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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Senator George Allen And Border Fences

I really liked Senator George Allen of Virginia. He has been a good conservative voice in the Senate since his election in 2000. So it pains me greatly to see that someone who I respected a lot has admitted in an interview with Human Events that he is an open border radical. He just got crossed off my list of Presidential contenders. Here is an excerpt of the interview:

Does American have the engineering capability to build a fence along the border that would keep people out?

SEN. GEORGE ALLEN: Do we have the engineering capability?


ALLEN: I suspect so.

So, this is the follow up, why don’t we?

ALLEN: Because it would be -- I don’t [think] it’s worthy of consideration. The reason is, while something might be able to be done at an enormous cost to the taxpayers if there are more effective ways of doing it other than a fence, whether it’s with surveillance and more personnel, and surveillance--

He also goes on to say he very pro guest worker, but not amnesty. It's the same thing Senator! Duh. Please read the entire interview. It's really sad.


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