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Thursday, September 08, 2005

John Campbell Is Out There Push Polling

I just got push polled by some Campbell outfit named Republican Voter Project. I felt sorry for the young lady that called because she couldn't even read her push poll script very well. The first question was "did you know that there is special election coming up Oct 4th?"....yes I do. The next statement was "Governor Ahnold is supporting John Campbell, does this make a difference to you in who your going to vote for?"....uhhh no. Next question: "Does the fact that John Campbell is a co-sponsor of the California Border Police make a difference in who you are going to vote for?....uhhh no, he's trying to make up for all his pro illegal immigration votes now that he's running for Congress. I then told her that I was voting for Jim Gilchrist. I must have really messed up her routine because she started stumbling over her words very badly and then finally I heard a supervisor in the background say..."just hang up the phone". Nice! Hey John, you might want to check on this firm you hired. I thought you hired the best people money can buy. What are you paying for precinct walkers? Maybe you can hire some day laborers at Home Depot for that since you wanted to give them tuition benefits.


  • At 11:29 AM, Blogger AV Watch said…

    Interesting comment from John Campbell at this morning's Lincoln Club breakfast, the purpose of which was to vote on the LC's initiative positions. When a drug company sponsored initiative was being discussed, a question was asked whether illegals would benefit from it, should it pass. The presenter tossed the ball to John Campbell -- who, as we know, voted in favor of tuition reductions for illegals. The Senator hemmed and hawed a little, before stating, "I'm not going to touch that one". Amazing. That's leadership?


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