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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

"Dreier A Different Kind Of Republican"

This is the title to an AP story just out. I'll say he's a different kind of Republican. He stopped being my kind of Republican when he stopped representing his US constituents and started taking orders from Vincente Fox. He does however represent Mexican fugitives quite well. Just ask Armando Garcia. He's the scumbag that killed Deputy David March here in socal and then fled for safe pasage down to Mexico. Dreier then voted against an amendment that would have cut off foreign aid to countries that harbor cop killers. Disgusting. The next question is how many softballs Hugh Hewitt will throw David Dreier today on his show? John & Ken are going to go nuclear today on Dreier.

******************1:36 PM Update**************************

The AP is now reporting that David Dreier will not be the Majority Leader. Thank God for that.


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