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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Today's 48th CD Mailers

I opened my mailbox today after a long day at the office. There were two mailers from candidates for Congress. There was one each from John Campbell and Marilyn Brewer. I guess I will start posting my analysis of these hit pieces errr I mean mailers to my readers. Ms. Brewer's mailer starts with a picture of her with Chris Cox on the front. The next page has a letter from Marilyn to the voters that basically introduces her. She then says that she and Campbell are basically the same on financial and fiscal issues. Then she slams John Campbell for voting to give tuition benefits to illegals. All right Marilyn. Then Marilyn says, "allow me to be blunt - I am a mainstream conservative Republican. My opponent, on the other hand, has aligned himself with the extreme social conservatives". Now that's funny. John Campbell is a lot of things, but an extreme conservative, I wish. The rest of the mailer is just boilerplate stuff how she will represent all people in the district blah blah blah.
Now John Campbell is notorious for his carpetbombing of mailers when he is running for office and I guess he is not going to break that precedent. The front of the brochure has a picture of John with Ed Royce at the KFI show out in Ontario two weeks ago. The idea behind this I guess is to try to neutralize John & Ken's endorsement of Jim Gilchrist by having a big picture of John with a KFI microphone in front of him talking about illegal immigration. The entire brochure is devoted to how tough John will be on illegal immigration. What a joke that is. I go by past voting and track record sir and you are a Johnny come lately to this issue. The other side of the flyer is more BS on how he will be an advocate on illegal immigration. It is actually a great flyer rhetorically speaking, but unfortunately for John, he has already painted himself in a corner on this issue.

Stop The Presses!

At least temporarily. The Gilchrist campaign filed a lawsuit in Superior Court today that had the effect of stopping the printing of ballots for the 48th CD race. The court is supposed to rule on this tomorrow. I think it is a great move on Jim's part. At the very least he is getting more publicity about his campaign for Congress. At most the court could overrule the Secretary of State and order "Founder Minuteman Movement" back next to Jim's name on the ballot. I guess it all comes down to which judge the case got assigned to. I personally don't think they will win what they want, but again it's great publicity. If he does win the suit, it obviously helps him a great deal because he already has great name recognition from his Minuteman activities earlier in the year.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

A National Emergency

This is the title to an article Pat Buchanon wrote for World Net Daily the other day. Please read it. Pat says the President should be impeached for his dereliction of duty in guarding our borders. I'm not going to go that far, but I will say that if Bush truly wanted to protect our border, he has all the means to do it. He just chooses not to.
President Bush was also out here in socal coincidently yesterday and said that the federal government is protecting our borders. It was one of the most disingenuous things ever uttered from his mouth. How he can say that with a straight face is beyond me. There is going to be a huge fight over this issue in the next few months and years. In a further sign that the big boys i.e. Walmart, J.W. Marriott, US Chamber of Commerce, etc want nothing but open borders, those big companies have decided not to bankroll Bush's open border lobby group because they're afraid there might be more emphasis on enforcement rather than amnesty. Yes you heard that right. Read the article here if you think i'm bullshiting you.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Pray For New Orleans Tonight

This is going to be the worst hurricane to hit land probably since Camille back in 1969 they're saying. New Orleans is in line for direct hit by a category five hurricane. The whole town is going to get leveled. This is going to be like watching a head on car collision in real time. I guess we know where Geraldo Rivera will be for the next few days, LOL. In all seriousness though, this really bums me out. I have never visited the city for Mardi Gras before and now it looks like I might not get to for a long time. The city itself is below sea level. It is only protected by a series of levees. The news is that engineers have already told city planners that they will not be able to hold the water back from this type of storm surge. The city is going to be under twenty feet of water in two days. This is so sad. Drudge has all the relevant hurricane links up at his site.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Michelle Malkin's Immigration Blog

I want to give a big thanks to Bryan Preston who posts over at Michelle Malkin's Immigration Blog. He just wrote up a piece about Dep. March. Please check it out here.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

One Bill Gil Is Back Again

It looks like ole one bill Gil Cedillo is back at it again. The State Assembly passed Gil's illegal alien drivers license bill out of the appropriations comittee today. It has absolutely no chance of becoming law but that doesn't seem to deter Gil. He'll do anything he can to help his illegal alien constituents and the Democrats in the State Legislature always oblige him. Sorry Gil.

