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Friday, August 19, 2005

Huge Media Day For Gilchrist Campaign

Jim is making a huge announcement today on the John & Ken Show at 4pm. Does anyone want to take a guess on what he will announce? LOL. As I and a few other local blogs have reported, Jim is going to run for Congress. This has absolutely got the establishment GOP in panic mode. I think John Campbell thought he was going to get anointed for this seat, but that's not the way democracy works. There is going to be a vigorous debate in the district on the number one issue of our time right now and that is illegal immigration. Yes there will be debates and yes all the other important issues to the voters will be addressed, but illegal immigration is going to be the issue that decides this race. I've come up with a catchy campaign slogan a la Bill Clinton circa 1992...."It's the border stupid". So I and hundreds of other people are going to be out in Ontario today to be there for the announcement. I am going to time how long it takes me to get from Huntington Beach(where I work) to Ontario. I'm leaving my office at 1pm. My guess is one and half hours. Traffic is a nightmare is we socals know. I hope that is another issue that is addressed in this campaign.


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