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Monday, February 14, 2011

OC GOP Dirty Laundry

I really didn't want to write about this subject so early into the new Central Committee term, but certain people are just begging for a public flogging/shaming. For a lot of people this will be inside baseball stuff, but it is a symptom of what's wrong with some so called leaders in our party.

We have a lot of new young energetic members of the Central Committee. One of these members is Mike Munzing. Mike is all fired up and ready to help. He has been attending Tea Party rallies, Glenn Beck gatherings, DC trips, etc. Well he got an idea to host a local event he billed as "conservative happy hour" on March 3rd down in Aliso Viejo. No big deal right? Ask retired Assemblyman Chuck DeVore to come speak and hang out with good conservative friends enjoying some adult beverages. Well, Mike broke some unwritten rules that Mary Young has. The first of which is why didn't he ask her for permission to do this, LOL! How dare you Mike throw a get together for conservatives and not ask Mary Young. Shame on you.

All kidding aside, Mary Young is way off base in these emails that she sent Mike after she found out about his plans. Have a read...

Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 1:02 PM

Subject: Re: Mike Munzing's Conservative Happy Hour - March 3rd


I thought now that the election was over and you are part of the OCGOP team, you would join us and be in charge of a happy hour for the OCGOP, instead of having your very own? We are conservatives and it looks like very few of you new CC members have any intentions of joining us.

It should read; Happy Hour Chairman, Mike Munzing presents the very first" OCGOP Happy Hour Series". Scott would have been delighted to have you take on something such as a Happy Hour. Now that the election is over, I can see, you had no intentions of being part of our team. Maybe because you are too important to you and the good of your Party & Country come after that

I am really disappointed you aren't trying to help the OCGOP or help Lee Lowery & myself try to have a get together.

You wonder why we as the OCGOP can't do all these things? I will tell you why, because people just like you are more interested in yourself then making the Party grow to be bigger and better.

I can see this next year or two, it will be the same people doing all the work (with the exception of Dean Gross, he is already trying to help)for the Party and then you guys will complain we aren't doing enough.

Very sad, Mary

Really Mary? Maybe you were just having a bad day...ahhh, nope. She then sent off this rejoinder...

Sent: Friday, February 11, 2011 10:56 PM

Subject: Re: Mike Munzing's Conservative Happy Hour - March 3rd

Mike, I was right about you from the very beginning, but I believed you when you asked for a second chance.

You care about Mike and only Mike and everyone will soon find out, as they already are.

You should be totally ashamed of yourself, but you won't be, because you don't know the slightest about being a good Christian.

I am going to have a long chat with ???? & ???? all about you.

What does this have anything to do with being a good Christian? Holy liquored up emails Batman! This is just pure intimidation and will not be tolerated. I've had my battles with Mary over the years, but in the end I have always just let it go. These emails of hers don't surprise me in the least. Mary always acts like she is the guardian of things about our party. I credit her with doing a lot of good things for the party over the years, but she has to realize when to stop badgering people and playing the victim. We need new active people to come into the party like Mike that want to help make a difference. I hope Mary will apologize to Mike and we can all get this behind us.