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Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Day In The Life Of A Grassroots Conservative

I was supposed to go pick up my wife today at LAX, but her flight from Europe got canceled and so I had a whole day to do volunteer work at the Jim Gilchrist headquarters and what a day it was. We had hunderds of volunteers on the phones calling 48 CD voters of all parties. There is definately a trend here that is great news for the Gilchrist campaign and an omen for John Campbell. I'm going to break down all my calls like I did the other day so everyone can see what is happening at the average rank & file voter level. I was calling all the voters in a precinct here in Irvine. This precinct is in one of the newer areas of Irvine. The totals are as follows:

170 total calls made

33 voters answered the phone, the rest were bad #s, disconnecteds, left messages,etc

Out of the 33, twenty one contacts were Gilchrist supporters and the other twelve were maybe Gilchrist voters or other Republican, independent or Democratic voters.

The twenty one contacted Gilchrist supporters had a net total of 27 votes going to Gilchrist as there were a few homes with multiple Gilchrist votes. Out of the twenty one Gilchrist voter contacts, seventeen were Republican households, two were Democratic households, and the last two were independent households.

So that's 21 out of 33 contacts that are voting for Jim Gilchrist. The bottom line...it's time to fire the Campbell pollster that is saying Jim Gilchrist is only going to get 6% of the vote. All of our other volunteer callers are getting similiar results to. Let's see, about 500 volunteers banging calls out at about 150 calls a day with similiar results that I've been getting.....that's about 13,500 Gilchrist voters locked up every day. Thanks for playing Senator Campbell.


  • At 9:22 PM, Blogger Jeff Flint said…


    I hope your enthusiam for volunteering on campaigns is not deterred when the results are closer to the Campbell poll than your "poll."


  • At 7:36 AM, Blogger Allan Bartlett said…

    6% is a joke and the Campbell team knows it. My numbers are what they are because I'm able to persuade people to vote for Jim. I'm sure the actual vote number is not going to mirror my numbers in the primary. There is no way that Campbell is getting over 50%, take that to the bank.


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