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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Ethics Committee Finds Marilyn Brewer Guilty of Deliberately Deceiving Voters

That is the title of a press release by the Campbell team tonight. Here is the body of the release:

(Irvine, CA) The Ethics Committee of the Orange County Republican Party, meeting this evening, has found Marilyn Brewer guilty of lying about opponent John Campbell in an attempt to deceive voters.

Marilyn Brewer has been officially censured by the Ethics Committee. This is the second time Brewer has been found guilty by the Ethics Committee. The first was in her first campaign for State Assembly in 1994.

The Ethics Committee found Brewer guilty of “a deliberate effort to deceive and mislead voters.” The committee found that Brewer “continued a pattern of actions not consistent with Republican values and principals.”

The Campbell campaign had informed the committee of four specific instances of Brewer lying about John Campbell’s record or position. The Brewer campaign was given the opportunity to prove their allegations were truthful. On each count, the Ethics Committee agreed with the Campbell campaign. All votes were unanimous


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