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Monday, September 26, 2005

Letter To Speaker Hastert From Jim Gilchrist

This letter sent to Speaker Hastert today removes all doubt about what Jim will do when he gets to DC. He will caucus with Republicans. Let not your hearts be troubled fellow Republicans. Without further ado, here is the letter:

September 26, 2005

Congressman J. Dennis Hastert

Speaker of the House

235 Cannon House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515

Speaker Hastert,

Ever since I filed as a candidate for Congress in the 48th Congressional District, people have recognized my values and beliefs as similar to those of former President Reagan and the mainstream of the Republican Party. I am proud to carry those ideals to the voters of California as we go forth in my campaign.

Today I hereby declare to you, Majority Leader Delay, and the rest of the House Caucus that upon election to the 48th Congressional District of California that I will organize with fellow conservative members as part of the Republican Caucus.

I strongly support a Constitutional conservative agenda that will work for Americans on issues like creating jobs, maintaining a strong national defense, protecting our national security, strengthening Social Security, providing real tax relief for working Americans, and making our country’s future brighter by improving our children’s education.


Jim Gilchrist

Candidate for Congress


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