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Monday, September 19, 2005

APB Out For John Campbell

I think they should start putting John Campbell on the side of a milk carton. He is nowhere to be seen. The OC Register had a couple of stories this morning about the race for the 48th CD. Frank Mickadeit hosted fourteen candidates last week at the Register's headquarters in Santa Ana and Campbell ducked out of another candidate forum. John also didn't show up to the Irvine Chamber of Commerce's event last week. Memo to Senator Campbell: I know you're trying to run out the clock on this race and not show up at any public events, but it is not going unnoticed. Your contempt for the conservative grassroots is wearing pretty thin. You just can't sit back and bombard voters with mail and expect to be successfull in my opinion. Martin Wisckol also has a piece about Marilyn Brewer versus John Campbell on the front page of the local section for the battle to win the Republican primary. It's an interresting article. I also received a press release from Brewer's campaign about John Campbell's sweetheart sales tax deal with the city of Anaheim. It's an interresting tidbit to be sure. I think the theme of the day though is Campbell's strategy of trying to run out the clock. Usually a prevent defense prevents you from winning to coin a sports analogy.


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