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Monday, December 26, 2005

Light Blogging This Week

I spent a wonderful Christmas up in Goleta at the in-laws house. I love driving on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. There is never any traffic. It only took two hours and fifteen minutes to get home last night from Goleta to Irvine. It's too bad it can't be like that all the time.

I'm headed out this morning to hit some of those after Christmas sales in the mall. As a guy, I hate shopping, but if I can some good deals on some new clothes & other stuff then it makes it worthwhile.

I'll be in the office for a couple of days this week and then I am off again up to Mammoth Lakes to spend some time with some more family up there and maybe get in a little skiing. Mammoth is destined to become the next Vail,Co from everything I have been hearing and reading. I think I'm going to look around for some property when I'm up there. I'm out


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