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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Keith Curry Takes Heavy Incoming In 74th AD Race Five Days Before The Election

We are five days from the election that will decide who the next Assemblyman will be for Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Irvine, Costa Mesa, and Laguna Beach for most likely the next 12 years. My gut tells me this race is neck and neck. So I opened my mailbox today to find four pieces of mail for this race. Three of these four pieces were IEs and one was by Mayor Harper's campaign. It was a good mix of showcasing the great endorsements that Matt has and slams against Keith for all his poor votes and policy positions to raise taxes and ban fire pits at the beach. You be the judge of the quality of the mailers. I liked all of them, but I'm biased of course because I strongly support Matthew Harper to be my next Assemblyman.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

74th AD Mailbag

Pretty quiet so far in the race for the open 74th Assembly District which is my neck of the woods. Keith Curry has sent out two pieces of mail and I just received a mailer for Matthew Harper via an IE by "California Conservative PAC" which is one of Howard Ahmanson's political committees. The $10k expenditure on this mailer is probably the opening ante by Howard as I hear he really doesn't like Mr Curry. There's 13 days left until the election so I'm guessing my mailbox will see a few more pieces from the candidates. I already mailed my absentee ballot in marked for my good friend Matthew Harper and everyone who is reading this post that lives in this district should do the same. Believe me, we do not want 12 years of Keith Curry in Sacramento trying to ban fire pits at the beach statewide and advocating for tax increases to pay for the High Speed Rail boondoggle. Lastly, Mr. Curry is touting endorsements from Curt Pringle and Hugh Hewitt in his mail. As if we needed any more reasons not to vote for him.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Democrats Are Deserting Larry Agran In Droves

I was out washing my car this past weekend and one of my Democrat neighbor friends of mine walked over and we started chatting about current events and such as we always do. We started talking about the Irvine elections and he mentioned a mailer he received that compared Larry Agran to Robert Rizzo and the City of Bell. I didn't get this mailer BTW. It must have only been targeted for Irvine Democrats. I started laughing because every time our city attorneys for the Great Park audit mention their past work in exposing the City of Bell corruption, Larry and Beth start melting down in righteous indignation. How dare he make the comparison to what happened in Bell and what happened at the Great Park. Anyways, I asked him if I could see the mailer. He brought it over and allowed me to scan it. This neighbor friend of mine has always been a Larry fan over the years, but he mentioned to me that he has finally had enough and will not be voting for Larry this time around. I congratulated him for finally coming to his senses and he laughed. He isn't the first Dem to mention to me that he has had his fill of Agran. I've had a few more of them say the same thing. It heartens me to know that Dem partisans aren't blindly loyal to Larry. I think the dam is breaking or may have already broke on this. My prediction is Larry comes in last place out of the five council candidates.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Scott Baugh Slams Anaheim Fake Republican Candidate Gail Eastman

I haven't been paying as much attention to Anaheim lately because of the battle going on in my city here in Irvine, but things have been heating up in Anaheim and the stakes couldn't be higher. Some time last week one of the Pringle/crony capitalist candidates Gail Eastman did a mailer using the party logo and stating she was the endorsed Republican candidate. Nothing could be further from the truth. She has not been endorsed by the county party. Chairman Baugh sent her campaign a strongly worded letter that admonishes her for unauthorized use of the party logo. Only our endorsed candidates may use the party logo. I've attached a copy of the letter and the mailer in question for folks to look at.

Monday, October 06, 2014

More Irvine City Council Mail

Before I get into the latest mailers from the Irvine candidates for City Council, there was an incident up here in Turtle Rock where I live having to do with the campaign. Basically a bunch of Choi, Schott, and Lalloway signs were stolen and/or tampered with yesterday. A neighbor told me he had seen some kind of Agran campaign event over by the Nature Center. Memo to Larry: please tell your supporters to stop stealing our side's signs.

Here's the latest mail I have received from the campaigns sans another fake newspaper. The Agran mailers get me very upset because of the huge lying going on. His slate is responsible for all the high rise condos and apartments and subsequent traffic we now have in Irvine. Any narrative saying otherwise is a flat out lie. He had control of the council for the last 12 years.