An Email From John March

I want to share with my readers an email that I sent to Teri March yesterday and the response from John March that I received back promptly this morning. My email to Teri:

There is not a day that goes by where I don't
think about David. It sickens me that his killer has
sanctuary in Mexico to this day. I heard the other
day on KFI that Dave's father John is thinking about
running for Congress against David Dreier. I want you
to know that I support John 100% in this effort. In
fact i'm doing all I can to get Jim Gilchrist elected
down here in Orange County. Anyway, I just wanted to
drop you a note to say that I support you in any of
your efforts to bring about justice for David. I'm
doing all I can on my blog to help bring more
awareness about this issue too. Thanks for hearing


Allan Bartlett

Teri forwarded the email to John March and this is his response to me:

Hi Allan

Thanks for your support of Teri. Also thanks for you support of my run for congress. I will need all the help I can get because Dreier has 2.7 mill in his war chest. However I believe that our grass roots effort can kick his butt.


John March

This is awesome. I hope everyone can give some time or money for this campaign. It is going to be the mother of all primaries. We can get this done for Dave.

Just so people don't forget, here is the link for Armando Garcia on America's Most Wanted

48th CD Race.....Minnesota 1998 Governors Race All Over Again

A lot can happen between now and Oct 4th, the date of the special election primary. I foresee a scenario playing out not to dissimilar of what happened in the race for the Minnesota governor back in 1998. Jesse Ventura ran as an independent outsider. He threaded the needle, running a picture perfect race. Jim Gilchrist is going to have to hope for something similar to this. He has a lot of things working for him and some things working against him. My opinion is that the public is so frustrated by the total refusal of the major parties to deal with illegal immigration that a plurality of them will pull together and vote Jim into office with a mandate to shake things up back in DC.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

John March vs. David Dreier???

I just heard an interesting topic on John Ziegler's show on KFI and I should have put two and two together to figure it out myself after last Friday's show. John Ziegler is filling for John & Ken this week and he was talking about the possibility of John March taking on David Dreier in the June 2006 Republican primary. God I hope he does this. Again for all who don't know, John's son Dave March was killed by an illegal alien over three years ago. Congressman Dreier has obviously not gotten the message of the last election because he voted against cutting off foreign aid to countries that won't extradite cop killers. Deputy March's killer, Armando Garcia still has sanctuary to this day down in Mexico thanks to Congressmen like David Dreier. All this talk makes a lot of sense because as you might remember when John March called into John & Ken's show Friday and endorsed Jim Gilchrist, he also hinted that something was in the works and he'll be in touch with the boys in the days and weeks ahead. I think John March is going to challenge David Dreier. Where do me and my readers send money John? After Jim wins down here in the OC, it'd be great to see another fighter on illegal immigration win a big race next year.

*******8/24/05 Update**********

John March was just on John Ziegler's show and from the sounds of him, I would say that he is in. He just has to get a few more ducks in a row. This is spectacular news.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Seventeen Candidates Qualify For 48 CD Race

The players are set for the 48th Congressional District primary. Here is the link to the OC Registrar page for the list of all the candidates. I know I'm probably reading to much into the names of the vocations/occupations of the candidates, but I have to give kudos again to the Jim Gilchrist team for getting the name of "Minuteman Movement Founder" next to Jim's name. I gotta believe this is worth at least a couple of points in the election when uneducated people about the candidates go into the voting booth undecided and read the list of names available to them. When they see Minuteman Movement Founder there, they are apt to vote for Jim if they believe illegal immigration is the biggest issue.

