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Friday, September 09, 2005

Back To The Future for Arnold Schwarzenegger

Dan Walters of the Sacramento bee has an excellent article out today. Mr Walters compares Arnold's situation with Pete Wilson's predictament circa 1994. In fact Pete Wilson had even lower poll numbers than Arnold at the same point in time of his re-election. How did Pete Wilson turn things around? He started by getting tough on illegal immigration. Remember Prop 187? If Arnold starts getting tough on this issue and stands up to the Democrats on his slate of initiatives, I think he can turn things around, but he better get his ass in gear. He better start by vetoing one bill Gil's illegal alien drivers license bill that just passed the Assembly. If he doesn't veto it, we could have this situation pictured below.


  • At 3:00 PM, Blogger Aakash said…

    I thought that I had posted a comment here not-too-long ago... For some reason, I cannot find it. I may have posted a comment at Bryan Preston's 'Junkyard Blog,' regarding the fact that he linked to an entry here.

    Anyway, I just saw the other day, an entry at a blog that said that in addition to passing that "gay marriage" bill, the California legislature also passed a bill once again granted driver's licenses to illegal aliens.

    The thing is, when that bill first passed, Governor Gray Davis vetoed it. (He had the 2002 general election to compete in.) Following that election however, he signed that measure into law. Then, there was the recall, and after Arnold became Governor, one of his first acts was to call for the overturning of that bill. For some reason, the California legislature voted to overturn that policy by an overwhelming margin.

    I saw it mentioned at World Net Daily some time after that, however, that Governor Arnold was now supporting a pro-illegal alien measure, perhaps something having to do with driver's licenses. And now, I see that this bill is once again the California Assembly.

    When will we learn?

    (I'm glad that I supported McClintock...)


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