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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

John March vs. David Dreier???

I just heard an interesting topic on John Ziegler's show on KFI and I should have put two and two together to figure it out myself after last Friday's show. John Ziegler is filling for John & Ken this week and he was talking about the possibility of John March taking on David Dreier in the June 2006 Republican primary. God I hope he does this. Again for all who don't know, John's son Dave March was killed by an illegal alien over three years ago. Congressman Dreier has obviously not gotten the message of the last election because he voted against cutting off foreign aid to countries that won't extradite cop killers. Deputy March's killer, Armando Garcia still has sanctuary to this day down in Mexico thanks to Congressmen like David Dreier. All this talk makes a lot of sense because as you might remember when John March called into John & Ken's show Friday and endorsed Jim Gilchrist, he also hinted that something was in the works and he'll be in touch with the boys in the days and weeks ahead. I think John March is going to challenge David Dreier. Where do me and my readers send money John? After Jim wins down here in the OC, it'd be great to see another fighter on illegal immigration win a big race next year.

*******8/24/05 Update**********

John March was just on John Ziegler's show and from the sounds of him, I would say that he is in. He just has to get a few more ducks in a row. This is spectacular news.


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