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Thursday, August 18, 2005

It's Time For Randy "Duke" Cunningham To Resign

Some of my readers might have caught a post I made back in early July calling for Duke to stand down. It's gotten to the point now where he really has no other choice I believe. The US Attorney down in San Diego has filed a secret lawsuit and slapped a Notice of Lis Pendens on his Rancho Santa Fe house. Ouch. Here's the link to the story. It looks like they are going after him with guns blazing. It's sad to see it come to this, but he brought it all on himself and now it's time to pay the man. This has the potential to throw another House special election early next year(depending on when he resigns). My over-under on the number of days until he resigns is one month.

The race to replace him has already begun because he was set to retire after this term. The seat is very Republican, but it could be altered if Prop 77 passes and a new map is put in place before the next election. Right now the main players seem to be former Assemblyman Howard Kaloogian and State Senator Bill Morrow. Senator Morrow made a play for Darrel Issa's seat back when Ron Packard retired, but Darrel won pretty soundly. I don't follow North County politics very closely though so there may be a few others considering a bid too.


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