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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Dick Ackerman Vs. Van Tran

If I've learned anything during the last few years in politics, a lot of times it's not what you stand for, but who doesn't like you/and or who holds personal grudges that make the world go round'. Nothing illustrates this clearer than the grudge match between Assemblyman Van Tran and State Senator Dick Ackerman. This is a very sad situation as far as I'm concerned. Apparently, Dick Ackerman doesn't care much for the more conservative Van Tran. It was not a coincidence how Van Tran announced his exploratory campaign for the 34th Senate District yesterday and today Dick Ackerman is on the phone first thing in the morning to the OC GOP guru/kingmaker himself Jon Fleischman telling Jon that RINO Lynn Daucher is going to be the GOP's nominee. Actually Dick there's something called a primary. That's a process where the voters actually get to choose the nominee, not yourself or the GOP hierarchy. This is really infuriating. Van Tran fits this district perfectly. He's definately more conservative than Lynn Daucher. That's the same Lynn Daucher by the way that won her seat in the Assembly by getting elected in the old primary system with lots of Democratic votes. Thankfully, the open primary is ancient history. Ackerman seriously has to get his ego in check. Let bygones be bygones Dick and get behind Van Tran.


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