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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Jim Gilchrist vs John Campbell Next Monday

John & Ken just dropped a bombshell on their show. Milk carton John Campbell has actually agreed to debate Jim Gilchrist live on KFI's airwaves next Monday at the Ayres Hotel in Laguna Woods. This is awesome. Props finally to Campbell for agreeing to this debate. The absolute only reason John Campbell would agree to this format is if his poll numbers are crashing. His campaign team is gambling that by agreeing to the debate with Jim Gilchrist, maybe they can pull a rabbit out of their ass and squeak across the finish line with 50%+1 next Tuesday. It's going to fail miserably and it will be a joy to watch Jim destroy John Campbell on his voting record. Be there or be square. Since I am starting to become famous on the local blogging scene, I will be there signing autographs at the show also...just kidding. I will be there though as should everyone who's concerned about good representation in Congress.


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