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Saturday, September 17, 2005

Come Meet Jim Gilchrist Tonight

The CRP convention is going well. I invite everyone to who wants to meet Jim Gilchrist to the Anaheim Hilton tonight. Here are the details: 4th Floor, Avila Room, Anaheim Hilton, 777 Convention Way, Anaheim, CA 92802. Last night was a lot of fun. The Minutemen had a table right in the lobby area where all the vendors and campaigns have space and lots of delegates were coming up and thanking Jim for what he has done so far to bring attention to the border problem. John Campbell found time to be there too. John ducked the Irvine Chamber of Commerce event earlier in the day where all sixteen other candidates showed up for the meet & greet. Campbell saw the Minutemen table at the convention and you could tell that he was not happy that we were there. He was pacing back & forth nervously in front of our booth. It was kinda funny. I'll post more later tonight. Maybe John Campbell will show up to the hospitality suite of ours tonight....nah, I doubt it.

This campaign is really starting to heat up now. Jim has ads playing on a bunch of different radio stations. I heard one this morning on KFI already. His signs are starting to appear in the district too. I noticed that someone has put up a bunch of em around my area in Irvine. It was cool. I also received more Campbell & Brewer mailers yesterday. The funniest one was a Marilyn Brewer mailer. I can't believe she is actually hitching her campaign to John McCain. McCain is pretty much persona non grata in my book and yet she is has herself totally sucking up to him. Oh well, to each their own. John Campbell has more boilerplate mailers also. If anyone want details on the actual mailers from Campbell, just go his website. They don't impress me.


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