Feds Vow To Get Tough On Illegal Immigration

I'll believe it when I see it, but this is what Drudge is reporting right now.

Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff, acknowledging public frustration over illegal immigration, said Tuesday that the federal government's detention and deportation system must be fundamentally restructured.

"We have decided to stand back and take a look at how we address the problem and solve it once and for all," Chertoff said during a breakfast meeting with reporters.

The NEW YORK TIMES is planning a front page placement for the Chertoff comments on Wednesday, newsroom sources tell the DRUDGE REPORT.

The unusually blunt assessment by the nation's top immigration official comes after governors in New Mexico and Arizona recently declared a border-related "state of emergency," citing a surge in smuggling and violence associated with the steady flow of illegal immigrants.


I don't believe they will crack down. This is all just talk. President Bush is an open border guy. He always has been and always will be. He's too scared that he might offend the Latino vote. This issue must be starting to cut through the DC beltway inertia though. Politicians of both parties have started to really talk tough about illegal immigration. I'll keep saying this until the cows come home. I believe it is the number one issue right now by far.

Monday, August 22, 2005

My Weekend Experience

I'm back from a long weekend. I want to congratulate Mr & Mrs Dan Voss. Dan is a good friend of mine that got married over the weekend up in Santa Barbara. The ceremony & reception was at the beautiful El Encanto Hotel. The view is spectacular from the hotel of the ocean and surrounding area. As I was looking out at the ocean, I could also see the brand spanking new USS Ronald Reagan parked out in the bay. What an awesome sight. It's leaving for the Persian Gulf this morning. They had arrived on Friday for a few days of R&R before the deployment. Look out State St.! Most of the sailors were well behaved I heard. The scuttlebut about the Reagan's visit was that the liberal majority on the Santa Barbara City Council tried to bill the Navy $30k for boat transportation for VIPs and sailors to and from the boat. Luckily, there was a huge backlash and the council relented. From what I heard, Dr Laura was ready to step into the fray and pick up the tab herself, but it turns out that she didn't have to. Typical Santa Barbara politics. It's completely wacko up there.

Friday, August 19, 2005

It's Official.....Jim Gilchrist Is In, LETS ROLL!

Let me set the scene for everyone who was not at John & Ken's remote broadcast today out in Ontario at the Ayres Suites Hotel. I left my office in Huntington Beach at around 1pm. I only hit a little bit of traffic going to Ontario. I got to the hotel at about 2:15pm. The volunteers were already almost done setting up the petition tables right in front of the hotel. KFI listeners were already starting to arrive in droves. I started making the rounds introducing myself to people and helping out with petition signing. I spotted Lauren Bonifacio from the OC Register and introduced myself to her and told her that I lived in the 48th district. She is a very charming reporter. I ended up speaking with her for about five minutes about why I am supporting Jim Gilchrist. You better be nice to me tomorrow Lauren, LOL. The show was getting started in the ballroom so I made my way in there. The first guest they had on was Assemblyman Ray Haynes of Temecula. It was one of his constituents idea for the California Border Police Initiative. At 4pm the boys introduced Jim Gilchrist to the crowd and he received a standing ovation for about a half a minute. It was amazing. You can listen to Jim's announcement by clicking here and here. It was one of the best political speeches I've heard in a long time. I'm not going to go through all the points he went over. Please listen to the speech itself so you can judge for yourselves what you think. The next surprise came when John & Ken announced that they had someone on the line who was going to endorse Jim's candidacy. Any guesses who it was? It was John March. He is the father of slain LA County Deputy David March who as most of you know was killed by illegal alien Armando Garcia and fled to Mexico for sanctuary. It's been over three years since that happened and Mr. Garcia is still a free man because this federal government won't get tough on illegal immigration. I'll take John & Barbara March's endorsement over any establishment politico all day and night. It just adds extra credibility to Jim's campaign.

