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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Tuesday Watercooler Talk

I have to tell all my readers that a lot of my Republican co workers and neighbors are also on the Jim Gilchrist bandwagon. Here is an anecdote from a typical conversation I've had with them in the last few days, me: " So Mr. Neighbor/friend did you hear that there is a special election coming up for Chris Cox's seat in Congress" neighbor: "I heard something about it but I'm not sure of who's running yet" me: " former squish Assemblywoman Marilyn Brewer and State Senator John Campbell are running for the Republicans and Jim Gilchrist is running as an Independent" neighbor: " who do you like right now?" me: "I love Jim Gilchrist's message" neighbor: " I've heard of him before, who is he?" me: " He's the gentleman that founded the Minutemen" neighbor: " Oh yeah I know him, I love that guy, I'm going to be voting for him for sure" me: " a lot of people are that I'm hearing from. John Campbell and Marilyn Brewer are not very exciting to the rank and file from what I'm hearing. Plus John Campbell voted to give tuition money to illegals so that pretty much sealed it for me." neighbor: "why do these politicians keep voting to give services away to illegal aliens?" me: " I wish I knew the answer to that question"


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