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Monday, September 19, 2005

Weekend Recap At The CRP

It was a great weekend at the CRP convention in Anaheim. I never get tired of going to these events. Not only do you get to meet & mingle with the movers & shakers of the state & national political scene, but it's also a great business networking opportunity. I think I'm getting a couple of new accounts for my business from the weekend. I had the chance to meet with some of John Campbell's campaign team members, Phil Paule and Dave Gilliard. I respect them because they are trying to do a job, but I obviously disagree with them on who the best person for the job should be for the 48th CD Congressman. Earlier an Saturday night, the Gilchrist campaign hosted a hospitality suite across the street at the Anaheim Hilton. It was a great event. We packed the room out with GOP convention delegates and supporters eager to meet Jim and work on his campaign. Jim has tons of momentum right now and it is only going to grow as the ccampaign goes along.


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