I also want to comment on Senator Campbell showing up there. I saw him enter the room and he looked like he was not having a good day. I can't imagine why. He had that deer in the headlights look to him. I did think his appearance went okay though. I was worried he might utter something negative about Jim when he was at the mike, but he is a class guy and did not. The crowd would have booed him out of the room if he did anyway. So I want to be magnanimous to Senator Campbell and thank him for being a co-sponsor of the border police initiative and for being a good Senator. We are going to need all the deep pockets that we can to get this thing on the ballot. I also want to say that I really don't want him to leave Sacramento. We need his smarts up there for all things financial. He just got elected last year and could be there for another eight years. How anyone could put up with the Fabian Nunezs and Jackie Goldbergs of the world is beyond me. I guess I can understand why he wants to move to DC. So I just want to reiterate to John and his supporters and a lot of my Irvine Republican friends. I am not voting against John Campbell. I am voting for Jim Gilchrist. He has the message and leadership that this country badly needs right now on illegal immigration issues. As Jim said today to, illegal immigration is not an issue unto itself. There are literally dozens of other issues that are directly related to ills that illegal immigration causes. So there you have it. This country badly needs someone like Jim Gilchrist and I am proud to support him. It was a great day for democracy.

Huge Media Day For Gilchrist Campaign

Jim is making a huge announcement today on the John & Ken Show at 4pm. Does anyone want to take a guess on what he will announce? LOL. As I and a few other local blogs have reported, Jim is going to run for Congress. This has absolutely got the establishment GOP in panic mode. I think John Campbell thought he was going to get anointed for this seat, but that's not the way democracy works. There is going to be a vigorous debate in the district on the number one issue of our time right now and that is illegal immigration. Yes there will be debates and yes all the other important issues to the voters will be addressed, but illegal immigration is going to be the issue that decides this race. I've come up with a catchy campaign slogan a la Bill Clinton circa 1992...."It's the border stupid". So I and hundreds of other people are going to be out in Ontario today to be there for the announcement. I am going to time how long it takes me to get from Huntington Beach(where I work) to Ontario. I'm leaving my office at 1pm. My guess is one and half hours. Traffic is a nightmare is we socals know. I hope that is another issue that is addressed in this campaign.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

It's Time For Randy "Duke" Cunningham To Resign

Some of my readers might have caught a post I made back in early July calling for Duke to stand down. It's gotten to the point now where he really has no other choice I believe. The US Attorney down in San Diego has filed a secret lawsuit and slapped a Notice of Lis Pendens on his Rancho Santa Fe house. Ouch. Here's the link to the story. It looks like they are going after him with guns blazing. It's sad to see it come to this, but he brought it all on himself and now it's time to pay the man. This has the potential to throw another House special election early next year(depending on when he resigns). My over-under on the number of days until he resigns is one month.

The race to replace him has already begun because he was set to retire after this term. The seat is very Republican, but it could be altered if Prop 77 passes and a new map is put in place before the next election. Right now the main players seem to be former Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian and State Senator Bill Morrow. Senator Morrow made a play for Darrel Issa's seat back when Ron Packard retired, but Darrel won pretty soundly. I don't follow North County politics very closely though so there may be a few others considering a bid too.

The Gilchrist Buzz Continues

I want to let all my readers know that Jim Gilchrist is going to be on Sean Hannity's radio show today. The show starts at noon. Sean has been on the Texas border the last few days reporting on the state of emergency down there and the next Minutemen border watch(memo to the media: there's been an emergency on the border for the last twenty years). Two Democratic governors have even jumped on the bandwagon and declared their border areas a state of emergency. I also want to let all the Southern California listeners of the John & Ken Show that Jim will be at the petition signing that John & Ken are having for the California Border Police initiative by Assemblyman Ray Haynes tomorrow at 3pm in Ontario at the Ayres Suite Hotel. I will be making the trek through Friday rush hour traffic to attend and I will report back on how it went Friday night. Things are about to get real interesting.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

John & Ken Warming To Jim Gilchrist.....

