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Sunday, July 03, 2005

It's Time For Randy "Duke" Cunningham To Stand Down

I wish it wouldn't have come to this, but it has. I wish Duke had used better judgment, but he didn't. I wish Duke had known that selling his house to a major defense contractor for a hugely inflated value looks suspicious. Alas he went ahead anyway with the sale. The feds raided his posh Rancho Santa Fe house yesterday. The house deal would have looked suspicious even if he had sold it for a true market value. You know the deal is fraudulent when the guy you sold your house to turns around and sells it a year later for a $700k loss in one of the biggest bull markets ever in southern California real estate history. It's sad to say, but it just looks like Duke put his congressional vote up for sale to the highest bidder. I'm not saying that he is the only one that has done this, but you got caught Duke. I'm not sure if you should just not resign immediately. The heat is starting to come down heavy on you and you will not be able to focus on your job of representing the good citizens of northern San Diego county. Why not just resign and let some new blood represent the district. You were a great rep for many years. We thank you for your service to the country. Your legacy as a Navy "Top Gun" is second to none. I just believe that if you continue to stay in office you will overshadow all the good things that you have accomplished over the years. As far as who should take over for you, my first thought is that Howard Kaloogian must be licking his chops(in secret) at the thought of a plum seat for Congress in a very safe republican district. I'm sure it will be a spirited primary battle.


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