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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Larry Agran's Fake Newspapers And Real Racism

So last week at the Irvine City Council meeting, there was an item put on the agenda by Councilwoman Christina Shea that dealt with campaign ethics(or lack thereof) in the city. What started out as an attempt to discuss a voluntary campaign ethics pledge by candidates, turned into a full throated discussion of the state of the current campaigns for Mayor and City Council. I had a chance to talk about Larry's fake newspapers and his sides hypocrisy for saying that their slate was a slow growth/no growth slate. Here's a 3 minute You Tube of that. I pointed out the number of dwelling units that he and Mary Ann Gaido voted for over the last twelve years while they had control of the majority. Suffice to say that the number of units they did support puts them squarely at odds of what they have been claiming in their campaign propaganda. I also read him some real news stories from the Register and LA Times about the Great Park Forensic Audit.

Later on in the meeting, Councilman Lalloway made news by pointing out a disturbing letter to the editor in Larry's fake newspaper that had come out on Sept 16th. I will post a copy of it so everyone can read it.

The letter talks about how "foreigners are gobbling up new houses". Councilman Lalloway rightly pointed out....
"which foreigners is he referring to....Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Iranians, Irish, Jewish? Please tell us which foreigners you are referring to. I thought we've moved past these types of divisive comments in our beautiful city. I thought we were past these kind of racist comments , especially in our incredibly diverse community"
It seems in Larry's zeal to put out a false narrative of what has really been happening as far as traffic and growth and who is responsible for that, he has effed up big time with this letter to the editor which by all intents and purposes exposes his racism and say whatever it takes to get elected mentality. Larry would never have made this type of mistake in his past campaigns. Maybe he's just showing his age. Whatever the reason, he is ultimately responsible for the content on his fake newspaper he has been mailing around the city and I hope he apologizes for this.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Begun, The Irvine Mail War Has

The race to see who gets elected to be the next Mayor and two councilpersons in Irvine is starting to heat up. This household has received five or six(lost track) of Larry Agran's fake newspaper slate mailer "Irvine Community News And Views", three pieces from the anti Agran IE, and two new pieces today....one from each side. I have scanned a copy of all of them for people to compare.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

First Anti Agran Mail Arrives In Irvine And It Is Devastating.

There was a pleasant surprise today when I opened the Bartlett mailbox. The first anti Agran mailpiece was in there. It's a four page hay maker that calls Larry out for all his lies and his piss poor attempt to build the Great Park. Larry has sent out four fake newspapers to Irvine residents so far and this mailer calls him out for it..."It's NOT 'new' and it's NOT a 'community newspaper'. It's a campaign mail scam created and funded by Larry Agran".

The flip side says..."Here's real news from real newspapers about one of the greatest scandals in OC's history....It's the news LARRY AGRAN hopes you won't read". it then has photos of recent LA Times and Register articles slamming Larry's handling of Great Park. Hell, instead of me telling you about it, here are the scanned copies of the mailer. Enjoy. I certainly did.