And so are all the KFI callers from the district! You couldn't pay for a better campaign commercial and Jim Gilchrist just received thousands of dollars in free great publicity and we are just getting started! They are still talking about the upcoming race as I write this. If the first couple of callers are any indication, there is about to be a huge wave sweeping Jim Gilchrist into office. I wrote about this earlier today in my last post. People like John Campbell. He is the prototypical GOP Congressional nominee, but the public wants to see action on illegal immigration and Jim Gilchrist is so far getting the most support. This is exciting. I told everyone here that this would happen :) In fact in the segment they just did, seven out of seven callers(all republicans) are voting for Jim Gilchrist. I received a John Campbell announcement/fundraising letter in today's mail and I just filed it in the circular file without a second thought. During the last minute of the segment, they talked about having a California Border Police initiative petition signing in the district and maybe a debate between the two candidates. Marilyn who? That pin you hear dropping is Marilyn Brewer's campaign generating zero interest.

This is another reason I like Jim.....his sense of humor!! That picture is hilarious

Tuesday Watercooler Talk

I have to tell all my readers that a lot of my Republican co workers and neighbors are also on the Jim Gilchrist bandwagon. Here is an anecdote from a typical conversation I've had with them in the last few days, me: " So Mr. Neighbor/friend did you hear that there is a special election coming up for Chris Cox's seat in Congress" neighbor: "I heard something about it but I'm not sure of who's running yet" me: " former squish Assemblywoman Marilyn Brewer and State Senator John Campbell are running for the Republicans and Jim Gilchrist is running as an Independent" neighbor: " who do you like right now?" me: "I love Jim Gilchrist's message" neighbor: " I've heard of him before, who is he?" me: " He's the gentleman that founded the Minutemen" neighbor: " Oh yeah I know him, I love that guy, I'm going to be voting for him for sure" me: " a lot of people are that I'm hearing from. John Campbell and Marilyn Brewer are not very exciting to the rank and file from what I'm hearing. Plus John Campbell voted to give tuition money to illegals so that pretty much sealed it for me." neighbor: "why do these politicians keep voting to give services away to illegal aliens?" me: " I wish I knew the answer to that question"

Monday, August 15, 2005

Memo To All Open Border Republicans

Re: Chickens coming home to roost

I wish it didn't come down to this. The DC GOP establishment has ignored this issue for the longest time. Well Jim Gilchrist is about to rock your world. The anecdotes of the party's smugness are everywhere. Just this year alone Karl Rove has told Tom Tancredo to "never darken these Whitehouse halls again" and President Bush has called the Minutemen "vigilantes". It disgusts me. We have a wholesale invasion happening on the southern border and the only thing that ever happens is talk of more "guest worker visas". Please read this article. Eleven years have passed since Californians voted overwhelmingly for prop 187 and what has happened since then? Nothing, just more of the same. The only hope is for Republicans. The Democrats have sold out on this issue a long time ago, but for different reasons than Republicans. They just want more minority voters voting Democrat and the GOP establishment is hooked on cheap foreign labor. Meanwhile just look at what has happened to California since the invasion began. I've almost reached my limit living out here. I think the only thing that has stopped me from moving is the nice weather and my friends and family living out here. Traffic is an absolute nightmare. Hospitals are closing down at an alarming rate because of the burden of illegal immigration. It's just really disturbing. I'll have more to say about this as the campaign for the 48th race heats up. If you don't believe me about this issue, please click on this link and listen to what Rush had to say today about this issue.

