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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Facebook Follies

I couldn't resist posting this over here at Powder Blue. It's a window into the mind of one Matt Cunningham and all his rationalizations why it's not hypocritical of him to get paid six figures from a big government bureaucracy and have credibility as the editor of Red County. Enjoy

Allan Bartlett: Why does Hugh Hewitt need Matt Cunningham ghost writing for him on the taxpayers dime? This is just shameful. Just remember this when you read Matt talking about "less/smaller government" at Red County.

OC Weekly article

What happens when a hack writes for a hack? Thousands of computer screens groan in digital agony under the dead...

Donna Delano: They worship at the altar of ego, greed and power

Matthew Cunningham: Oh yes, that's exactly it Donna. You're powers of observation are just astounding.

Matthew Cunningham: And Allan, we'll remember your blind devotion to Bill Hunt, defender of union prerogatives, next time you are yammering about the danger of public employee unions.

You got booted from Red County. It's about time you got over it.

Allan Bartlett: Memo to you Matt, as long as you're still the editor of RC and a hired cheerleader for that ultra liberal bureaucracy that pays you, the local OC version of RC will continue to lose credibility. Why on earth would I want to still be associated with that taint.

Donna Delano: Matt, it is spelled your, NOT you're .

Matthew Cunningham: Yeah, thanks, Donna. But my typo doesn't make your opinion any less inane.

Matthew Cunningham: Allan, you need to retire this heroic martyr myth you've erected around your departure from red County. You had no problem being associated with "that taint" when you knew I about my work with the Children and Families Commission of Orange County. Remember, you didn't quit Red County -- you were booted. And not for any of the bogus reasons you have claimed.

Furthermore, the Commission is not an "ultra liberal bureaucracy" but you would rather lean on the crutch of ignorant catchphrases than be bothered to acquaint yourself with the facts.

The most laughable aspect of your manufactured outrage is none of it has anything to do with principle. The truth is that if I had supported Shawn Nelson for Supervisor, neither you nor your creepy pusillanimous friends would give a hoot about it.

Allan Bartlett: So many lies in your last comment Matt, but hey you keep living in your own little world.

Matthew Cunningham: No lies, Allan. Not a one, Alllan. But all you have is blather.

John Gibson: Say it aint so.

John Seiler: Matt should return all the money he took from us taxpayers.

Brandon Powers: Allan, seriously. You need to knock off this nonsensical crusade. Matt has done more and been involved longer in advancing the conservative cause than you and I combined.

Last I checked, there were actually a few Democrats and actual pressing issues facing the County that could use our collective attention more than silly games of "gotcha."

This sniping back and forth among friends is just tired and lame. For the sake of all of us, move on. Please.

Allan Bartlett: Actually Brandon this a good debate worth having. Some of us are trying to bring back credibility and believability to a party that sorely needs it. It doesn't help when the editor of the longest running "center right" blog here in OC just reeks of hypocrisy. That's the issue.

Donna Delano: Seriously, Matthew; why the impotent attempt at bullying and intimidating such an inane person as myself? Threatening Allan or any other voter over whom they supported? Exactly which moron at your secret squirrel club put you in charge of who we are allowed to support? Oh, and nonsensical crusades? Since when is fighting for what is right (as NON PAID, at [Taxpayer expense] volunteers) nonsensical? The old saying is true that one cannot argue with an idiot.

Matthew Cunningham: “Debate... See More”? Don’t make me laugh, Allan. The future of the GOP somehow hinges on one client I do work for?

And for “saving” the party’s credibility we should look to you and the selective application of your ever-morphing principles? The same guy whose disdain for public employee spending for Harry Sidhu was nowhere to be found when it came to the big bucks AOCDS’s laid out for Bill Hunt?

This has nothing to do with philosophy or principle, Allan. You turn a blind eye when it suits your purposes. This is all about you and some other petty characters have a weird personal beef with me and this is an excuse to take cheap shots.

Matthew Cunningham: "Seriously, Matthew; why the impotent attempt at bullying and intimidating such an inane person as myself?"

Huh? I'm the bad guy, Donna? You don't know me. You don't know Hugh Hewitt. Yet you chime in with this heavy-handed judgment about what you think motivates us?

How about this: toss aside the straw man arguments, use a little logic and some facts, then get back to me.

Allan Bartlett: No Matthew, I am not the one getting paid six figures by a big government bureaucracy and then pretending I am the conservative authority on all things Republican in OC. You love trying to change the subject, but it won't work. So as long as you keep running up the tab on the taxpayers by helping great conservatives like Delaine Eastin and Rob Reiner, the mockings will continue.

Dan Chmielewski: I love it when conservatives fight! Makes it easier to turn the county blue. But Allan, since I couldn't tell you how you spend your day handling the investment work for your clients, I do have an idea of how a PR/PA firm works and top firms do even better than Matt's hourly rate. His estimate of hours spent on the activities done is in line with industry standards.

Matthew Cunningham: Dan, Allan finds it easier to engage in "more conservative than thou" posturing than, say, going after Democrats (which is what Central Committee members are supposed to do). And he can't even get simple facts straight (not that he cares).

Allan Bartlett: Dan, I don't care what people do for a living. If Matt wants to work for the Children & Families Commission, it's a free country. My main beef with him is that he is also the lead editor for Red County which up until recently, was a very credible center right blog that influenced a lot of Republicans.

It would be like you working for(insert your most hated Republican group or organization) and also being the lead editor/opinion writer at Liberal OC. What do you think your loyal readers and most rank & file dems think of that arrangement?

Friday, June 04, 2010

Coach Wooden Gravely Ill

The news is not good from Westwood today. Legendary UCLA Basketball coach John Wooden is at UCLA's Ronald Reagan hospital in "grave condition", but resting comfortably. I don't have enough words to express my awe of this man. Not only was he the best coach in the world bar none, he is also a great human being. I've learned so much about leadership from reading his books and studying his life. For now, coach is still with us. Take a moment to say a prayer tonight for he and his family if you could.