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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Well Well....Looky Here

So I'm surfing around on Steve Young's website and look who some of the guest hosts are for a fundraiser tomorrow night.... Beth Krom, Larry Agran, and Sukkee Kang. I know I know, you're saying to yourself, yeah but Allan these guys are Democrats...why wouldn't they go to a fundraiser for a guy like Steve Young who's the Democratic nominee running in the general runoff election for the 48th CD December 6th. My point is really to show people that there really are no "non partisan" elections for positions like mayor and city councilman/woman, especially here in Irvine. The only reason that Larry Agran's corrupt machine has been able to stay in power is because he has realized how to play a better chess game the last few years than the Republicans here in Irvine. All that of course has changed dramatically with the formation of the Irvine Republican Council. Larry won't be able to put any more Earl Zuchts on the ballot without us calling him out and having the ground organization to back up the Republicans for office here in Irvine who we endorse. So enjoy your last bit of power Larry because you will have to go back to running for President after the next election cycle.


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