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Friday, December 02, 2005

A Message To Gilchrist Volunteers & Supporters

A story came this morning in the Orange County Register that quoted me about things that I thought were happening with Jim's campaign at that time over two weeks ago. I had this conversation over two weeks ago with Martin Wisckol when quite frankly I think we can all admit, the campaign was at a low ebb. Howie Morgan and Jeff Lehman left the campaign and some hard decisions had to be made. I have been really pleasantly surprised by the 180 turnaround since that time. In the last few days alone, we have picked up some huge momentum with John & Ken getting behind Jim's candidacy and Jim's fundraising having really coming around. I tried to get Mr Wisckol to print a retraction or statement of how I feel today about the campaign, but they are not running anymore stories about the race except for a piece about Steve Young that is already past the deadline and they don't print anything political the day before the election which is Mr Wisckol's next political column. I was just being honest about how I felt things were going two weeks ago. I am behind Jim Gilchrist and what he stands for 110%. This is the beginning a great new political movement to hold our representatives feet to the fire. We are going to accomplish great things in the years ahead.


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