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Monday, September 19, 2005

A Few Bones To Pick With Darrell Issa

I want to let all my readers know of a few incidents at the CRP convention over the weekend that don't reflect very well on Darrell Issa and his staffers. Evidently Darrell saw some college republicans wearing Jim Gilchrist stickers on their lapels and hats. He proceeded to rip the stickers off and looked real agitated also. Come on Darrell, you're better than that I thought. That's very petty for a Congressman. What was your point? I'm also wondering what your district director & now Campbell staffer , Phil Paule was trying to accomplish by introducing a resolution to the rules committee trying to get any Republican that supports Jim Gilchrist kicked out of the convention. WTF Phil? That might have made your bosses John Campbell & Darrell Issa feel good, but it's just further proof of how desperate the Campbell campaign has become. Senator Campbell is terrified of Jim Gilchrist. He's terrified because he knows he is weak on immigration, the number one issue in this election. I know campaigns are guerrilla warfare sometimes guys, but this is getting ridiculous.


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