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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Field Poll........Re:Illegal Immigration

A Field Poll is out today with a survey about illegal immigration. The results reinforce what I have instinctively known for years. This poll has always had a liberal bent to it over the years, so take it with a grain of salt. The poll also didn't use likely voters, just registered voters. If it did, the numbers would be even greater of people concerned about the issue, but let's just deal with this current poll. Southern Californians are very worried about illegal immigration. 62% of Southern Californians are extremely concerned with illegal immigration. I'd say that's a problem for the current politicians. 63% of the people think illegal immigration has increased over the last few years....DUHHHH! I can't believe they need to do a poll to verify this. Anyway, people in socal are about evenly divided about citizens i.e. "Minutemen" patroling the border. Again this number would be a lot higher with likely voters, but I digress. We also favor Arnold declaring an emergency on the border. So there you have it. This is just more proof that we need leaders like Jim Gilchrist in Congress to deal with this issue.


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