Powder Blue Report In The Daily Pilot

Since I'm a resident of Irvine, I don't get a chance to read the Daily Pilot as much as I used to when it had a larger distribution. Come to think of it, I was reading it until about two years ago. I was getting a copy of it because it was inserted in the Left Angeles Times and I canceled my subscription the that fishwrap after the hitpiece they did on Arnold before the recall election. I do have to thank Silence Dogood of The OC Courant for bringing this this my attention. It seems that they received a mention in the paper also. How did we get mentioned you might ask. It was all thanks to our great Assemblyman Chuck DeVore. Here is the link to the story . Chuck is one of the few politicians that understands the emerging power of the blogosphere. He has been very engaging on the local blogs. Speaking of Chuck, I also read in "The Buzz" at the OC Register that Chuck is considering running for the state senate should it become vacant if John Campbell wins the House race. Is this true Chuck? Email me. Consider this a strong endorsement from me if you do decide to run.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Jim Gilchrist Is In

A source inside the Jim Gilchrist team has told me that Jim is in the race for the 48th congressional district and there is no turning back. Here is the link to send Jim a contribution. He will be gathering the 250 needed signatures instead of paying the $1500 filing fee this week to qualify for the race and it will be done. Let the games begin. This race is going to be a referendum on illegal immigration. It is also going to get a lot of national, state, and local coverage because of Jim jumping in. As I've said in some of my past postings, I like John Campbell, but I think he needs to stay in the office of state senator that he just got elected to last November. He doesn't excite the base like what is needed for this special election and neither does Marilyn Brewer. We really need a leader like Jim to go back to DC and bump heads back there on illegal immigration. The time for the politicians ignoring this issue has ended. I also want to address the issue of Jim saying he wants to raise taxes. That is BS and the reporter that wrote that should be ashamed. Jim is against raising taxes and in fact is for scrapping the system we currently have and replacing it with a national sales tax. That's what I'm talking about! Jim is also a decorated war veteran. He served in Vietnam and was awarded a purple heart. He is a far superior candidate in my opinion. I can't wait for this thing to get started. I hope this announcement gives Karl Rove and President Bush a wakeup call(I doubt it). Please check back here often as I am going to cover this race like a blanket.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Great Night In Carlsbad Tonight

All I can say is WOW. What a great night down in Carlsbad tonight. I just got home. Roger Hedgecockfrom San Diego's KOGO 600 AM and part time Rush Limbaugh guest host was the moderator for tonight's event. It was a great night for the First Amendment and it was a great night to hear some national, state, and local politicos have a rational discussion about illegal immigration. The scene was surreal upon arriving. There were tons of law enforcement there to make sure that the event was peaceful, which it was. The best speaker of the night was Rep. Tom Tancredo from Colorado. He talked about one of the biggest problems with illegal immigration being all the money that business groups give to republicans because they want to keep that cheap labor flowing over the border. He's right on target. He talked about the old expression "follow the money" in regards to illegal immigration. He talked about all the remittances going to Mexico to the tune of 18 billion dollars per year and still growing. He wants to reduce our foreign aid to Mexico by the amount sent home. It was a great speech. Another speaker was Robert Vasquez. He is a county commisioner from Idaho. He actually sent a bill to the government of Mexico for two million dollars for the services that illegals have used in his county. He joked that they said the check was in the mail, LOL. He spoke of his governor and US Senators being bought off by agricultural special intrests. He also has filed a lawsuit against some of these big businesses under the RICO statutes. I love this guy. Another speaker was Orange County's own, Jim Gilchrist. Jim talked about how he got the idea for the Minutemen, about how it is just a glorified neighborhood watch program molded after a voluteer group like the guardian angels. He didn't make any announcements as far as a run for Congress although he was being prodded to do so. I just wish he would announce his intentions. If he runs, he needs to start campaigning today. We also had Assemblyman Ray Haynes talk about his inititive to start a state border patrol agency charged with specifically enforcing the federal immigration laws. The feds obviously aren't doing and won't do the job so he has gotten the ball rolling on an inititive. Another speaker was former US Attorney of San Diego Pete Nunez. He was talking about the Patriot Act and how if he was still a US Attorney, he would be subpoening all the banks and their records of accounts opened with matricular consular cards. He thinks thats a good way to deport a lot of illegals. I agree with him! All and all it was a great night to be a citizen. It's nice to know that this issue is gaining some huge momentum.

