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Monday, August 15, 2005

Memo To All Open Border Republicans

Re: Chickens coming home to roost

I wish it didn't come down to this. The DC GOP establishment has ignored this issue for the longest time. Well Jim Gilchrist is about to rock your world. The anecdotes of the party's smugness are everywhere. Just this year alone Karl Rove has told Tom Tancredo to "never darken these Whitehouse halls again" and President Bush has called the Minutemen "vigilantes". It disgusts me. We have a wholesale invasion happening on the southern border and the only thing that ever happens is talk of more "guest worker visas". Please read this article. Eleven years have passed since Californians voted overwhelmingly for prop 187 and what has happened since then? Nothing, just more of the same. The only hope is for Republicans. The Democrats have sold out on this issue a long time ago, but for different reasons than Republicans. They just want more minority voters voting Democrat and the GOP establishment is hooked on cheap foreign labor. Meanwhile just look at what has happened to California since the invasion began. I've almost reached my limit living out here. I think the only thing that has stopped me from moving is the nice weather and my friends and family living out here. Traffic is an absolute nightmare. Hospitals are closing down at an alarming rate because of the burden of illegal immigration. It's just really disturbing. I'll have more to say about this as the campaign for the 48th race heats up. If you don't believe me about this issue, please click on this link and listen to what Rush had to say today about this issue.


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