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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

US Senate Watch: Carly Bombs in OC

I've heard & seen a lot of political speeches over the years.  It's safe to say that the one that CA GOP US Senate candidate Carly Fiorina gave at the OC GOP Central Committee this past night will not go down in the history books for its brevity or genuineness. 

Not only was her speech boring, she lacks any sort of credibility on her self described political philosophy of "I'm a conservative".  Really Carly?  Real conservatives don't support massive bailouts like the TARP which I saw you shill for numerous times on the financial channels like CNBC and Bloomberg when you were "giving Sen McCain advice" on financial issues during the last presidential campaign.  With help like that, who needs Democrats.  

This was supposed to be a brief five minute speech that Chairman Baugh graciously gave her for a chance to introduce herself briefly and talk just a few minutes about her campaign.  Instead you burned him and all of us who had to listen to you drone on for over thirty five minutes of stuff we really didn't need to hear.  By minute fifteen I couldn't help but to keep looking at the time wondering when she will give us a reprieve.  Everyone was getting fidgety and then she would start talking about another irrelevant topic.  I was like...."no not another friggin story".  Just shoot me.  Yeah we get it that you were a businesswoman.  My political bs detector has been up with you from the day I heard you were thinking of running.  Just because you say you are a conservative, doesn't mean you are.  We've seen lots of Republicans the last few years who have all but trashed the word conservative with their wholesale sellouts on issues of smaller government and adherence to the Constitution. 

So I guess to sum it up, it was a pretty forgettable speech.  Go tilt at some more windmills of Demon Sheep ma'am.  baaaaaaaaah