Marilyn Brewer & 48th CD Update

So I fire open the OC Register this morning and read a funny piece by Frank Mickadeit how Marilyn Brewer thinks the "sharks are circling her". Guilty as charged your honor. She's not the kind of Republican to represent a conservative district. If this district were more independent or democrat leaning I might have more sympathy for her, but it's not. I guess I am one of those sharks she is talking about. If I had my pick of what kind of shark I would be, I would be a great white shark. They kick ass. Anyway back to Marilyn. She says the race is going to be a "bloodbath because I'm not the kind of Republican a certain core group wants in that position". Duh. She also crowed about John McCain endorsing her. That's all the more reason to be against her. She says she is not going to stay silent and ladylike about the dirty tricks those mean male Republicans might try. She's sounding like a total drama queen. Look Marilyn, consider yourself lucky that you ever squeaked by into becoming an assembly member. She also had no opinion about the proposed road going under the Santa Ana mountains or at least didn't want to go on the record about it. Frank breaks the race down as Brewer: a vote to protect Roe v Wade, Jim Gilchrist: a populist who will hammer away at illegal immigration, and John Campbell: another Chris Cox. Again I think the best person for the job is Jim Gilchrist, but he hasn't totally made the jump into the race. If he doesn't jump then I will support John Campbell. I'll go along with Frank's assessment.

This still one of my all time favorite funny freeway signs

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Back From Arizona

I am back after a few days of vacation out in southern Arizona. My wife and I were out in Scottsdale for a night and then two days down in Green valley near Tucson. I got to give my new Toyota Tacoma a good 4x4 workout on some of the back roads of southeastern Arizona. I also saw lots of Border Patrol agents down there which was a pleasant sight. Those guys have a thankless, but very important job. I was listening to John & Ken yesterday on the way back in to socal and they were talking about how a Carlsbad school superintendent canceled a town hall type meeting on immigration with Tom Tantredo, state sen. Bill Morrow, and Jim Gilchrist because he was afraid of damage to the school and that he had received threats from the open borders crowd that they were going to cause a disturbance if said group was allowed to go ahead with their meeting. Well luckily for the meeting organizers, there's a thing called the first amendment to the US Constitution. The Supreme Court has found that you can't shut down a public because of perceived threats or real threats. In fact the words they used I believe were "it is in the interest of the first amendment that people be made to feel umcomfortable with certain speech" or something like that. Hopefully the judge will let the meeting go forward. The other side of this issue seems afraid of a little healthy debate on illegal immigration.

Friday, August 05, 2005

If Jim Gilchrist Runs For the 48th Then........

I will support him 100%(hat tip to Richard Saunders at OC Courant). John Campbell is a nice guy and has been a good representative for central Orange County in the state legislature, but I would like to shake things up a bit in Washington DC. Jim Gilchrist would be just the guy to do that. I believe Mr Campbell would just go to DC and become part of the "club". He's all money and no message. If he ends up winning, I won't be disappointed, but I think by electing Jim we could send a huge message that illegal immigration is the number one issue right now. The PR alone that Jim has gotten from the minuteman project has been invaluable. He is media saavy. I see him going back to DC and getting in the face of all the mexican socialist congressmen back there(i.e Sanchez sisters, Joe Baca, Xavier Bacerra, Hilda Solis, etc). Heck if Jim runs he'll have a 50,000 watt megaphone from John & Ken at KFI any time he wants it. All that free earned media almost singlehandedly sunk David Dreier this last time around. Here is Jim Gilchrist's webpage. Please click on the link and urge him to run if you haven't yet. Marilyn who?????

Dog Days Of Summer

It has been a slow week for news. I'm sure things will start to heat up as we get closer to Labor Day. My wife and I are headed out on the road for the next five days for a much needed vacation. I'll see everyone late next week.