in-state tuition bills that John Campbell voted for. As Homer Simpson would say....doooooo. All this stuff is going to be part of the calculus of who I might endorse.

My perception of Bill Morrow rightly or wrongly is that he is a guy that's conservative, but he is kinda cozy with the trial lawyers and unions. After I read more of the campaign finance records I should get a clearer picture of who has actually given to whom. I also am going to give a lot of weight to who gets Tom Tancredo's and John & Ken's endorsement. That is going to be a bellwether IMO. It means that whoever gets their endorsement is not afraid of losing K street/big business money. Lord knows that they've blackballed Tom Tancredo from getting any of their money with his courageous stance against illegal immigration.

There was another entry and exiter from the race today. Ken King, who is a Rancho Santa Fe businessman, has vowed to spend upwards of $2 million to win the GOP nomination while Escondido Mayor Lori Holt Pfeiler said she would not run. Here is a link to the SDUT article from today. Mr. King from the sounds of his quotes from the SDUT article is more, shall I say moderate, as he says that he supports abortion rights(caution: RINO alert).

The bottomline is that this is a conservative district. That means it should elect a strong conservative person as the next congressman. Brian Bilbray was a good fit for his coastal district that he used to represent, but he is far to much of a social liberal for this district IMO. The quotes from him emphasizing his seniority don't impress me. That sounds like code for "give me a pass for my socially liberal views". If I were a horse race oddsmaker, I'd have to handicap the race right now as follows.

1. Howard Kaloogian
1. Bill Morrow(tied for first)
3. Alan Uke
4. Brian Bilbray
5. Ken King

Bear in mind that this is my educated or some would say uneducated guess(Phil Paule, LOL). Keep in mind that I picked Jim Gilchrist to win against John Campbell. Just like trading stocks & futures...Past performance is not indicative of future results.


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