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Friday, August 19, 2005

It's Official.....Jim Gilchrist Is In, LETS ROLL!

Let me set the scene for everyone who was not at John & Ken's remote broadcast today out in Ontario at the Ayres Suites Hotel. I left my office in Huntington Beach at around 1pm. I only hit a little bit of traffic going to Ontario. I got to the hotel at about 2:15pm. The volunteers were already almost done setting up the petition tables right in front of the hotel. KFI listeners were already starting to arrive in droves. I started making the rounds introducing myself to people and helping out with petition signing. I spotted Lauren Bonifacio from the OC Register and introduced myself to her and told her that I lived in the 48th district. She is a very charming reporter. I ended up speaking with her for about five minutes about why I am supporting Jim Gilchrist. You better be nice to me tomorrow Lauren, LOL. The show was getting started in the ballroom so I made my way in there. The first guest they had on was Assemblyman Ray Haynes of Temecula. It was one of his constituents idea for the California Border Police Initiative. At 4pm the boys introduced Jim Gilchrist to the crowd and he received a standing ovation for about a half a minute. It was amazing. You can listen to Jim's announcement by clicking here and here. It was one of the best political speeches I've heard in a long time. I'm not going to go through all the points he went over. Please listen to the speech itself so you can judge for yourselves what you think. The next surprise came when John & Ken announced that they had someone on the line who was going to endorse Jim's candidacy. Any guesses who it was? It was John March. He is the father of slain LA County Deputy David March who as most of you know was killed by illegal alien Armando Garcia and fled to Mexico for sanctuary. It's been over three years since that happened and Mr. Garcia is still a free man because this federal government won't get tough on illegal immigration. I'll take John & Barbara March's endorsement over any establishment politico all day and night. It just adds extra credibility to Jim's campaign.

I also want to comment on Senator Campbell showing up there. I saw him enter the room and he looked like he was not having a good day. I can't imagine why. He had that deer in the headlights look to him. I did think his appearance went okay though. I was worried he might utter something negative about Jim when he was at the mike, but he is a class guy and did not. The crowd would have booed him out of the room if he did anyway. So I want to be magnanimous to Senator Campbell and thank him for being a co-sponsor of the border police initiative and for being a good Senator. We are going to need all the deep pockets that we can to get this thing on the ballot. I also want to say that I really don't want him to leave Sacramento. We need his smarts up there for all things financial. He just got elected last year and could be there for another eight years. How anyone could put up with the Fabian Nunezs and Jackie Goldbergs of the world is beyond me. I guess I can understand why he wants to move to DC. So I just want to reiterate to John and his supporters and a lot of my Irvine Republican friends. I am not voting against John Campbell. I am voting for Jim Gilchrist. He has the message and leadership that this country badly needs right now on illegal immigration issues. As Jim said today to, illegal immigration is not an issue unto itself. There are literally dozens of other issues that are directly related to ills that illegal immigration causes. So there you have it. This country badly needs someone like Jim Gilchrist and I am proud to support him. It was a great day for democracy.


  • At 9:21 AM, Blogger Mark in Mexico said…

    To read "The Last Word on Mexico", visit


  • At 3:46 PM, Anonymous California Conservative said…

    Excellent post. We're showing our support here.

  • At 2:13 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Gilchrist says that he opposed the war in Iraq, but now supports it...

    Is this Kerry's brand of "nuance" in reverse?


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