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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Hugh Hewitt Logic 101

God bless Hugh Hewitt. He is a great partisan Republican, but he is drowning in Republican open border kool aid unfortunately with his analysis of the 48th CD race. Here is an excerpt from his interview of Jonah Goldberg yesterday.

HH: John Campbell, the new Congressman from Orange County, California, beat back Minuteman Jim Gilchrist, who had everything going for him, could only still manage 23,000 votes. Chris Cox got 189,000 in November, 2004. What's this tell you about immigration as an issue?

Huh? Had everything going for him? You mean like hardly any name id to start with, no experience ever running for anything, running as a third party candidate, entire local OC GOP establishment against him, hardly any absentee ballot chase, etc. What he did have behind him was a powerful message of cracking down on illegal immigration Hugh. Let's continue. "Could only still manage 23,000 votes. Chris Cox got 189,000 in November, 2004"...this is my personal favorite. He's really only indicting his candidate, John Campbell, because he only got 41,000 votes and a whopping 44% of the vote! Those totals don't matter to him. He's not concerned that someone who should have gotten at least 65-70% got only 44%. I got it Hugh. What does Chris Cox have to do with this election? Are you trying to say that if turnout was like the 2004 general that Jim Gilchrist would still have only received 23,000 votes? That's exactly what you're saying. Taking his logic, if the turnout had been 72% then Gilchrist would have come a lot closer since he won the precinct ballots. Keep sipping on that kool aid though because you're drunk off your ass on it and it's severly clouding your logic abilities.


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