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Saturday, September 03, 2005

UCLA 2005 Football Preview

A lot of new readers may be wondering how I came up up with the name for my blog. I love UCLA sports and football in particular. The color of UCLA's jerseys has been said to be a "powder blue" color, so hence the name of my blog. I haven't really written about sports lately because I've been preoccupied covering the special election. Having said all this, here is my take on this years edition of UCLA football. The offense should be strong with returning starters Drew Olsen, Maurice Drew, and Marcedes Lewis. The defense is another story. Don't expect much from the defense. I give Karl Dorrell a little credit because he seems to have recruited some better players, but the team is still a long ways off from challenging for a PAC 10 title. USC is the team to beat this year again. The Bruins play San Diego St this evening down in San Diego to kick off the season. Sorry loyal bruin fans, but just don't expect too much from this years team.


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