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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Greek System Thriving At UC Irvine

Everything goes in cycles, at least as far as Greek Systems go. The OC Register did a story today on how the Greek system membership there is up 84% since 1998. That's a huge increase in that short of time. I don't generally think of UCI as being a great school for fraternities and sorrorities, but with the popularity of TV shows like "The OC" and "Laguna Beach", I think more students are coming to UCI to be in the hip OC. I myself was a Pike(short for Pi Kappa Alpha) at Long Beach State back in the early 90s. Oh those were the days. Maybe I'll tell a few of my many stories next year here on Powder Blue Report of my glory days at "The Beach". Second St has never been the same since I left Long Beach.


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