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Monday, October 20, 2014

Democrats Are Deserting Larry Agran In Droves

I was out washing my car this past weekend and one of my Democrat neighbor friends of mine walked over and we started chatting about current events and such as we always do. We started talking about the Irvine elections and he mentioned a mailer he received that compared Larry Agran to Robert Rizzo and the City of Bell. I didn't get this mailer BTW. It must have only been targeted for Irvine Democrats. I started laughing because every time our city attorneys for the Great Park audit mention their past work in exposing the City of Bell corruption, Larry and Beth start melting down in righteous indignation. How dare he make the comparison to what happened in Bell and what happened at the Great Park. Anyways, I asked him if I could see the mailer. He brought it over and allowed me to scan it. This neighbor friend of mine has always been a Larry fan over the years, but he mentioned to me that he has finally had enough and will not be voting for Larry this time around. I congratulated him for finally coming to his senses and he laughed. He isn't the first Dem to mention to me that he has had his fill of Agran. I've had a few more of them say the same thing. It heartens me to know that Dem partisans aren't blindly loyal to Larry. I think the dam is breaking or may have already broke on this. My prediction is Larry comes in last place out of the five council candidates.


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