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Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Rush's Claremont Institute Speech

I just love watching the man give a speech. It makes me warm in my heart to know that he causes the liberals so much pain. Rush just has that optimistic outlook and sense of humor that is infectious. A couple of points that he hit on were Clinton's double wide errr library opening, the end of the monopoly of the main stream media, the good work that the Claremont Institute does, and a few other miscelaneous topics.

Monday, November 22, 2004

I'm Back After A Little Break

I am back at the blogging desk after a well deserved timeout. I didn't even go on vacation, though that would be nice, but for the last week I have been getting myself back into the swing of things at work. This election was nerve racking, but thankfully the right guy won so I know the country is in safe hands for the next four years. I plan on writing a lot less about politics in the future and instead I will focus more on sports, news, finance, and life in general. I will also be making wholesale design changes on my blog in the next few months. I have been reading up a lot about web design/XML/HTML code and looking at other blogs to see what I can use to make my blog even better.

Monday, November 15, 2004

A Big Win Saturday For the Bruins

The next item of business is to spoil the Trojans perfect season on December 4th at the Rose Bowl. I have to admit that this team is growing on me. I really had low expectations coming into this season and they have definitely exceeded them. USC can be beat but we must play a perfect game, no tunovers! We have to get to Matt Leinhart early and often and stop their running game. I am looking forward to winning the battle of Los Angeles.

Friday, November 12, 2004

Bruin Football Update

I haven't posted anything for awhile on my Bruin football squad because quite frankly they were exceeding my expectations so far this year, that is until the past few weeks. I gotta hand to them, they sure know how to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. Last weeks loss to the Washington State Cougars was particularly disheartening. It doesn't get any easier this week because they have to travel to Eugene to play the Ducks. They'd better win this one or any hope of a good bowl is over.

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Weekend At Bernie eerrrr Yassers

The death watch of Yasser Arafat reminds me a lot of that movie from back in the 80's "Weekend At Bernies". You have the estranged wife threatening his aides who themselves are jockeying for the pole position on who will replace Yasser when he croaks. We have been getting conflicting stories the last few days that first he is dead, nope he's in a coma, nope he has hours to live, nope now he really only has hours to live. It's pretty funny actually. Dude also is rumored to have over a billion dollars stashed away in some swiss bank account which makes things all the more intriguing. Oh and memo to the Palastinians...you will not be allowed to bury your guy in Jerusalem.

Monday, November 08, 2004

Give Senator Specter A Chance

After a little reflection I have come to the conclusion that Senator Specter should be given the opportunity to chair the judiciary committee. This goes against my gut feel and better judgement about the situation, but as long as he is pledging not to block any votes on Bush's nominations, that's about all we can ask of the RINO senator. We need to keep him on a tight leash though. The memory of Robert Bork is seared into the minds of many conservatives and will never go away. If the senator waffles on his pledge about giving everyone an up or down vote then the GOP caucus can deal with that situation if it arises, but right now I see no need to inflame the RINOs. We will need them to help break Democratic filibusters.

Friday, November 05, 2004

Election Results

Thursday, November 04, 2004

The GOPs Arlen Specter Problem

The dust has not even settled yet on our historic victory last Tuesday and already Sen. Specter is telling AP reporters that "Bush better not send the judiciary committee any judges who are pro life". Excuse me ? Did this guy not learn anything from his primary challenge by Pat Toomey. Majority leader Frist needs to take ole Arlen out for a trip to the woodshed. Specter has just killed any chance he had of chairing this important committee.

Elizabeth Edwards Has Breast Cancer

I wish her the best and hope she makes a speedy recovery. Having said this, if I were her doctor and I knew that her husband is a sue happy ambulance chasing lawyer that he is, I'm not sure if I take the chance and give her treatment knowing that her husband makes a living of suing good doctors out of existence. Hopefully with a larger majority in the Senate, they can pass meaningful tort reform and medical liability limits. We shall see.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Mission Accomplished

Wow, what a night last night. I ended up doing some last minute GOTV for The Irvine Republicans and I finished up at about 5pm and went back home to watch the returns. Earlier in the day I, like many Republicans were a little disturbed by the early exit polls, but I was watching the futures closely and I knew that Bush had a lead of 55-44 going into election day, so I was always optimistic. Once again, the futures contracts don't lie, but exit polls do. The mainstream media might as well start from scratch on exit polls because it is quite obvious that they had a huge Democratic bias.

This is a historic opportunity to govern now for Bush and the Republicans. We still don't have enough Senators to stop a Democratic filibuster, but getting a net gain of four seats yesterday sure didn't suck. We also picked up about five seats in the House. This makes Nancy Pelosi and her caucus basically irrelevant now. In California, the picture was decidedly more mixed. We didn't pick up any seats in the legislature, but that's okay because Arnold has said that redistricting will be one of his biggest priorities for the next election. We defeated Prop 66, which would have been the biggest get out jail free in our history had it passed. We also defeated runaway Indian gaming. We said no to prop 72 and yes to prop 64 which were job killers. Kerry did win California as expected, but we gave Bush 4.5 million votes to add to his historic total of over 59 million votes.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Tom Daschle's Lawsuit

When I first read about this last night I was laughing my ass off. What a pathetic loser. The voting hadn't even started yet and Tom was in federal court in front of a judge that he appointed back in 1995. The Daschle vs Thune Blog has all the details from South Dakota. This is exactly the reason why Hugh Hewitt has pointed out that we need to make sure that the voting is not even close.

The Moment of Truth Has Arrived

The so-called only poll that matters is on election day, has finally arrived. This is going to be a great day for America as the liberals are sent into exile again for four more years. I just got done reviewing all the final polls and Bush is ahead in all of them except for the Marist poll. Bush is also at 54% at Tradesports. So if we could have a drumroll please..........My prediction for President is Bush, by a margin of 292-253 and a popular vote of 51%-47%. I predict the GOP will pick up four seats in the US Senate to give them 55 GOP Senators. My US House of Representives pick is for the GOP to gain five seats, bringing them to 234-201 advantage over the Dems.

Monday, November 01, 2004

Everyone Ready For Tomorrow ?

I sure am. I have a lot of nervous energy right now. I am feeling very good about Bush's chances. I hope everyone who can vote, does vote. I think it's great that they say we're supposed to have a higher than normal turnout. So without further ado, here are my recommendations for Irvine/Orange County/California voters.

For Irvine City Council:
Mayor Mike Ward, City Council: Greg Smith, Mike House, Steve Choi
Irvine School Board: Carolyn McInnerty, Sue Kawabara, Mr. Parham
State Senate 35th: John Campbell State Assembly 70th: Chuck DeVore

Prop 1A - NO
Prop 59 - YES
Prop 60 - YES
Prop 60A - YES
Prop 61 - NO say no to more bond debt
Prop 62 - NO just no to Louisiana style open primary
Prop 63 - NO
Prop 64 - YES please end lawsuit abuse
Prop 65 - NO
Prop 66 - NO please no to get out of jail early for hardened criminals
Prop 67 - NO
Prop 68 - NO Indian casinos run amok
Prop 69 - YES
Prop 70 - NO another bad Indian proposition
Prop 71 - NO stem cell research is promising, but no to more bond debt
Prop 72 - NO a massive tax increase for small business